The best drugs for potato moth (part 2)

The best drugs for potato moth (part 2)

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Among the large number of pests in the suburban area a special place should be given to the potato moth... Getting rid of this insect is quite difficult, because it loves to destroy both tubers and potato tops. Today we will consider the best means, which will help you forget about this dangerous creature forever, and choose the right one for yourself.


A drug that effectively destroys potato moth, Colorado potato beetle, aphids, whitefly and leafworm. Positive properties:

  1. Does not affect plant growth.
  2. It is used for processing potatoes, melons, watermelons, beets, cucumbers, cabbage, apple trees and corn.
  3. Effectively copes with household pests: cockroaches, ants and fleas.
  4. A small amount of funds allows you to process a significant area of ​​the land.
  • Release form... It is produced in bottles with a capacity of 5 liters.
  • Chemical composition... The main active ingredient is cypermethrin. Its amount in 1 liter of the drug is 250 g.
  • The mechanism of action of the drug... By eating the treated plant leaves, Citcor paralyzes the insect, causing paralysis and instant death.
  • Duration of action... Protects the treated crop for 14-21 days.
  • Compatibility... The analyzed drug can be combined with many chemical compounds, except for those that contain alkali.
  • When to apply? Citcor is used for spraying vegetables at the time of the greatest development and spread of potato moths and other harmful insects on them. For best results, plants should be treated 1 to 3 times per season. Weather conditions do not affect the action of the product.
  • How to prepare the solution? The solution must be prepared immediately before processing. The spray tank is less than half filled with clean water. The required amount of the drug is added to it and water is again poured on top until the container is full. For 100 m2 of potatoes, you need to spend up to 10 liters of solution.
  • Mode of application... The drug is diluted in clean water, according to the instructions, and the leaves are treated with it during the period when they have the greatest amount of potato moths or other pests.
  • Toxicity... It is harmless to humans because it has a low (3rd) level of toxicity. It is not dangerous for birds, fish and bees. It is completely removed from plants within a month.


A chemical insecticide of the pyrethroid class used to kill the Coleoptera, Lepidoptera and Homoptera squads.

  • Release form... Emulsion concentrate in ampoules 2ml.
  • Composition... Deltamethrin 25 g / l.
  • Mechanism of action... A neurotoxin that disrupts normal calcium metabolism and prevents the opening of potassium and sodium channels of the nervous system. The motor centers are affected in the form of paralysis of the limbs. The routes of entry are contact and intestinal.
  • Duration of action... The term of the protective interval is 2 weeks.
  • Compatibility with other drugs... Combines with any non-alkaline insecticides and fungicides.
  • When to apply? Insecticide Decis Profi is used in the absence of bright sun, precipitation and wind.
  • How to prepare the solution? Open the ampoule and dilute the entire contents in 10 liters of water.
  • Mode of application... How to breed Decis? Application Decis - uniform spraying of ground parts of potatoes during the period of mass appearance of moth larvae.
  • Toxicity... High for people, all warm-blooded animals and bees - hazard class 2.


Selective selection insectoacaricide that does not harm beneficial insects. It has a very wide range of effects against pests.

  • Release form... Emulsion concentrate, packaged in 5 ml ampoules and 5 liter canisters.
  • Composition... Fozalon 350 g / l.
  • Mechanism of action... The drug acts on the enzyme cholinesterase, which transmits an impulse along the nerves. As a result, its work is suppressed, causing first paralysis, then the death of insects. The body penetrates the intestinal and contact routes.
  • Duration of action... Zolon has a long protection period - up to 30 days.
  • Compatibility... Insecticide Zolon is not compatible with alkaline insecticides.
  • When to apply? In the evening and morning, in the absence of precipitation and strong winds. Feature - Zolon acts at low air temperatures - up to 10 degrees.
  • How to prepare the solution? Pour the product in the amount of 10 ml into a bucket of water and stir well. This volume is enough for spraying 150 sq. m.
  • Mode of application... The treatment is carried out at any stage of potato development when attacked by a large number of moths by spraying.
  • Toxicity... Possesses low toxicity for bees (class 4) and high for humans and animals (class 2).

Methyl bromide

An inorganic bromine compound used as a fumigant.

