Wedding flower arrangements

Wedding flower arrangements

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Fabulous flowers for an unforgettable wedding

The choice of flowers for your wedding can be one of the most tiring because together with you they will be the protagonists of the big day. But a couple of small tricks are enough and everything will be perfect! Here are some useful tips.


All brides would like their big day to be memorable and that is why every decision has to be made in order to determine the amazing success of this unique day in a woman's life.
One of the most significant choices is certainly that of flowers, which will be the final touch and will create a theme that will make this day even more special. The flowers not only give tone and depth to the wedding, but also absorb a significant part of the budget. The floral compositions - from the simple bouquet to the preparation of the church and reception - will guarantee the continuity of the theme of the event, therefore the choices must be well coordinated.
Before relying on your trusted florist or a professional in the field, make sure you have clear ideas. The flowers that will accompany you on this day must first reflect your taste and your personality. Remember also that there will be no wrong choices: any flower or color, any type of composition will make you happy will be the right one. Be yourself the wedding planner of your big day because only you know what you love!


Seasonality, theme and color: here are the key words in choosing flowers! Remember that they are inseparable, the choice of one will influence the other. But do not worry there is a myriad of flowers to choose from depending on your preferences, the particularity of the locations and of course your budget.
If the date of the big day has already been set, the choice of flowers will be decidedly simpler. Theme and color will be determined according to your taste, seasonality will have a particular effect on your decision, as seasonal flowers will guarantee a spectacular visual impact at a lower price. The reason? They will not be imported.
Here are some suggestions and perhaps you will not find the seasonal flower that will most seduce you!
✓ WINTER: to capture the emotion of a winter wedding you could combine shades of deep red and green to your compositions; the Christmas star will make you save money by giving a Christmas touch to your centerpieces. While for the bouquet you could opt for camellias, irises, pansies or snowdrops, to be enriched with velvet or ivy.
✓ SPRING: here is the season of pastel colors, perfect for incurable romanticism. The classic spring flowers are apple or cherry blossoms, lilies, magnolias and lilies of the valley. Be creative by combining two or more of these pretty flowers into one composition.
✓ SUMMER: at a time when even weddings flourish, this season offers flowers for all tastes. For a cheerful and bright wedding, choose the classic white roses, daisies and calla lilies. If you want a more sparkling atmosphere, choose peach-colored roses, peonies and sunflowers.
✓ AUTUMN: have fun with a variety of rich-colored flowers that will go beautifully with fallen leaves; delicate flowers such as cyclamens, hydrangeas, passion flowers and violets will be perfect. An advice? Spread a few petals around the centerpiece to give it an even more elegant and authentic look.
The next step is to determine the theme that will be the common thread of the big day. Of course the theme of every wedding is love, but nowadays more and more couples are choosing to make this day more enchanting by choosing an original theme. Of course, the traditional romantic wedding remains at the top, but there are also those who prefer an extravagant vintage, or the fairytale, the contrast between black and white, the sustainability of the ecological and so much more! The future spouses will be able to choose a theme that expresses their peculiarity and why not? Their story.
It's time to choose the color to match your theme! A very important choice, since it will have to enhance the dress you will wear in the church and at the reception. When you think about color, consider what the flowers should embellish and make sure they make it stand out. Some of the most popular colors are traditional white, red, pink and lavender, but not only! Why not jump on more vibrant colors like shocking pink, burgundy or blue. Each color will give you the possibility to choose from hundreds of varieties of flowers, so do not hesitate to choose even the most extravagant ones!
A good florist will surely give you excellent advice, make him share your ideas and curiosity. Remember that flowers are the ornament that will surround many other wonders of this wonderful day. If you know how to position them strategically, perhaps even using foliage as an extra decoration, you will be able to save money and fill the most empty spaces. Be creative, all the flowers are wonderful, cheap or expensive, what matters is their freshness and your happiness.


Without a doubt the bride's bouquet is inevitable, it is an integral part of the dress and as such should be the first detail on which to guide future choices. The bouquet is the most intimate floral composition, it will be the most spectacular of the event and will be chosen according to the style of your dress and your height. Bouquet and wedding dress should therefore be in perfect harmony: a simple dress that embraces your figure will go with a more elaborate, but subtle bouquet; an excessively decorated dress will instead be accompanied by a voluminous and compact bouquet. An asymmetrical dress on the other hand will go very well with a creative and sparkling bouquet. There are also numerous more modern styles, such as the cascade bouquet, indicated for the dress with a train.
Among the many types of floral arrangements that you can exhibit at your wedding, some will save you money on the entire budget by covering more than one function, while others can enhance an element in particular of the ceremony or reception. Remember that all the different types of flower arrangements can be customized to be in harmony with your theme. When you choose the flowers to decorate the church and the location of the reception, make sure you keep in mind the characteristics of these buildings: sumptuous spaces require elaborate compositions, small and simple ones would risk being insignificant. Among the most popular choices in floral decorations are the flowers on the table of the wedding cake and on the chairs of the spouses, vases of flowers and plants next to the laid tables (which can then be taken home by the spouses' families as a souvenir!) And above all the most sober compositions for the altar and church pews.
For the decoration of reception tables, the eclectic look is trendy and gives a touch of sophistication that will make guests feel important too! The flowers can be collected in small vases of different heights that will contrast with candles that will create a tender and romantic atmosphere. The centerpieces may also have an appearance that expresses individuality, as if they were created specifically to represent the spouses. They can be further enriched with fruit - especially in spring - with satin ribbons, feathers, beads and anything else depending on your taste. A little trick: if the centerpiece is too high or too wide, your guests may be annoyed, so make sure you don't overdo it.

" title="AND NOW I DECLARE YOU ... ">Wedding flower arrangements: AND NOW I DECLARE YOU ...

... ready to make your choice! But we want to give you one last reassurance: the flowers are not so much, but the disposition to determine the success of the event. The choice of floral arrangements for an unforgettable wedding, if done with care and attention, will underline with harmony and elegance every moment of your big day. So get busy and best wishes to the spouses!


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