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Question: Yucca

Hi ... I want to know where I went wrong with my yucca, it is losing all the leaves and the stem is soft one I had to cut it also because the leaves fall ... surely I gave too much water but I want to save it because I'm fond of it, help, ,,,,

Answer: Yucca

Dear Simonetta,
It is probable that you have watered your plant too much, considering also the season; these plants should be watered only when the soil has dried, so in autumn and winter we can supply water even sporadically, and in small quantities, leaving the ground completely dry for a few days without problems. Now the only thing that remains to be done is to remove the healthy, completely healthy parts of the plant with a shear, cutting off the upper part to the soft point; having done this prepare a pot with fresh new soil, and dig in the saved portion of the plant, hoping it will root. When preparing the pot, lightly water the soil, but do not overdo it, and repeat the operation only when it is perfectly dry. Place your plant in a bright place.


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