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Fruit trees

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The olive tree shows a very robust trunk in southern Italy thanks to the fact that the plants usually cultivated are secular. The leaves are of two colors that contrast with each other, in fact on one side we find an intense green and on the opposite side a sparkling silver. The fruit is born in early September and develops between December and February. In this period we have the famous collection for the production of oil. It loves a flat land that also allows easy collection. The best location for the climate is undoubtedly hilly.The screws

The vines have a very short and intertwined trunk, since it is a plant that develops a large quantity of fruit and needs support from birth. The leaves are as large as the palm of a male hand and are light green which tends to turn red in the autumn months. The grapes that appear in early May are harvested in October to start the harvest. Italy in this field is one of the first world producers as regards the wine D.O.P. This type of tree loves fertile but not very watery soil. The best position regarding the climate is undoubtedly flat even if many crops are mainly developed in the hills.

Citrus trees

Citrus trees have a trunk that has more branches. Generally the secondary branches are covered with thorns. The leaves are very firm and bright green. The fruits remain small and green throughout the summer period. During the winter they color and become larger. Harvesting takes place in the winter months starting in early December and ending in March. These plants fit well in a soil poor in water, in fact they do not fear the summer heat and consequently the drought. The best location for cultivation is a flat, possibly coastal terrain.

Apple and pear trees

Apple trees such as pear trees have first of all wonderful flowers that differ from peach only for the color that is not pink but white. They are trees with a not very strong trunk and very rounded leaves. The fruits bloom in spring to then be harvested in the winter months. It is a type of plant that adapts well to cold and heavy rains. Mostly its ideal terrain is the hilly one.

Figs and mulberries

Fig trees and mulberry trees are varieties of plants with a certain history behind them. They are trees that give fruits of an intense flavor and the first fruits on the markets are sold at a high price. They are trees that present the first a nodular motion trunk and full of growths with few leaves during the flowering of the fruits, the second has a very slender trunk with different branches. The leaves that cover the branches are thick and small. The fruits tend to a color that can be from a very pale straw yellow streaked with violet to an intense violet during the last phase of maturation. The land they prefer is flat even though they tolerate both rain and intense heat. Unlike figs that become ripe in summer, mulberries ripen in spring.