Arnica montana tablets

Arnica montana tablets

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Arnica montana tablets

The arnica montana is a plant with an erect and straight stem, quite robust, which can reach up to sixty centimeters in height. It is a medicinal plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family and is found throughout the year: it stands out among the other herbs for its "glandular" appearance and for its bright yellow flowers that give off a strong and pleasant smell. vaguely the daisy, from which it is distinguished by the most subtle and disordered petals.It is widespread both in Europe and in Asia: it prefers sunny and sparsely populated lands, both hilly and mountainous, and at present it is unfortunately in danger of extinction.
Arnica is widely used in homeopathy, where its uses are the most diverse and belong to the extraordinary properties that this herb possesses: arnica is in fact an excellent analgesic and an anti-inflammatory, indicated in cases of sore throat, cough, bronchitis and generally in all forms of flu. Arnica is also very useful for treating ecchymoses, hematomas, various wounds and swellings, which after a treatment based on arnica are significantly reduced.
Muscles also benefit from the use of this extraordinary plant: in fact, arnica is often used in cases of sprains, cramps, frequent muscle pains and traumas resulting from surgical operations. By reducing swelling and relieving any wounds, the arnica proves to be a valuable aid that does not present the contraindications of most drugs. The arnica montana is sold and consumed mainly in tablets: however it is possible to find on the market also infusions and extracts of dried arnica, sold mainly in herbalist's shops. Within them, the arnica tablets contain a special solution based on this herb that has been diluted hundreds of times to obtain the homeopathic mixture to be used as a medicinal active ingredient, which can be in two different grades, from 6 ch to 30 ch . Another, surprising property of arnica is that of stimulating white blood cells and therefore favoring the rapid reabsorption of hematomas and wounds.

Why use arnica tablets

Arnica tablets should be taken to help the body overcome more or less serious injuries, injuries, sprains or surgical operations; I had this plants also a preventive effect, it is very useful not only after the operations, but also before, to prepare the body to better face the shock of surgery. In this sense, the arnica is doubly useful because its effect is not limited to the body, but also affects the psyche, calming the soul and allowing it to face certain tests with a better spirit. The dose varies a lot depending on the pathology and the organism: if for example 5 ch are good for relieving abdominal tension or for fighting the onset of cramps, it may be necessary for 30 ch for pathologies that have to do with teeth or muscles of the face. It is important never to do one's own thing, but always consult a doctor: although harmless, in excessive doses the arnica has several side effects.

Effect of arnica tablets

Arnica is very rich in sesquiterpene and flavonoids, the active ingredients responsible for soothing inflammation and calming pain. Not only: its antioxidant effect makes it a precious plant also in the prevention of free radicals, responsible for aging. Thymol, an essential oil with extraordinary antiseptic properties, and carotenoids are also present in massive quantities in arnica, which years of scientific studies have shown to be one of the richest plants with beneficial effects for the human organism. However, when undertaking a treatment based on arnica, it is very important to choose the right dosage by relying on a homeopathic doctor. In fact, between a 6 ch and a 30 ch tablet there is a certain difference: while the first can be used to prevent or treat minor ailments (parainfluenza syndromes with some fever, sore throat, cough and pain) to the joints), the 30 ch dosage is generally used for more serious problems, aggressive influences or psychosomatic disorders, which have a psychological origin and are due to the close relationship between the body and the emotional sphere.

When arnica tablets are not used

The arctic has no particular side effects, however there are people more sensitive to the use of this active ingredient. For example, sometimes in conjunction with taking arnica montana, headaches, heartburn, palpitations and difficulty breathing can be noted: in this case it is advisable to suspend the appointment and consult a homeopath. These disorders are due to the presence, in arnica plants, of a minimal amount of elenanolides, substances that are toxic to the heart. In some individuals the disorders can cause individual idiosyncrasy. What is important to know is that it is not the arnica itself that is toxic, but the excessive quantity assumed. On the market - in pharmacies that also sell homeopathic preparations - one finds above all the Arnica Compositum Heel, sold as a mild anti-inflammatory. The price varies depending on the tablets contained in the pack, but generally varies from ten to a maximum of eighteen euros. Arnica tinctures and ointments are also widely used, more suitable for topical use of the active ingredient: applied to bruises and ecchymoses, they accelerate healing by favoring edema reabsorption.