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How to cure the lemon plant

How to cure the lemon plant

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Question: how to cure the lemon plant

good morning about three weeks ago I bought a lemon tree about a meter high, the plant was already in bloom and also had many small fruits, now I realized that little fruits slowly turn yellow as well as some leaves and then fall out 'there is some remedy the plant takes sun and direct light all day but is little sheltered from the wind thanks

Answer: how to cure the lemon plant

Dear Andrea,
it often happens that a plant purchased in the nursery undergoes a rapid deterioration once it is taken home; no it is generally true of own illnesses or of parasites, more simply the plant, moved in a place in which it receives different cures compared to those that it received in the nursery, suffers a sort of cultural stress, that leads it to suffer also a lot.
Generally, with regard to lemons, the fundamental problem is often water; this is because lemons love to have regular watering, but to be supplied only when the soil is well dry; if you've ever seen a citrus grove in Sicily, you'll know that lemons are irrigated regularly, but with generally drip plants; in other words, very little water is supplied to the plants. The lemons in fact do not like to be "drowned", instead they prefer light watering, but they are often supplied, every time the soil is well dried. In addition to this, usually in the nursery they have many plants, in essence it is as if your lemon lived in a kind of wood, which was also periodically watered: when the plants are watered in the nursery, it gets wet everywhere: leaves, earth, branches , vases, soil around the vessels. For this reason, the air around the nursery plants is always very wet, just like lemons like. If your lemon also receives a lot of wind, all the more need for greater environmental humidity. So, before watering, check the soil with your fingers, if it is still wet, return the watering to when it is dry. When you find the dry earth, water the earth well around the plant, but don't forget to wet the leaves and branches too.
Certainly it also helps to periodically provide specific fertilizer for citrus fruit, dissolved in the water every 12-15 days, or spread around the plant every 3-4 months, if it is a slow release granular fertilizer.