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Taking care of our skin is important for an aesthetic issue, but above all for the health of the skin itself, which is in effect an organ that we wear like a dress. So the creams can help us to solve most of the problems related to the skin, but what is most important to remember is that the health of our skin starts from the inside, that is, the creams are an adjuvant product that must be combined mainly with a healthy a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and water, regular rest, exercise, non-smoking and periodic moments to be dedicated only to ourselves. Moments in which we are protagonists reinvigorating our body with relaxing massages that will give relief and that can free us from daily stress and accumulated fatigue between work, home, family, study, etc. So let's see what are the remedies for the most frequent skin problems.
The most requested creams concern the face and neck, the hands, the body and in particular the breast and feet. The most frequent treatments for the face are for hydration for dry skin, treatment of oily skin or face-neck wrinkle.
Hand creams are more researched during the winter months, a period in which you are more exposed to weather and cracking. For the body there are moisturizing and emollient creams, especially against the nightmare cellulite for women, or to fight stretch marks following pregnancies or sudden changes in body weight.
For the breasts firming creams are very much in demand, while for the feet, usually a little neglected, are important emollient, refreshing and exfoliating treatments obviously combined with periodic pedicures.

Face creams

Let's start with the face that is our calling card in social relations and for this reason it must be the object of particular care to always be in order.
For those who have dry skins, especially in the cold of winter, moisturizing creams that balance sebum production are on the market, as what is lacking causes cracking and irritation. These creams must have as main characteristic nutrients and emollients based on honey, wheat germ, camomile calendula, and aloe vera, natural substances that more than others guarantee good results. Obviously, in these cases, water consumption must be increased, at least 1 and a half liters a day. The neck is then another delicate point of our body, which presents a type of thin skin, so we can extend the use of the facial cleanser starting from the chin up to the decolté. An operation to be performed morning and evening also with nourishing and toning creams especially for mature skin, and once a week a light scrub is useful to eliminate dead cells and restore vigor. A special note deserves the skin of the male face as it requires targeted treatments because it is subject to shaving, therefore to irritation and cracking: the cream to be recommended is certainly of a moisturizing type but without alcohol which would cause unpleasant redness. We also recommend aloe vera based aftershave gels that create a foam with soothing and dermo-rebalancing properties.

Oily skin

Another type of skin manifestation is instead the oily skin that is found above all in the age of adolescence but which can also occur in adulthood. Oily skin is synonymous with excess sebum which brings with it impurities, blackheads, clogged pores giving a shiny and oily aspect of the skin. Every morning it is good to cleanse your face with a non-aggressive cleansing cream, perhaps based on chamomile, calendula or blueberry and immediately afterwards apply an astringent and matting tonic. For oily skin it is also useful to perform, after a steam treatment, the application of a cream based on clay or yoghurt which opacifies and balances the excess sebum. Before the make-up it is important to apply a protective cream avoiding the heavy foundation that clog the pores and preferring a light powder, also available in cream that serves to dull it. Zinc oxide creams that prevent and mitigate irritation are useful for both dry and stubborn skin. The face inevitably bears the signs of the age: there are many creams on the market for this purpose: collagen, Shea Butter and Jojoba, with hyaluronic acid, based on retinaldehyde: with careful and constant use they give good results, provided you pay close attention to the cream suitable for the age and type of skin to be treated.

Hand cream

Let us now turn to the hands that must have an eye on, especially in winter to protect them from frost with creams based on shea oil or glycerine, elements that have hydrating and nourishing properties and that avoid redness and cracking and restore elasticity and softness, also attenuating the signs of skin aging. Possibly applied morning and evening to maintain constant protection. Together with the hands we must also turn our attention to the feet using a non-oily exfoliating cream for cleaning and to refresh a menthol cream. For the heaviness you can apply creams based on red vine, berries that are also scented: guaranteed the result of silky and soft feet. The feet are also subject to the formation of blisters, calluses and corns, often for these there are special creams but more often than not the providential intervention of an expert like the beautician or the podiatrist is necessary. Passing to the breast, a symbol of feminine charm par excellence, it requires particular attention as it is very delicate and subject to changes in volume, therefore the most suitable creams are those firming and moisturizing associated with a light jet of cold water that tones and revitalizes as well as physical exercise for the pectoral muscles, in order to combat the inevitable action of gravity and time, which tend to make him relax. To avoid creams due to the increase in breast volume or creams that miraculously lift it as they have no effects.

Body creams

The body is generally subject to multiple treatments with creams with the most diverse functions: it is usually important to firm and hydrate it, avoiding particularly oily products. There are creams applicable directly under the shower that leave a pleasant sensation of softness, shine and particular hydration: they wash away with water but the effects remain. A separate topic is the care of the female body in the thigh-belly-gluteal area often characterized by the hateful problem of cellulite. We mainly remember that cellulite is the manifestation of poor circulation and localized accumulation of liquids and therefore tendency to water retention. A treatment that gives significant results is that of compresses with creams based on algae or cocoa to be applied by wrapping the affected areas with a cellophane layer for about thirty minutes, this procedure will bring a healthy heat favoring the reactivation of an optimal circulation and dissolving fat accumulations, all to be always associated with physical exercise, reduction of salt in the diet and foods such as pineapple and papaya that promote diuresis and the elimination of fat.