Correct pruning of clematis stimulates lush flowering

Correct pruning of clematis stimulates lush flowering

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You can endlessly admire the beauty of clematis. Maintaining the beauty of these flowers is necessary with correct and competent pruning.

Clematis is a flower that has many varieties that differ in the pace of their life cycle and have a different structure.

Therefore, the requirements for pruning are different, depending on the type of flower and its type.

Pruning of clematis is carried out regularly, during the entire flowering period.

With the help of pruning, you can control the growth and flowering of this plant, achieve an abundance of flowers, the appearance of new shoots, as well as strengthen its root system.

With the formation of many varieties and species, clematis was divided into three groups, based on the characteristic feature and duration of flowering, respectively, and the appropriate pruning method.

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The first group of pruning clematis

This group is characterized by the formation of buds on the shoots formed last year. Fresh shoots rarely pamper flower growers with the appearance of buds, and if they do, then in small quantities.

Clematis from this group do not require special care.

Some varieties belonging to this group: Armanda, Montana (distinguished by the strength of growth and flowering), Wesselton (distinguished by the large size of the petals), Frankie, Eli Sensen (an especially beautiful and colorful variety).

These types of clematis are referred to as landscape and are divided into large-petal, mountain, alpine.

The difference between this type of clematis is the abundance of flowers tightly sitting to each other, merging into a single colorful canvas.

The dimensions of the flower cannot be called large, which does not detract from the dignity of this plant.


Pruning of the species in this group is not urgently needed.

If the vine has been growing for a long time, or it has grown too extensively, pruning can be carried out in order to rejuvenate the plant.

When is the best time to prune?

If the grower cares about the aesthetics of the appearance of the bush, the correct formation of its shape, regular pruning of the liana in the summer is recommended, immediately after flowering.

Pruning at this time is convenient because it is possible to easily distinguish shoots that have already faded and require removal.

Pruning for anti-aging purposes - in the summer, in the month of June.

How much to trim

The part of the shoot that has faded is cut off - if pruning is done in the summer at the end of flowering.

Old, non-lignified processes, poorly developed and clumsy are removed entirely.

If pruning has the goal of rejuvenating the plant - long shoots by one third, and those that diverge to the sides are removed entirely for thinning.

Three stages of pruning

  • Stage 1 - when the stem reaches a length of 20-30 cm;
  • Stage 2 - when the stem length is 50-60 cm;
  • Stage 3 - when the vine grows to a length of 1 -1.5 m.

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The second group of pruning clematis

Clematis of this group tend to bloom twice a season.

First period flowering in May-June, it does not differ in particular duration.

In this case, flowers appear from buds formed on those processes that have already wintered.

During this period, varieties called hybrid bloom.

Second periodlonger, characterized by an abundance of blossoming flowers. It begins in the second half of summer and ends in autumn, when frosts are noted.

In this case, flower buds are formed at the top of new shoots, which are annual.

Some varieties of clematis belonging to this group: Queen, Blue Eyes, Freda, Fregrant Spring, President (differs in color saturation).


For varieties related to this group, pruning is done lightly and regularly.

If you make a radical pruning in the autumn, then there is a risk that the plant will die. This may be due to the fact that he did not have enough time to get ready to spend the winter.

When to trim?

Clematis of the first flowering period - in summer, are pruned after all the shoots have faded.

Clematis of the second period - in late autumn, when the plant has faded, before sheltering it for winter dormancy.

How much to trim

Clematis of the first flowering period - all shoots are cut off entirely.

Clematis of the second flowering period - careful pruning is carried out at 1-1.5 meters.

Those shoots that are unsuitable due to poor-quality appearance are completely removed.

In order for the plant to bloom earlier next year, it is necessary to cut off the shoots that are annual. It is necessary to remove them by about one fourth, completely cutting off the part that has already faded, or until the first formed leaf. This will help to achieve the correct distribution of flowers on the vine.

Three stages of pruning

  • Stage 1 - when the stem reaches a length of 20-30 cm;
  • Stage 2 - when the stem length is 50-60 cm;
  • Stage 3 - when the vine grows to a length of 1 -1.5 m.

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Third trimming group

This group includes those types of clematis that bloom for a long time, about three months.

The varieties of this group are called herbaceous. These include clematis of the Texas variety, purple, and large-flowered hybrid. The beginning of flowering is July, and until late autumn.

This group is distinguished by large luxurious flowers that tend to appear on fresh shoots and is considered the most unpretentious to care for.

In order to prepare the plant for winter, there is no need for a grandiose structure to cover them, since rather short stems remain after pruning.


To carry out the pruning procedure, you need a good pruner or a sharpened knife.

Shoots should be cut so that the cut is 5-7 mm above the place where the bud is located.

It is important to knowthat after cutting each new creeper, a thorough disinfection of the tools at hand is required.

Clean the instrument with alcohol or some other agent.

When to trim?

Pruning is done during early spring or late autumn.

How much to trim

Pruning this type of clematis is quite dramatic.

All shoots are removed, leaving a 15-20 centimeter stem above the ground.

If you leave more, about 50 cm, then you can count on an earlier start of flowering, about two weeks.

Three stages of pruning

  • Stage 1 - when the stem reaches a length of 10-15 cm;
  • Stage 2 - when the length of the stem is 20-30 cm;
  • Stage 3 - when the vine grows to a length of 40-50 cm.

General rules for pruning

Pruning of all types of clematis, regardless of their variety, begins to be produced three years after the beginning of the vegetative development of the plant.

Small seedlings - of the same age of all varieties are pruned in the same way.

Before the onset of autumn and the corresponding cold weather, it is required to cut off the shoots entirely, leaving only a single bud. This operation promotes the activation of the kidneys located closer to the root, which are in a drowsy state. As a result, the number of incipient processes multiplies.

Cultivars that can grow densely need regular pruning for thinning.

It is considered normal if the bush has 10-15 lashes, but despite this, some varieties have much more of them.

To bring bushiness back to normal, you need to regularly remove excess spoiled, suspicious stems.

Some shoots can be infested with parasites or diseases peculiar to plants. It is advisable to burn the cut off bad branches in order to exclude infection of healthy shoots.

Proper care, timely and competent pruning of clematis will help to form a beautiful and presentable plant shape, reminiscent of a creeping bright carpet.

Watch the video: How To Prune Clematis Large Flowering Hybrids (June 2022).


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