DIY wedding decorations

DIY wedding decorations

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DIY wedding decorations

Weddings are wonderful things, even without decorations and jewels, but why give up decorations, colors and satin bows when you can, with a little time and organization, do everything yourself? Of course, the results will not be the same as a professional service, but perhaps this "handmade" look will give a romantic touch.
From the table decoration to the suspended decorations, placeholders and candles, let's see together some ideas to make a wedding reception unique and unforgettable ... putting some money aside for the honeymoon!
The secret to organizing the decorations of your wedding is to have two or three good ideas and focus on those: you don't need to do so much, but you need to do the right things, without fearing to ask the witnesses, mothers, sisters and a few friends for help .

Young marriage, low budget, fresh spirit

Hurray for paper! Yes, because with paper you can really do a lot of things, with a little time, little skill and a lot of patience. Here are three ideas for decorating a reception: pompons, paper hydrangeas, placeholders.
Pompoms are very easy to do, fast and spectacular. The color of the tissue paper should be chosen respecting the style you want to give to the reception, then a light yellow for a summer and bright reception, a light gray for a more classic atmosphere. It must be considered that pompoms can be very elegant and delicate, they are not "festive". If you choose a very thin tissue paper, you can get more evanescent and lighter pompoms.
The paper hydrangeas, special and chic, are obtained with some polystyrene spheres, an inexpensive material found in do-it-yourself stores, on which small colored paper flowers are placed, cut by hand or cut with a special punch that is also found in do-it-yourself stores, and pinned with a pin with a pearl-shaped head. It takes a while, you can pack one or two in an hour, but they are perfect for decorating a table and need nothing else.
The placeholders can be made using beautiful half-folded cardboard, placed upright like a small Canadian tent, on which the name can be written. On one side of the card a small brooch is applied, with a vintage look, like those bought in haberdashery, which imitate precious jewels with cheap materials. One different from the other or all the same, they will embellish the tables with elegance and simplicity.

Elegant wedding, medium budget

Glass, flowers, stones, satin: these are the primary elements of wedding decorations.
If you do not have experience in handling flowers, it is essential to be advised by the florist, both on the seasonality and on the peculiarities of the flowers that you would like to use, always choosing among the most resistant and simple to use.
Glass containers, many, all the same or of different shapes, can be bought in large distributions. Colored glass is a particularly practical choice because it allows even those who are not very familiar to hide the stems without too much difficulty. Cup-shaped containers are useful for filling small spaces or tables with a floral touch.
The larger containers must be carefully measured to avoid occupying the space in a disorderly way, while those for the center table, if used, must be tried on the table in question, considering the margins of the composition that will be placed above, and the commitment of the table a vote prepared.
The pebbles, perfect, smooth, white or colored, on which to write the names of the guests, used as a placeholder or to fill a vase with pebbles that carry written greetings or other nice memories left by guests.
The satin ribbons border the chairs, the candles, accompanying the classic velvet ropes in the corridors. The ribbons combine floral compositions and create flakes and light fluttering threads that give dynamism and romance both to the ceremony and to the reception.

DIY wedding decorations: For all, candles

For a long time forgotten, the candle is back in fashion. Even in the afternoon, the flame of the candle brings warmth and light, in the gentle movement of the flame. A really special touch for a classy reception. For the day, particularly suitable are floating candles, which are safe inside their water-filled vase which, in addition to being beautiful, also protects the surfaces from any wax flows or overheating.
Candles placed in transparent glass vases are one of the most popular choices for receptions, especially in enclosed spaces. While for outdoor receptions or in restaurant gardens, floating candles are indicated in vintage vases, possibly metal, vases of thick outdoor majolica. In some outdoor venues, as in the old freed gardens, it is not uncommon to find fountains and small wall sinks, which can become perfect vases for our floating candles.
Table candles can be used during the day in candle glass jars or, in the evening, in candle bags made of rice paper; some of these are decorated like lace and create a very suggestive light on the table.
Obviously the candles can be used both in the church and in common, positioned away from the passage of people, in the darkest corners or near the altar.


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