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Who said that artificial flowers are not suitable for a modern environment? Well, for some years now these pretty little flowers have again made their triumphal entry into our homes. Practical, mouldable and above all permanent, the fake flowers are an inevitable part of the furnishing that knows how to make even the most formal of the rooms comfortable and familiar.
We are not just talking about fake old generation flowers, those of sometimes poor material, with an irregular cut and colors that are too faded or too bright. The fake flowers that are found today are treated with so much precision that they seem more and more realistic; the techniques used in their realization have made great strides in increasing quality, giving it a much more natural appearance.
Currently there is a wide range of fake flowers, both in terms of material and in terms of shape. The so-called fake flowers of the past - still available today - are made of plastic, fabric, latex, or silk. While those of unquestionably fake appearance, but still with great decorative strength, are in polyester, paper, or glass. Today the most realistic ones are made with mixtures of processed materials to obtain a qualitatively excellent appearance. However, there are many silk flowers whose botanical realism will leave you speechless. Just knowing how to choose!
Another of the many reasons why the fake flower has become a trend item is certainly its easy availability. In fact, many flowers bloom seasonally, making it difficult to find them or cure them. Thanks to the fake flower, you can admire your favorite flowers all year round.


Choosing to enhance the environment with a composition of fake flowers is advantageous under countless aspects. Whatever the cost of the item we want to buy - from the simple flower with small branch to the large composition - it will be entirely absorbed by its durability. As if that were not enough, it is now possible to find fake flowers of high quality, but with a decidedly reduced cost and whose verisimilitude not only visual, but also to the touch, would succeed in deceiving just about anyone. Once you have made your purchase, we are sure you will not regret it!
In this period of crisis in which you are very careful not to waste your savings on something perishable, artificial flowers will give you the opportunity to make permanent compositions that will cheer up the environment also through recycling, cushioning even more the costs . With a pinch of creativity you can give new life to objects and materials that you have relegated to the cellar for a long time. After purchasing your fake flowers, have fun with the do-it-yourself and you will see that you will be able to create delicious and refined compositions with old glass, wood or even cardboard containers. To embellish your creation you can add decorations at the base, such as colored twigs, sand and shells, dried fruit and cinnamon, raffia and bead ribbons, lights and candles, or colored salts and pebbles. Give free rein to your imagination! It will be a pleasant way to spend your free time and beautify your home with a touch of elegance and panache.
Artificial flowers are suitable for everyone, especially nature lovers who unfortunately do not have a green thumb or time to deal with it; these pretty flowers need not be watered, nor fertilized or cared for in any particular way. In fact, their maintenance is very simple: just remove the dust occasionally with a brush, or even with the hair dryer at low temperature. For greater cleanliness - depending on the material of the flower - it is advisable to wash them in a basin of warm water at least once a year; remember that it is good to rinse and dry them carefully to avoid the formation of limescale and it is preferable to let them dry upside down, away from sources of light and heat. Eventually it is possible to spray on our floret or seedling a polishing or perfumed product for an even more fresh and realistic appearance.
The preservation of fake flowers is just as easy, useful if you would like to alternate various compositions you have at home, or simply don't want to use them at the moment. After having dusted them, place your fake flowers inside a box large enough to be able to contain them without crushing them and wrap them individually with tissue paper. By doing so you can reuse them at any time as their quality will remain unchanged!


A splendid composition of fresh and colorful-looking flowers carefully placed in a vase conveys an immediate feeling of calm and serenity. Fake flower compositions can be used to decorate any type of environment since, unlike real flowers, they do not need to be exposed to sunlight and do not require particular temperatures or climatic conditions. The fake flower is suitable for any season! Most enthusiasts will be able to show off a different composition with each seasonal change to create harmony with the decor.
Thanks to their excellent capacity of adaptation therefore, we can use artificial flowers to make not only our house, but also our office, more pleasant and welcoming, we can also place vases of flowers or fake plants along the stairwell of the company or condominium and much more. As for our home, the fake flowers will make any room in which we put them pleasant and lively, giving a touch of personality, taste and color. Try to put in a strategic corner of the bathroom a small composition of fake flowers and you will see how the whole room will be illuminated!
Fake flowers are therefore a perfect gift since you will not have to worry about unwelcome consequences. If you have relatives or friends who suffer from pollen allergies, this solution is right for you. Fake flowers are also very suitable for homes with children and especially with pets, as they are not poisonous if ingested; moreover, a simple splash of perfume will be enough to ward off any onlookers and golo

Fake flowers: DO NOT WAIT, BE CHIC!

So why not start now? In this holiday season, make your table even more shining with a charming centerpiece of fake flowers, perhaps inside a cornucopia, a symbol of happiness and providence. An advice? Choose the fake flowers in fabric treated with Real Touch quality (that is, natural to the touch) and neither will you be able to believe your eyes. All friends will congratulate you, success is guaranteed.
For the purchase of fake flowers it is possible to go to your florist from trust, if also specialized in artificial flowers, otherwise he could advise himself where to find them. Another solution is that of the DIY store, where you will find a wide selection along with all the tools you could need if you wanted to make the composition yourself. Alternatively, it is certainly simpler and more fun to look for an online retailer: this solution will give you the opportunity to compare price and quality, as well as to have a greater choice between material, shape and color. And who knows that you may not find that nuance that you had in mind for your composition!
However, it is important to remember that most fake flowers are not recommended for outdoor decoration, as prolonged exposure to atmospheric agents will eventually damage them. It is therefore enough a minimum of foresight to make sure that our purchase is not wasted!
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