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Sale trees

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The tree is a plant, simply in a more adult state, the trunk is made up of various layers, but there are more robust types and others more slender. The largest tree for circumference is the baobab. The arrangement of the foliage that constitutes the foliage, can be of various types, therefore we advise you to take into consideration the structure of the same, to choose the most aesthetically attractive type for you. In fact, we have pyramid-like trees, such as fir, or an umbrella, like pine, with a columnar structure like the cypress, and so on.Important is also the diversity of the leaf, deciduous or persistent, depending on whether these change according to the season (falling and then growing back) or if they are permanent. In addition, the trees can be coniferous or deciduous. Another important consultation to do before purchasing is to check the possibility for the tree to live with other trees of different species. Although it may seem absurd, the soil that the trees share is the same, so if you have trees in the garden different, it will be advisable to evaluate the cohabitation of the same, so consult the species that can be planted nearby and decide based on the possibility for the trees to grow healthy and strong.Another criterion of choice is the will or not to have a fruit tree or forest.Care must be taken as some species of trees are very demanding from the point of view of the climate, they cannot live in particular areas, they cannot be excessively exposed, they cannot be in damp areas and so on. Further important information concerns the desire to build a real pine forest, which means choosing trees of a single species, so get advice from an expert.Sale of trees

Obviously, the first word that will come to mind is "nursery". Yes, the place par excellence for the sale of trees is the nursery, but it should not be forgotten that, however great it may be, it will not have all the species of plants, so you will sometimes need to choose from a catalog. The primary advice is to visit nurseries, greenhouses where the sale is made and consult multiple specialists. So you can agree on the choice of place, and the type of tree that suits you. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't give up, but above all don't fall back on other types. Sometimes, in the age of web 2.0, there is the possibility of buying plants and trees online. Even if a futuristic reality appears, a person in charge will come to your house to bring you a tree. Surely the advantage of buying online is that of not having to run every nursery or greenhouse, surely having a chance of extreme choice, given the varieties available. It is true that if you buy online, you will lose the incredible experience of handling, smelling, losing yourself in the colors, which only a live purchase can give you.

Plant a tree

Pay attention in the first place to the choice of the tree, the classic pot saplings, can be purchased all year round and placed in the ground in all seasons, if you choose a tree in the soil, you will have to wait for the colder seasons to be able to plant it .
The first step to planting is to take care of the area in which to place our tree. So hoe a well exposed but at the same time sheltered area, make a very large hole, at least one and a half meters deep and about thirty centimeters deep (do not exceed with the depth because you could damage its growth). This will help plant the plant and its healthy and vigorous growth. Secondly, if you can, get expert help, especially where the tree is very large. Absolutely do not use chemical fertilizers and anything else in the hole, the soil must remain natural, because the roots may be affected by a treated planting hole. Pay attention to the hole, if the ground seems unstable or clayey, consult a specialist, the place may not be suitable for the tree. Before planting, water the hole and the roots of the tree. If these are particularly exposed, leave them to soak for an hour before proceeding, the water, in addition to nourishing the plant, will make the roots soft, this will allow you to open them, before planting the tree, for a better grip. Once done, insert the tree into the ground, without trampling on it, cover and water again. If the tree is large, avoid DIY, you need to use special machinery for transporting and positioning the tree.

Sale trees: Guardian yes, guardian no

When buying a new tree, one of the perplexities inherent in the hole, is the possibility of inserting a guardian or not. Well, this support is necessary where there is a lot of wind, but it must be kept in mind that, in areas with little wind (where the tree moves a little, but without dangerous gusts) it is good to leave the tree devoid of any protection. This in fact, will serve to strengthen the trunk and the roots. If you then want to insert a guardian, it must be remembered that it must be proportional to the size of the tree, it must not obstruct it, much less be too small, otherwise its functionality is almost nothing. Usually in gardens it is not recommended to use guardians, rather it is advised, if the area is exposed to strong winds, to buy small trees, to avoid possible problems.
Whatever your choice, remember that plants are the essence of life, they are not a simple object of ornament, take care of them, as if they were a small puppy.


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