Floral compositions for weddings

Floral compositions for weddings

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The most floral aspect of the wedding

The most beautiful day, the most romantic moment of a whole life, the most intense moments in which a dream of love finally arrives at the moment of its crowning: marriage is this and much more, and to make sure that it really can do it all being perfect and impeccable, as only in dreams it is possible to imagine, the decorations and floral compositions play a fundamental role in creating the princely atmosphere of a royal wedding, which in the imaginary, above all feminine, makes everything incomparably charming and precious.
But preparing the ideal context, appropriately enriched with floral inserts and decorations, requires time, an artistic sense and creativity, clear ideas about the type of environment to be created, and if possible the experience of a specialized operator, of a professional in the field of floral arrangement. In fact, to perfectly set up everything that is needed for a wedding as a star, the work of the flower designer starts already a few weeks before the date of the happy event, starting to make contact with the future spouses to understand their tastes and preferences. Later it will be necessary to follow the couple in the preparation of the prenuptial photographic book (if foreseen), in the decoration of the bride's house, from which the wedding procession will start, in the decoration of the church or place of worship in which the ceremony will be celebrated , in the preparation of placeholders and other decorations in the chosen reception room, in the eventual decoration of the house of the future spouses, especially in the Italian regions where it is customary to follow the bride and groom at the time of the ribbon cutting of the new love nest. In short, behind the organization of the arrangement of the wedding floral decorations there is a great preparatory work from the operational point of view, in terms of selection and choice of flowers and materials to be used, of the design of the compositions to be realized, but above all a careful listening and comparison with the future spouses, to understand their will with a bit of experience in guiding their choices, to ensure that the outcome is really perfect!

Tips for spouses: flowers and memories, how to choose flower arrangements for the wedding day.

The fragrant and fragrant world of flowers can seduce and capture the senses, making it difficult for future spouses to find their way and understand their tastes. The first piece of advice is to be guided by memories and suggestions: if at your first meeting you were in the garden as friends, at a summer barbecue, in which the lady of the house had shown her passion for orchids and used them to cheer her atmosphere, it will surely be nice to remember this fundamental step of your relationship, inserting the orchids in the floral theme of the wedding. If instead the first kiss is struck in an intense moment next to a jasmine that spreads romantic effluvia, it might be nice to remember it on the altar, when with another kiss you will establish the promises of an eternal and passionate love. The flowers in fact, with their colors, intense or delicate aromas and the many tactile, olfactory and visual sensations that they know how to arouse, are the fastest vehicle with which memories come back to mind, with a trail of adventures and emotions. With warmth and sympathy, the floral compositions that will brighten up the wedding day will be a symbol of love itself, so beautiful and pure, delicate and fragile as a petal, resistant and strong as a stem that bends without breaking, full of yearning sensations and emotions that make the heart light up and palpitate.
Precisely for this reason, and in accordance with the Arab traditions, orange blossoms are still today the symbol of marriage, a wish for fertility, stability of the couple and purity of minds, although in the past other stems have played the role of propitiatory plants of the marital union, like myrtle in ancient Greece, and rosemary in Victorian England.
So if the decorations and floral arrangements have to tell the style you have chosen for your wedding day, remember in the choice that the sumptuous and fragrant red roses adapt to a ceremony in style, while white roses tell of purity and delicacy of a sober and informal event; beautiful sunflowers will bring a touch of light and joy even in winter, while the daisies will talk about a casual, creative wedding, maybe outdoors or at least a little dandy and bohemian.

More tips for the bride and groom: flowers and personalities, telling about themselves through floral arrangements.

The floral decoration can also be characterized by telling the personality of the spouses: be they elegant, refined, sober and delicate, represented by classic flowers and chic taste such as roses and orchids, or more carefree, playful and cute, lively and enthusiastic, well described by sunflowers, colored dahlias and bright daffodils, each groom corresponds to a flower, with its qualities and characteristics that are well suited to represent in an anthropomorphic manner vices and virtues of the couple. Always remember that it is extremely important to work calmly and in the right time, moving at least two months before the wedding in order not to reach the moments immediately preceding the ceremony, always very excited and moved, so as not to run into hasty and disappointing results. Furthermore, whether you decide to go ahead with the economy by making the decorations with the help of family and friends, or that you turn to professionals and specialists in the sector, it is important to lead those who will deal with the decoration to view the places that will host the ceremony and reception, in order to have the possibility of creating a floral and decorative project that imprints on the coherence of religious and private environments and bouquets, car decorations and pocket and eyelet motifs. On the sidelines we report a very delicate custom that is spreading also in Italy, landed on our coasts recently but of ancient tradition in England: to donate a flower for the buttonhole of the gentlemen guests, and a minibouquet for women, to wear during the ceremony to conform to the style of the spouses.

Floral compositions for weddings: Color and warmth for the table, the reception and the ceremony

For the reception table, it will be useful to dwell on the choice of flowers with a delicate and sweet scent, which does not go to affect the sensations of the wedding banquet's flow, possibly fresh and in season, to obtain a small saving and allow your guests to bring away as a small gift a fresh composition that matches the period. A further tangible quantifiable saving would derive from being able to use the same decorations for the religious ceremony before, and for the reception after, transporting the floral decorations with the due care (think that on average 7-10% of the total cost for the organization of a wedding is intended for floral arrangements!).
The most important choice will be the one related to the thematic color: if the white is however the dominant color of the wedding event, you can combine different colors, but without overdoing it and without creating annoying mixes with an excessive optical impact. of blue create an intimate and reserved atmosphere, while bright colors such as yellow, orange and red invite to fun and euphoria. To contemplate also as an original idea, to ask for compositions that create a kaleidoscope of sensations, mixing flowers, fruits, herbs and green plants, but on the subject, as already mentioned, with the personality of the spouses, the style of families and guests , the characteristics of the place that will host the ceremony and the season chosen to say yes, for a day and for the rest of life, always with the hand in the name of a promise that will know color and warmth, perfume and emotion thanks to the flowers chosen to brighten up the unforgettable occasion.