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Dracena with dry leaves

Dracena with dry leaves

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Question: Dracena

Good morning,
I am writing to get help on the Dracena that they gave me in June for the wedding. I would say that it is the Dracena Fragrans formed by three logs of different heights. One is without leaves while the other two have leaves.
Initially (being in good weather) I placed the plant on the stairs of the stairs under the window and I hobbled the plant whenever the ground appeared dry and periodically sprayed the leaves or passed a damp cloth over them to clean them. He was fine until October. Then in October I was away for 3 weeks for the honeymoon and I left the plant nearby.
Unfortunately when I came back I found the plant in very bad condition.
The leaves of the second log are practically all dried and the log itself seems to me a little soaked. Above the trunk I think I see a white patina. This is only for a log. The other one seems fine. What could have happened? What should I do to keep the whole plant from dying
Right now I brought the plant in the house (I wouldn't want it to get too cold on the stairs). I placed it in a room where there is a window and the heater. the plant is placed not under the window but in front.
Thanks for your help

Dracena with dry leaves: Answer: Dracena

Dear Valeria,
probably your neighbor has exceeded with watering, it often happens that for too much zeal you water the soil too frequently, keeping it saturated with water for a long time. So your plants are affected by root rot; to save them you can repot the logs still healthy, compact and with leaves, while the soft one may need to be thrown away, to prevent it from spreading the fungus to other plants. You can also keep them on the balcony, the dragon trees don't fear the cold so much, but remember that the colder they are, the less water you have to give them. In any case, it does not water very much in winter, and only if the soil is well dry