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Save the ficus benjamin

Save the ficus benjamin

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Question: save ficus benjamin

Hello everybody,
in the living room I have a ficus benjamin plant given to me by me as a mom (it is the third one he tries to give me) and as usual I believe he is dying, he has lost almost all the leaves and it is several weeks since he throws more shoots. I tried to wet it more, less, to bring it closer to the window, I even changed the earth by putting one of those for dying plants, but nothing, it always looks terrible, the leaves are yellow and floppy and it seems they should fall from at any moment, even if they remain there, in the balance.
Thanks in advance (from me and the ficus!)

Answer: save the ficus benjamin

Dear Viva,
ficus benjamin are very common plants in the apartment, and often they lose their foliage; the first cause of this event is temperature fluctuations: near a window or radiator the ficus suffer, they love to have a good exchange of air, but they fear any change of temperature, especially if drastic and sudden.
The other cause of suffering for ficus in the home is water: these plants need regular watering, to be provided only when the soil is well dry. So in August you will water your ficus - which you may have even moved to the balcony - every 2 days, or even more often. In autumn your ficus might need a watering every 10-12 days, or even less; rather in winter it churns out less and vaporizes the foliage, since the air is always too dry in the house.
One last tip: try to make the plants live in a well-lit environment