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Dried zucchini

Dried zucchini

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Question: zucchini

Good evening, I'm growing two courgette plants on the balcony. As for the feminine flowers with a thin stem I have no problem whatsoever, indeed many are coming out.
Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the fruit and its flower: the courgette is born, it begins to grow and immediately afterwards its flower (male) comes out, but it has a short life, lasts a maximum of two days and then withers, falls and the courgette does not grow more and it turns yellow. The maximum length of the courgettes is at the time of 6cm. Why is that normal?
Thanks so much.

Withered zucchini: Answer: zucchini

Dear Manuela,
courgette plants produce male flowers and female flowers, which are obviously different; initially the plants produce only male flowers, produced at the apex of long fleshy stems; after a few days the female flowers also appear, which are then those that, if pollinated, give rise to zucchini (it is difficult for the male organs of a plant to give rise to a fruit and seeds). However, apart from your observations that are certainly partial (it is impossible that the flowers develop on the already developed zucchini), I believe that the problems may derive from some nutritional or water deficiencies. Courgettes are very demanding plants as regards the mineral salts contained in the soil, and in fact the plot (or, as in your case, the potting soil) should be well enriched with manure or slow release granular fertilizer. In addition to this, as soon as the plant begins to produce fruit, it is important that it receives a good dose of direct sunlight, and regular watering. When watering the garden it is preferable to avoid very frequent watering with small amounts of water; rather it is watered every two or three days (even every day in midsummer), but by wetting the soil thoroughly. Inserting your hand into the ground, you must find it wet to a good depth, otherwise we have watered very little, and our zucchini will wither. Courgettes are fruits that contain a large amount of water, and therefore need regular watering in order to develop large and turgid. If you have not fertilized the soil enough when you have planted your zucchini seedlings, you can now supply granular fertilizer, or fertilizer to mix with the water used for watering. Since you grow courgettes in pots, it could also be that you have guaranteed an excessively narrow space for each plant, and therefore are unable to ripen the fruit for this reason.


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