How does Danadim insecticide expert against plant pests insect work?

How does Danadim insecticide expert against plant pests insect work?

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This remedy copes well with various insectsaffecting potatoes and other cultivated plants grown at their summer cottage.

Has a large number positive properties:

  • copes well with potato moths, mites and other insects;
  • a well-thought-out composition guarantees the quality of this product;
  • does not lose its protective properties for 21 days;
  • destroys insects in various weather conditions;
  • penetrating into plants, it affects the larvae of flies and other hidden organisms;
  • used for spraying raspberries, barley, wheat, apple, potatoes, alfalfa, grapes, cabbage and other crops;
  • goes well with tank mixes containing pyrethroids.

What is produced?

Goes on sale in plastic canisters volume of 5 liters and 10 liters.

Chemical composition

The main component of the drug is a substance called dimethoate, capable of immobilizing an insect and has a suffocating effect.

In 1 liter of the described substance, it contains 400 g.

In addition, the composition includes phosphorus and other additional components that make the product really effective.

This drug instantly acts on potato moth and other insects, including ticks... Eating the sprayed leaves or fruits, the pests immediately stop moving and cannot breathe.

Duration of action

From the moment of spraying the leaves or tops with the agent, its protective functions are preserved within 14-21 days, regardless of rain or strong sun. The potato moth, eating the treated crops, dies after two days.

Compatibility with other drugs

Danadim is perfectly combined with many chemical agents aimed at the destruction of various types of insects, as well as fungal infectionsaffecting many plants. (we talked about what are the best drugs for potato moths here, and here you can find out about other popular means aimed at combating such pests).

Is prohibited use it together with preparations containing alkali and sulfur, as well as Bordeaux mixture.

Before combining other poisons with Danadim, it is best to mix each one separately and test for presence of sediment... If there is such a thing, the combination of funds cannot be carried out.

When to apply?

The use of the drug begins during the period when the potato moth appears on the plants. Better not to allow time when the amount of this pest will be too large.

Spraying the leaves is carried out early in the morning or late in the evening. It is better that there is no wind and rain, so that Danadim is well absorbed into the plant.

It is strictly forbidden to use this remedy during the day, because it has a detrimental effect on bees.

If immediately after spraying it will rain, then the drug will be washed off the leaves and it will be ineffective.

Before precipitation falls, at least 4 hours.

It is recommended to alternate Danadim expert with other drugs, so as not to become addictive in insects.

How to prepare the solution?

Prepare the solution only for specially designated for this plot. Water is poured into the sprayer tank (half of the entire container), then the required amount of the drug is added according to the instructions.

Add more water to make the tank full. Mix the liquid thoroughly and spray immediately.

The solution water must have pH less than 7... Otherwise, the drug will be neutralized and it will lose the ability to perform its functions.

To cultivate 1 hectare of soil contaminated with potato moth, you need to spend 200 liters of the finished solution.

Method of use

Danadim insecticide is diluted with water according to the instructions and treated with it terrestrial part of crops at the initial stages of the appearance of potato moths.

In this case, you need to ensure that all leaves evenly covered means.

Recommended consumption rates of the drug Danadim:

Culture, object of processingConsumption rate (l / ha)Object against which to processProcessing method
Wheat1,0 — 1,5Cereal flies, aphids, cicadas, thrips, bread sawfly, bug, harmful turtle, drunkardsSpraying during the growing season
Rapeseed (air processing inclusive)0,7 — 1,2Lurker, aphids, rapeseed gnats,Spraying before and after flowering
Legumes0,5 — 1,0Pea moth, weevil, aphidsSpraying during the growing season
Sugar beet0,5 — 1,0Leaf aphids, fleas, scabbard beetles, miner flies and moths, dead eatersSpraying during the growing season
Apple tree, pear2,0Fruit moths, scale insects, false scale insects, aphids, moths, leafwormsSpraying before and after flowering
Plum1,2 — 1,9Moth moths, scale insects, false scale insects, aphids, moths, leafwormsSpraying before and after flowering
Potatoes (seed plots)1,5 — 2,0Potato mothSpraying during the growing season
Hop4,0 — 6,0Ticks, aphids, scoopsSpraying during the growing season
Currant1,2 — 1,6Leaf rollers, gall midges, aphidsSpraying during the growing season
Raspberries0,6 — 1,2Ticks, aphids, leafhoppers, gall midgesSpraying during the growing season
Grapes1,2 — 2,8Ticks, worms, leaf rollersSpraying during the growing season

We also offer you to familiarize yourself with the well-known effective remedies for potato moth: Bi 58, Rogor-S, Ditox, Di 68.


Belongs to low toxic drugs. Has a 3 level of toxicity. After a month, it is completely removed from the plants into the soil.

It is highly toxic to bees. When processing crops, they should not be within a 5 km radius. During the treatment, gloves, a gown, glasses and a respirator must be worn.

Strictly prohibited inhale the vapors of the preparation, eat, smoke and drink during the sprayed work.

It is impossible store Danadim next to food.

The packaging must always be tightly closed. When used correctly does no harm the human body.

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