Citrus pruning

Citrus pruning

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Question: How do my citrus fruits look?

I have a plant of lemons, one of mandarin and one of orange. How can I prune them and protect them from parasites?

Citrus pruning: Answer: citrus fruit care

Dear Temperio,
citrus fruits are small trees not too fast developing; pruning takes place during the summer, without ever making drastic pruning; generally the suckers are kept constantly checked, that is the straight and erect branches, which develop from the stem, from the base of the plant or sometimes also from the rootstock: these branches must be eliminated at the base; once a year the branches that grow towards the inside of the canopy are controlled, which can prevent the sun and the light from penetrating everywhere and preventing good ventilation; and the longer or weaker branches are slightly shortened.
As for the parasites, they are generally favored by incorrect cultivation treatments; therefore if you cultivate your citrus fruit in a good rich and well-drained soil, and water only when the soil is dry, you should not have problems of rot of any kind; a good slow release granular fertilizer, to be spread on the ground a couple of times a year, will provide the right amount of mineral salts. Citrus fruits are often attacked by aphids and mealybugs, especially when they are grown in areas with poor air exchange and poor humidity, typically these pests tend to grow more on plants grown in pots and sheltered for the winter. If this is your case, at the end of winter, treat with white oil, mixed with a pyrethrum-based product, if possible repeat an insecticide treatment as soon as the buds appear, so as to avoid the appearance of fruit flies, which can irreparably ruin citrus fruits.