Artificial flowers for wedding favors

Artificial flowers for wedding favors

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Artificial flowers for wedding favors

Flowers and wedding favors, the perfect combination to give refinement and elegance to the most important ceremonies that today characterize the lives of hundreds of people, from weddings to births, communions, graduations and all those occasions when the birthday boy wishes to leave a pleasant memory of himself. It is a combination created in recent years by florists and gift merchants, both aware of the many affinities of the two sectors, characterized by common objectives: just think, for example, of the preparation of weddings where flowers and favors often represent a whole 'one. Another reason that has favored the approach of these two professions is certainly represented by the economic crisis: the drop in sales in fact pushed merchants to look for alternative solutions to increase turnover, so in the flower shops, a small space was set up to display the favors while the gift merchants began to decorate products and packages with floral decorations, especially fake ones. The artificial flower in fact does not fade, it does not dirty and imitates perfectly, in its shape and colors, the real one. There are reproductions made so well that often an inexperienced eye cannot see the difference. In addition to being a colorful and elegant decoration, sometimes the flower can even replace the classic wedding favor. Everything depends on the economic budget available to those organizing that particular event. Those who want to save money can use a beautiful artificial flower as a souvenir to give to their guests, while those who do not pay the expense, usually prefer to give special items made with skill and refinement: they are those elegant boxes, enriched with dried flowers and ribbons of organza, tulle and satin, which embellish the shop windows and today also the pages of the numerous websites of florists and merchants.


Today there is no marriage without roses or communion without lily. Leafing through the pages dedicated to the language of flowers, in fact, it will not be difficult to find the one most suitable for the occasion to celebrate. In any ceremony that respects itself, where everything is taken care of in the smallest details, even the choice of the favors cannot be left to chance. The packaging must then be simple but also elegant and this result can only be obtained by combining the flowers, with the most varied shapes and colors. The fake ones are certainly the best ones. There are many types on the market, small, medium and large. The most used to make the favors are made of plastic or fabric, the most delicate in tulle, organza, velvet, satin and silk but the jute and raffia are just as beautiful. The most modern are also glittery. It will then be your good taste to guide the choice that ranges from the classic roses to the calla lilies, daisies, orchids, tulips, orange blossom, peach branch, sunflower, violets and all those models that the experts of the sector propose. Beautiful even the colorful "Nontiscordadime", which, among other things, can be used as a placeholder. Fake flowers are now available everywhere, from florists like on the web, and have variable costs: we start from a few euro cents and then arrive at figures that are more demanding depending on the models, fabrics and, more generally, quality. .


Dried flowers are also generally used to make wedding favors. However, they are more delicate to the touch and therefore care must be taken in their processing. It must then be considered that not all types of flowers lend themselves to the most modern drying techniques. The problem does not arise for the classic daisies, roses or mimosas, which are confirmed among the most sold. The ears are also widely used. Obviously, due to the processing, these flowers have a higher cost. In addition to fabric or plastic there are other materials used for flower reproduction such as, for example, glass. It is however very delicate objects and therefore quite expensive, which often then become "the favor".


Those who organize a ceremony usually prefer to rely on the experience of florists and merchants for the attention to detail. Therefore, due to lack of time, the "think you" formula is chosen more frequently than "do it yourself". In reality, though, it would take a bit of imagination and attitude to save some money. Packaging favors, for example, is extremely easy, but not everyone knows it until they try to do it. The main ingredient is fantasy. There are also hundreds of accessories on the market to make original and refined boxes. First you need to buy everything you need, such as bags for confetti, stickers, glue, ribbons and decorative flowers and then you can proceed with the packaging. These accessories, in fact, purchased individually, cost very little and allow the creation of unique compositions. In fact, hardly anyone will have one like yours. The beauty of artificial flowers also lies in the fact that they can be folded and folded and do not break, so anyone can use them, even the less experienced hands. You can try making DIY packages when it comes to a small number of favors, otherwise it is better to turn to those of this art who have done their job.