Domestic potatoes of the Lyubava variety: fast ripening, long-term storage

Domestic potatoes of the Lyubava variety: fast ripening, long-term storage

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Today in the whole world there is no such imported potato variety that could be compared with the domestic one either in taste characteristics or in ease of care.

Moisture, heat and soil are the three components of potato yield. Our climatic zone is ideal for growing this crop.

The seed potato variety Lyubava, which won love among summer residents with its early large harvest, is one of them.

You can enjoy fresh potatoes within forty-five days after planting.

Description of the variety

Variety nameLyubava
general characteristicshigh-yielding early table variety, keeps well; resistant to drought and waterlogging
Ripening period60-75 days
Starch content11-17%
Mass of marketable tubers150 g
The number of tubers in the bushup to 20
Yield300-520 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesthe pulp does not darken during cooking, the crumbly variety is suitable for mashed potatoes
Keeping quality98%
Peel colorpink
Pulp colorwhite
Preferred growing regionsVolgo-Vyatka, Ural, West Siberian, Far Eastern
Disease resistancemoderately resistant to late blight of tubers, moderately susceptible to common scab and golden potato cyst nematode
Growing featuresloves fertile soils, reacts well to additional watering
OriginatorVNIIKH them. A.G. Lorkha and Kemerovo Research Institute of Agriculture (Russia)

Potatoes of this variety have not only a very beautiful name, but also tubers. They grow large, even, rounded-oval with a very appetizing white pulp that does not darken during cooking.

On the red-pink rough peel, small eyes of medium depth are clearly visible, from which, if you are going to use root crops for planting, then sprouts will hatch.

The tuber mass is average, is about two hundred grams... The starch content does not exceed twenty percent, which again has a good effect on the taste of the vegetable.

In the table below you can see the percentage of starch contained in other varieties of potatoes and compare them with the data:

Variety nameStarch content

The bushes of the plant are low and erect, transforming during flowering. Beautiful red-violet flowers, visible among small dark green leaves with a slightly wavy edge, wonderfully decorate the bushes, giving them a new, fresh look.

A photo


The Lyubava potatoes are intended for cultivation in the Ural, West Siberian, East Siberian and Far Eastern regions of Russia.

He became very famous precisely because of its high yield: from one hectare of land you can get up to five hundred centners of potatoes. And even experienced gardeners can envy such a figure.

The yield of other varieties for comparison is presented in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Lorch250-350 c / ha
Hostess180-380 c / ha
League210-350 c / ha
Pretty boy170-280 c / ha
Svitanok Kievup to 460 c / ha
Borovichok200-250 c / ha
Bast400-500 c / ha
American250-420 c / ha
Colombo220-420 c / ha
Red Fantasy260-380 c / ha

Agricultural technology for this variety does not represent something supernatural. But in order to achieve a high result, it is not enough just to plant a soil-sensitive Lyubava. It also requires the introduction of organic and mineral fertilizers.... Read about when and how to apply fertilizers, as well as whether it is worth doing when planting, in additional articles on the site.

If you take good care of the plant and satisfy all its needs, you will be able to harvest a large harvest by the end of July. And also enjoy the taste of fried potatoes and mashed potatoes throughout the autumn-winter period due to the very good preservation of Lyubava and resistance to damage.

How to properly store potatoes in winter, what are the terms and conditions, as well as how to store root vegetables in boxes, in the refrigerator and peeled, read the detailed materials on the site.

It is worth noting that, despite the relative whimsy, it tolerates drought well.

Diseases and pests

This potato variety is resistant to potato cancer and many viral diseases that often affect plants and make them unsuitable for human consumption: Alternaria, Fusarium, Verticillosis.

Also, Lyubava is quite immune to late blight, which captures almost all members of the Solanaceae family. However, preventive measures should be taken against the occurrence of common scab, mainly attacking the tubers of the plant.

To combat a fungal disease with common scab, you need to carefully and carefully select planting material. It must be healthy and treated with fungicides.

On our website you will find detailed materials on spraying potatoes and the correct use of chemicals, including herbicides.

Also, follow the simplest rules of crop rotation. Use mulching to control weeds.

While growing Lyubava, you are likely to meet such a harmful parasite as the Colorado potato beetle. With him, like with other pests, you can fight with the help of insecticidal agents or folk methods.

Thus, the early ripening variety Lyubava is ideal for those who want to have lunch with delicious and hearty potatoes a month after planting. The main thing is not to forget to fertilize the soil and remove pests, and then you will get a real big and healthy harvest!

We also offer you to familiarize yourself with other interesting ways of growing potatoes. Read all about Dutch technology, growing under straw, in barrels and bags.

And in the table below you will find links to potato varieties with a wide variety of ripening periods presented on our website:

Mid-seasonMid lateMedium early
TuscanyMargaritaPretty boy
Purple HazeCourageCrown
DesireeMy ladyElizabeth

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