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They give life to a flower in the shape of a chalice, ideal for creating centerpieces, bridal bouquets or simple decorations perfect for decorating a room. The calla lilies must be bought strictly fresh, but - as mentioned - they can also be grown independently: in this case, the stem must be cut with an oblique and clean cut. Depending on the composition and features floral images that you intend to carry out, you can decide to combine the streets with other species or leave them alone. In this sense, the best variety is that of white calla lilies, characterized by mottled or green leaves. A particularly imaginative combination is the one that involves combining red roses, perhaps for a centerpiece designed for a romantic dinner. Colorful calla lilies, on the other hand, are perfect with hydrangeas, white roses, poppies, tulips, berries and wild flowers. The flower is characterized by an elegant and long stem, and therefore also the stem is a fundamental part of the composition: since covering it would be a pity, the best solution is to use a transparent vase, in glass or in glass, which allows to leave it in sight.How to cure flowers

You can use a narrow and long vase, perhaps with a slightly vintage flavor, but you can also dare, for example with a spherical shape (like the bowls in which the goldfish are contained) which also offers opportunity to place flowers naturally. The vase must be kept away from heat sources and direct sunlight: in winter, for example, it is not recommended to place the flowers near the heater. Therefore, it is better to place it in a cool and bright place, as long as it is protected from drafts. The composition of calla lilies (or other flowers) requires constant water supply: it must be changed at least once a day, possibly adding some ice cubes in the summer. Moreover, the stems must be shortened by half a centimeter every day, always using sharp and clean scissors and cutting the stems sharply.

Paper creations: Christmas decorations and more

Bad floral images they can also be used to create paper compositions, to be created simply but with creativity. The paper, in fact, represents the simplest element to manipulate, and at the same time more expressive from the artistic point of view, to create decorations and decorations: it also has the advantage that it is also used by small children, who can therefore be involved in the implementation process. For the Christmas festivities, therefore, we will be able to give life to paper flowers with different colors, perhaps to hang on the fireplace or at the door of the house, to be painted with tempera, watercolors or wax crayons. Not only that: flowers made of hard cardboard, fairly resistant, and then pierced, can become perfect decorations for a Christmas tree, tying them to the branches with a small piece of string. But the flowers can be made with different materials: newspaper or old newspapers hardened with vinyl glue, sheets of magazines and flyers that can be recycled, cinema tickets, etc. In short, it is a way to decorate an environment and at the same time recycle. Finally, it is worth mentioning the use of floral images in the culinary field: how many times, passing in front of a pastry shop, did we notice chocolate or whipped cream cakes decorated with iced flowers? They are made, very simply, through sugar paste, which can be processed in a thousand different ways according to personal needs and tastes.

Take advantage of the floral images in the kitchen: sugar paste and sandwiches

The sugar paste is prepared by mixing in equal parts icing sugar, glucose and water: in this way, it gives life to a compound with a consistency similar to plasticine, which can then be shaped as desired, obtaining any type of floral decoration: from roses to daisies, from sunflowers to tulips, you can create all the flowers that we like the most thanks to the use of natural and food coloring. The dough of sugar paste, however, can be divided into many different balls, each of which will be colored with a different tint. Also in this case, moreover, we will be able to involve children, making them cook and allowing them to indulge their imagination. Remaining in the kitchen, among other things, nothing prevents the application of floral images even to salt: for example, creating small flower-shaped sandwiches, to be left to rise and put in the oven: with saffron in the center and sauce on the petals, they will look like really spectacular flowers.