Dried flower floral arrangements

Dried flower floral arrangements

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Preliminary considerations

The compositions of dried flowers are elegant and extremely decorative, and allow you to simply renew any type of environment, both classic and modern. A great importance is played by the choice of the container which, depending on the purpose and of its tastes, can be represented by baskets, vases, milk and old recycled objects, of variable shapes and sizes.
Another element to which attention must be paid is the total height of the composition, which for a nice effect should represent about twice the height of the container in which it is placed. You always have to start the job by inserting the dried flowers with the tallest stems and with additional green elements, buds and strands of grass to be placed in the back. A large space should be left instead in the front part in order to organize the arrangement of the smallest and lowest flowers, in order to obtain a realistic effect. To give a sense of fullness to the whole, you can also insert berries, pine cones, small berries and berries, making sure that they fill the empty spaces evenly. To establish the focal point of the composition, that is where the observer's eye will fall, and in which the set of the most imposing elements will be placed, it will suffice to ideally create a horizontal line that crosses the center of the composition. At the end of everything, it will be necessary to check that the layout is balanced in all its angles. The main characteristics of the composition of dried flowers and maintenance and washing techniques are listed below.

The main rules for a beautiful composition

To obtain a truly ad hoc composition, we must follow precise rules. First of all
It is good to arrange the stems of the flowers by changing position until there is a pleasant effect. You need at least three varieties of flowers of different sizes for each composition, trying to mix them harmoniously with filling leaves, bamboo canes, feathers and beads or with everything that suggests fantasy and good taste. If you want to make a centerpiece, the ideal container must be low and symmetrical. The composition in this case will consist of a focal flower, two secondary flowers and a third filling group and the empty spaces will be the basis for green leaves and other additional elements. The varieties of flowers that best fit the centerpiece are peonies and roses, for a natural but effective look. Another type of composition is the triangular one, which has the advantage of being able to be seen from all angles. For this reason, you will have to choose different types of flowers whose colors complement each other and a vase or a basket with rather low sides. We will proceed by inserting the larger elements so as to form a triangle, which will be completed with other smaller flowers and filling leaves.

How to make a composition of dried roses and eucalyptus leaves

A composition of dried flowers is not only able to harmonize and adorn a room, but it seems to tell romantic memories. Now you will see how with simple steps you can get a wonderful arrangement of dried flowers that will have nothing to envy to fresh ones. You will need as many dry roses and powdered eucalyptus leaves as you like. In general, the number of flowers to be chosen must always include a larger element that will act as a focus, some fillers to be placed between the main flowers, and finally herbs and additions to taste. If the composition is intended to be placed against a wall, care should be taken to place the tallest flowers in its rear part so that the smaller ones are clearly visible and do not disappear inside. Using a pair of wire cutters will cut off the excess of the rose stems. Subsequently, the flowers will be arranged on the front of the container while the leaves will be placed behind them. To fix the elements in position, you can use a floral foam to stick to the base of the basket or the vase. After the flowers and leaves have been pressed lightly into the foam, the whole can be completed by pouring decorative marbles or small pieces of marble rocks into the lower part of the vase. The dried flowers are in fact very light and the beads will help to keep the pieces in place so that they do not move continuously.

Floral compositions dried flowers: How to clean dried flower compositions

To carry out the cleaning work, you will have to spread a sheet of newspaper on the work surface and remove the composition from its container. Setting a hair dryer to the lowest temperature and keeping the flowers still with one hand, the air jet will be passed over them holding the appliance at a distance of at least twenty centimeters, on both sides of each element. This will serve to remove all traces of dust and atmospheric dust. If the flowers are very dirty, you can proceed with a deeper cleaning, mixing in a bowl of water and a tablespoon of mild Marseille soap, until a delicate foam forms. In this solution, a cotton swab will then be immersed, and after removing excess water, the stains will be removed, gently rubbing the affected area with the wet cotton stick. The flowers will be put back in the container only after they have dried completely, so that they do not rot.