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Iron garden chairs

Iron garden chairs

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Iron garden chairs

Among the various materials that we can choose to furnish our garden there is certainly iron as it has excellent characteristics of stability, durability and resistance without underestimating its very elegant and classy aesthetic impact.
The first thing to choose when trying to furnish your garden is the table to which the appropriate chairs are to be matched and the garden chairs made of iron are the best furnishing complement to match with an iron table, if chosen with care and attention to even these two elements can give that extra touch to your garden.
The iron chairs can be chosen both to complete a modern furnishing and to define a classic style in fact, this type of chair changes a lot depending on the workmanship it undergoes, passing from the modern and minimalist style of iron chairs with a linear and essential shape to classic style for the chairs made of wrought iron full of decorations and sinuous lines.
In addition to the various chair styles, you can also choose the color because there are numerous models of colored chairs that are generally better combined with the modern style, while for the classic style, the natural color of iron or anthracite gray is preferred. which keeps the innate elegance of iron better.
The iron used to make the garden chairs is generally galvanized so as to be much more resistant to the weather and therefore to be able to remain exposed, without any problem, to rain and sun without risking that the material will be ruined and formed the rust that represents the main enemy of iron.


The garden chairs made of iron may have different characteristics depending on the type of iron used but, generally, all the chairs are formed by a seat supported by four legs and a backrest where you can lean your back while not all models are equipped with armrests.
The chairs in galvanized or painted iron are the simplest and most essential and, generally, they are devoid of frills and decorations, while the wrought iron chairs are, almost always, much more decorated and scenographic also because the iron being easy to work lends itself to the creation of any form of decoration or design, thus creating true works of art capable of embellishing even the smallest or simplest garden.
If you have any particular decorations already in the garden you can also commission the creation of the chairs to a specialized craftsman who will be able to recreate, on your chairs, the decoration present in the garden in order to create a unique and particular environment.


To choose the most suitable iron chairs for your garden you must first combine them with the style of the table or you could buy them in a complementary style so as to create an original and unique combination, in any case, it is advisable to always buy the table and chairs in the same store and at the same time so that you can verify that both the color and the style are compatible.
When you choose the garden furniture, keep in mind where it will be positioned, in fact, the iron, it is a very heavy material so both the table and the chairs must be thought of as a type of fixed furniture and difficult to move, in general, this furniture, they are positioned under a gazebo or under an umbrella so as to always have a sort of protection from the sun as the iron heats up easily and it would be difficult to sit on a hot chair.
The wrought iron chairs can also be placed in strategic places in the garden where you can stop to admire the view or, if placed near a small table always in wrought iron, where you can create a small, very elegant relaxation corner.
If you have little space available you can also opt for folding garden chairs that can only be used in case of need.
Generally speaking, iron is a material that prefers the aesthetics to comfort, so to make your chairs more comfortable and more comfortable, you can equip them with soft cushions so as to give a touch of color and practicality to the garden (the cushions are suitable only to the iron chairs while they do not match the wrought-iron chairs as they would completely ruin the aesthetics).

Iron garden chairs: Purchase and maintenance

The iron garden chairs generally they do not need a particular maintenance as they are treated before being sold but, from time to time, it is good to check that no rust has formed and, if it is present, it is necessary to eliminate it and repaint the structure with paints. suitable to prevent the formation of rust.
To clean the iron chairs just use a soft cloth while to remove the limestone residues you can use a solution of hot water and vinegar.
To prepare iron for the cold season you can pass vaseline oil on the surface of the chairs to create a protective layer and make the iron more polished.
For the purchase of this type of chair, you can go to stores specializing in outdoor furniture, while if you want unique chairs you can order them from the iron craftsmen who, at a definitely higher price, will make real works of art.