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The oleander is a shrub of medium size, very widespread even in the spontaneous state in the Mediterranean area.
Evergreen plant, in spring and summer it produces beautiful flowers in shades of pink and red, followed by long pods full of seeds, usually fertile.
After flowering, proceed by removing the apex of the branches bearing the flowers; at the end of summer all the branches are shortened to prevent the shrub from emptying over the lower part of the stem with time.
The oleander is highly toxic, so it is advisable to handle the plant with gloves.
It is planted in a very sunny place, where it receives many hours of direct sunlight, especially in winter.
It tolerates also prolonged periods of drought, but to have a rich flowering it is necessary to water the plant with good regularity, always leaving the soil well dry between the waterings.
It is not afraid of frost, as it may be short and mild frosts; if we live in an area with decidedly cold winters, it is advisable to carefully protect the oleander from November to February