Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil

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Wheat germ oil

That common wheat is one of the main components of the Mediterranean diet is well known. But even in cosmetics it is a precious element, which confirms how nature can be a valid aid for human health and well-being. Also called wheat, the cereal in question is used in the kitchen for multiple uses both for sweet and savory preparations and also to obtain crispy and golden fries. It is one of the most ancient cultivations practiced for food purposes. It seems that its origins can be traced back to the famous fertile crescent, that is to say that area, known as Mesopotamia, bathed by the Tigris and Euphrates, cradle of ancient civilizations such as the Assyro-Babylonians, today more or less the current Iraq. Today its cultivation is widespread all over the world, even in northern areas, thanks to its high resistance to cold temperatures. According to the FAO, wheat, together with corn, is today the main source of protein and heat for one third of the world's population. However, common wheat has other qualities than nutritional ones. From the noble part of the grain is obtained, through cold pressing, a process that allows the wheat germ oil to be kept unchanged, and without solvents. It is a vegetable substance rich in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that counteracts the action of free radicals, the main causes of cellular damage and therefore aging of tissues. The liquid thus obtained, yellow in color and with a pleasant taste, lends itself to many uses: in cosmetics certainly, for the welfare of skin and scalp, but also as a natural supplement in the daily diet, for example mixed with olive oil olive. Emollient, nourishing, rich in useful substances for the body, wheat germ oil can be used for multiple purposes.

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A mine of vitamin E

Wheat germ oil can be used as a food supplement in the form, for example, of raw seasoning for salads, vegetables and other dishes. In addition to its pleasant taste it is also, in fact, an excellent source of vitamin E, the main one in nature, effective in reducing cellular oxidative stress and therefore an excellent antioxidant that counteracts free radicals, one of the main culprits, it seems, of some degenerative pathologies that accompany aging processes. A precious oil, therefore, which also contains other valuable nutrients such as calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium, vitamin B and phosphorus. It also performs an energetic action reducing the oxygen debt and thus strengthening the body's resistance to physical fatigue. It then performs a control activity on the lipid parameters. The presence, in fact, of essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid make it useful in counteracting the high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, substances that, by obstructing the blood vessels, can cause serious consequences on a cardiovascular level such as a heart attack.

A skin friend

In cosmetics, wheat germ oil has a very wide application. First of all for the face. In fact, thanks to the very high concentration of vitamin E, the substance can be used every evening for the eye and lip contour, areas of the face that are most affected by age. In fact, it performs an effective anti-wrinkle action, so that it can be used as a compress once a week for about 15-20 minutes. Allied therefore with more mature skins, wheat germ oil can also be added to the usual night cream in order to enhance its nourishing effect. Applied on the body, it is particularly indicated for dry and dull skin and in the case of dryness caused by atmospheric agents such as wind, sun and salt. After a day at the beach, for example, it restores vitality and elasticity. It strengthens the hydrolipidic film which, if insufficient, causes annoying cracks and irritations. Then mixed with sweet almond oil, it is an excellent fluid to be used to massage damp skin, after a shower, as an emollient, moisturizing and soothing, especially if you suffer from lifeless, withered skin that tends to flake and tends to "Pull". Also ideal for preventing stretch marks, an annoying and unsightly defect that tends to appear especially in the case of a diet or pregnancy in sensitive areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms.

Ally of hair wellness

A soft and flowing hair is the desire of all women. Wheat germ oil is an excellent ally for the health of the scalp and is found on the market as an ingredient in many shampoos and other products. It restores vitality and shine to dry and brittle hair, weakened by aggressive, permanent treatments, smog, sea water, sun, wind, salt, chlorine. You can also make a mask at home, mixing the substance with honey and an egg yolk, then wrapping the hair with a hot, damp towel for about twenty minutes. Then rinse carefully: you will be able to show a hair that is finally shiny, soft and easy to comb, in an enviable word.
From wheat a friend of his own well-being ... wheat germ oil, which is easily sold in various herbalist formats, is a precious ally to keep the body in shape. The advice is to always keep an abundant supply at home, available to the whole family.