Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms

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Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms bloom on the homonymous plant in spring, even if you have a small space it is always pleasant to plant a cherry tree for ornamental purposes and for the beauty and scent of your own flowers.


In the ancient Anglo-Saxon meaning of the Victorian era around the nineteenth century, giving a branch with cherry blossoms indicated polite and admirable behavior. In China the meaning is strictly feminine, in fact the cherry blossom indicates the beauty and sexuality of women. In Japan the cherry blossom is celebrated as a wish, a wish of happiness and love.


In Japanese culture the cherry blossom is the purest manifestation of beauty, in addition to being the nation-symbol of Japan.
In Japan the cherry blossom is called Sakura, and is a symbol of good luck and a wish for a bright future. The beautiful cherry tree represents the fifth essence of life, the splendor of its flowers does not last long, they fall into a whirlwind of wind, for the Japanese the fall of flowers represents their life, it ends when it has reached its maximum splendor, without middle way, life is a climb towards a high peak, once reached the summit and therefore the maximum splendor, one returns already. This philosophy of life is very much reflected in the lifestyle of the Samurai warriors, the path to obtaining a certain thing and not the result itself is more important. Besides being the symbol par excellence of the Samurai it also represents all the martial arts present in Japan, in ancient times tattooing a cherry blossom was reserved only for the Samurai or the members of other Arts. A proverb quoted that: “among the flowers the cherry tree , among men the warrior ".
Moreover, due to the pecuniary characteristics of this flower, extreme beauty and rapid death, the cherry blossom is also associated with mortality.
An important role played by cherry blossoms was to feed the patriotic feeling among the Japanese during the Second World War. The Japanese pilots adorned their uniform with cherry blossoms and the kamikazes drew it on the side of their plane in the last suicide flight. The young people sacrifice their lives in honor of the emperor, and fell on the battlefield in random order, like the petals of the cherry blossoms left at the mercy of the wind. Some popular beliefs claimed that the souls of young soldiers who died on the battlefields reincarnated in cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossoms also represent a strong religious and spiritual symbolism, there are different types of plants that produce a similar flower but with different characteristics, starting from the number of petals, some flowers start from five petals and others reach up to twenty petals. The flower with five petals recalls Buddhism and the division of the five orientations, or of the five cardinal points, five are also the sacred elements, emptiness, air, earth and water.
For all these reasons the symbol of the Sakura, is used in various things, in art, in manga, in cinema, in music, it is represented in all possible and imaginable ways.
In every Japanese home there is a consumer good with a peach blossom branch, from the kimono, typical Japanese clothing, to the stationery and the basic items for the home.


In the land of the rising sun there are over two hundred varieties of cherry blossoms, their particularity and they do not produce fruit, but they are only ornamental, with flowers of a thousand shades of white, pale pink and deep pink. In the centuries-old Japanese tradition cherry blossoms are honored with great festivals, which consist of going to the parks to contemplate the cherry blossoms, sit under the trees with friends, listening to music and songs and popular stories, to conclude with small refreshments and characteristic picnics based on typical dishes of Japanese cuisine.
In Italy an ancient popular legend tells that in the distant one thousand and one hundred years in a small town of the high Lazio a cherry now dried miraculously flowers, the inhabitants of the country interpreted it as a sign of good omen to such point to rise and drive away Federico Barbarossa putting end to a long period of war. Every year in this country, on the third Sunday of May, the "Miracle of the Madonna of the Flower" is celebrated, the whole village is decorated with cherry blossoms and the Madonna carried in procession is given a wreath of cherry blossoms.
Peach flowers have also been celebrated by many illustrious literals and poets. There have been several combinations and comparisons; they have been compared to the slow fall of snow on the earth, or to the speed of the clouds to pile up in groups almost at the same time as the blossoming of flowers.