  • Release form... Liquefied gas in metal containers.
  • Composition... Methyl bromide.
  • Mechanism of action... Nerve - paralytic toxin.
  • When and how to use? Treatment of planting material by fumigation. Carried out in closed rooms. The output rate is 50-80 g / m3.
  • Toxicity... High for people and animals - class 2.


A drug that protects plants grown in a suburban area from a large number of insects and ticks. Among the positive properties, it should be noted:

  1. The ability to protect vegetables, grains and fruit trees from many pests.
  2. Destroys not only adults, but also their larvae.
  3. Fights insects in all weather conditions.
  4. Has a small consumption of working solution required for the treated area.
  5. Can be combined with tank mixes.
  • What is produced? Insecticide Terradim is produced in plastic cans, the volume of which is 10 liters.
  • Chemical composition... This concentrated emulsion contains dimethoate. Its amount in 1 liter of the drug is 400 g.
  • Mode of action... The analyzed drug, getting on the leaves and tops of plants, is absorbed into them and spreads to the very roots. Potato moth and other pests, absorbing processed vegetables, die within 2 hours, because they have problems with normal breathing and the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Duration of drug action... Terradim works for 2 weeks.
  • Compatibility... You can not combine this product with alkaline drugs, as well as those that contain sulfur. The rest of the chemicals are allowed for combination with Terradim.
  • When to apply? Spraying is carried out at the first signs of pests on the plants. The drug will be most effective if the treatment is carried out at least 2 times per season.
  • How to prepare the solution? The working fluid is created in accordance with the instructions for this drug. Gradually mix the product with water, stirring the resulting liquid well. For the destruction of potato moths developing on 1 hectare of area, you need to spend 400 liters of solution.
  • Mode of application... A ready-made solution is used with this preparation, regardless of weather conditions and temperatures, because it is very quickly absorbed into the surface of the plants. Spraying is carried out with gloves and a respirator.
  • Toxicity... It has a 3rd class of toxicity, so it cannot cause negative consequences for humans. It does no harm to bees.

In addition to the described effective remedies for potato pests, in a number of separate articles on our website, we talked about such popular drugs as Rogor-S, Danadim, Ditox, Di 68 and Bi 58, as well as other best insecticides.


A broad-spectrum drug aimed at destroying pests of agricultural plants.

It has the following positive properties:

  1. Does not affect neighboring crops.
  2. Protects many types of vegetables and cereals.
  3. Not addictive to insects.
  4. Works regardless of weather conditions.
  5. It is quickly absorbed by the treated plant.
  6. It retains its protective functions for a long time.
  • What is produced? Produced in 5 liter cans.
  • Chemical composition... The main component of Eurodim is dimethoate. Its amount in 1 liter of the product is 400 g.
  • Mode of action... The surface of the plants absorbs this agent very quickly and thus protects all the stems and roots of the sprayed crop. The potato moth, eating the leaves, loses its ability to breathe, it starts paralysis and dies within 3 hours. The drug perfectly protects not only from visible insects, but also from those that live deep in the ground.
  • Duration of action... Eurodim is valid for 18 days.
  • Compatibility with other drugs... It is impossible to combine this remedy with preparations containing sulfur and having an alkaline reaction. In other cases, even in combination with tank mixes, compatibility is allowed.
  • When to apply? It is used in any weather conditions (even in the presence of light rain), because the drug is perfectly absorbed into the surface of plants.
  • How to prepare the solution? According to the instructions, a small amount of the drug is thoroughly mixed with water and treated with the resulting mixture of the plant during the period when the development of harmful insects is observed on it. For 1 hectare of area, 200 liters of solution should be spent.
  • Mode of application... Apply the drug with a sprayer. It is not allowed to store the ready-made solution, therefore, immediately after its creation, the plants are thoroughly sprayed from all sides. When processing vegetables and cereals, you need to work with gloves and a gauze bandage.
  • Toxicity... It has a 3rd class of toxicity, so it is not dangerous for humans. It is completely removed from plants within a month.

All drugs described in this article fight effectively with potato moth and cannot harm humans if the plants are treated with protective gloves and a respirator.

You can eat processed vegetables not earlier than in a month after the moment of spraying.

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