Can I create a flower bed on a Nichondra lawn?

Can I create a flower bed on a Nichondra lawn?

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Question: Can I create a flower bed on a Nichondra lawn?

Hello, I wanted to know if I can create a flower bed on my already developed dichondra lawn? I'm afraid that by removing a bit of grass I ruin everything.
I await your reply, thank you very much

Answer: Can I create a flower bed on a Nichondra lawn?

Dear Eleonora,
the turf consists of a series of small ground cover plants, which develop close to each other; if, after having set up the lawn, we go to cut it with a spade and to uproot the small plants only in a portion of the turf, all the plants next to the area that is freed will continue to develop as if nothing had happened. Clear that the work must be done well with care; it is essential to have a nice glade, which makes a clean and precise cut along the edges of the flowerbed; su can find a nice video dedicated to the preparation of the curb, I would say that it is just right for him, given that, after delimiting the area where the flowerbed will be grown, and having cut the seedlings and uprooted the turf in the area to be replanting, it must also form a curb around the flowerbed, so that the dichondra plants are not invited in the coming months to develop again even under the flowers that they want to plant. The individual dichondra plants constitute a species of tuft, which contains a good amount of root system and creeping leaflets and stems; if the vanghetto goes to cut one of these tufts, even if it divides it in half, the head will continue to develop without problems; but surely the cut is made in a clear way, without fraying, and the plant will continue to live healthy. If, on the other hand, the work should be done in a hurried or gross way, it could happen that the frayed roots are subject to rotting in the coming months.


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