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Children's houses

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Children's houses

Every child wants a little house of his own, a private place to hide his little secrets from his hearts and to go wild with his closest friends.

In the beginning was the tent

To satisfy this precocious need for privacy, children have always worked in the most creative and imaginative ways, often with the help of the parents themselves or some older siblings, creating small tents, perhaps made with a sheet resting on a desk, enough to protect them from prying eyes, ideal for making a space of their own where they can whisper little secrets, read a comic, tell themselves fantastic stories in the light of a torch. For the lucky ones, for those who had an outdoor space the alternative to the tent was the tree house: a rudimentary platform reached by a ladder and usually accompanied by fun accessories, like a swing made from a tire. Careful pedagogical research carried out over the years has highlighted the importance for the little ones of having a cottage of their own: first of all the usually very bright colors with which these miniature houses are made, constitute a real magnet for the little ones, stimulating the attention, curiosity and imagination. Secondly it is a game that forces children to leave home, finally break away from television and video games, creating a valid alternative, full of creative ideas. Finally, a small house all by itself, a circumscribed and isolated space, makes children feel responsible, projects them into an adult dimension, allowing them a more conscious and mature form of socialization through which they can talk, play with each other, in complete tranquility.

How to find your way around the market

Precisely in the light of this research, in the last few years many types of children's houses have been perfected and marketed, in order to satisfy all the needs of space, cost and availability. On the market you can find all sorts of them, from the simplest ones, from the very low costs to the princely ones, often very excessive and at risk, for the luxurious message they convey to prove to be even anti-educational. But without getting to the fanaticism of Hollywood, where an actor bought a house equipped with running water, intercom and garage to his little six-year-old girl at a cost of $ 24,000 (just over € 18,000), one can find equally valid solutions for make children feel like little princes and give them the privacy they seek.

Wood or plastic

Going around toy stores, but also those for garden furniture, it is possible to find really solutions for all budgets. The most economical are, of course, the smaller houses, usually made of plastic, real 'nests' of very small dimensions - normally not more than a couple of cubic meters - which can cost even a little over a hundred euros. There are delicious ones, which reproduce real miniature houses with doors and windows and sometimes external accessories such as a fence, a slide or a swing, in bright and irresistible colors. Recently the little houses inspired by the characters of the cartoons, the darlings of the younger ones, are very popular. They range from Hello Kitty, the pink cat that conquers the hearts of the little ones, to the mini houses dedicated to the magical world of Winnie The Pooh and to his friends in the wood of one hundred acres, like Tigro and Pimpi. In addition to the variety of models offered on the market and the undisputed economic advantage, the plastic houses have the great privilege of being easily transportable and equally easily washable, they are lighter and can be stored away more easily. On the contrary, wooden houses are more difficult to maintain, they often require direct fixing to the ground, so as to make them safer from wind and rain attacks which, otherwise, could cause irreparable damage and endanger safety some children. The wooden houses are on the market at much higher costs - it is difficult to find them for less than 5-600 euros - and their construction is often more complex and articulated and could require a real building specialization! However, it should be said that the wooden houses have an undisputed charm, a super-romantic taste, a much greater refinement of details, finishes with an unsurpassed taste. Real dolls' houses, they will make the little guests feel like real princes, protagonists of the most amazing fairy tales. With a little luck, by searching on online sales sites it will be possible to run into some good used ones, and at a cost of 3-400 euros you will be able to conquer a small palace!
Of course, if you are interested in buying a wooden or plastic house, it is always advisable to check the product's conformity: it is essential for children's safety that the objects are manufactured in compliance with European safety standards: anti-UV treatments, non-toxic water-based paints, fireproofing, non-ingestable pieces, rounded rods.


Finally, for the most able and patient, there is the possibility of having fun with DIY. You need to be a true bricolage lover, but with a little imagination and a good deal of manual skills, you can make yourself and at a price rarely higher than 300 euros for small families for the little ones. The undisputed advantage lies in the absolute customization of the final product as well as in the enormous satisfaction of having built a real home, even if on a reduced scale.

Children's houses: garden games: Children's houses

The children's houses are designed, designed and built to be safe, healthy and comfortable and above all designed to not harm the child who goes there to play. They must not have sharp and protruding edges, slippery floors, sharp metal inserts and anything else that could represent a danger for the safety of the little guests, they must be made for fun. The children's houses are to be made with ecological materials, and to be combined with multi-function structures, which include games, such as the slide, the swing, the ladder so as to also accommodate friends. They must be large enough to ensure small freedom of movement, and well ventilated. Also the shape is important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a functional point of view because it allows quick and agile movements. A circular shape, in addition to being of pleasant visual impact, offers the feeling of being less narrow and more spacious and the effect of a large house with which you can play at any time of the day.