Freezing fresh carrots for the winter at home in the freezer

Freezing fresh carrots for the winter at home in the freezer

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Freezing carrots has a huge many invaluable benefits before buying fresh carrots, especially foreign ones, in the winter.

Housewives have a chance to significantly save on finances, because in winter prices for vegetables and fruits increase significantly. Your supplies will be stored longer and safer, and you will have constant access to the necessary ingredient for your favorite dishes.

Nevertheless, many doubt the prudence of this approach and wonder whether it is possible to freeze carrots, whether certain procedures, tools are needed for this, whether household appliances are suitable, etc. The most common question is also the problem loss of useful properties of carrots after defrosting.

If you doubt the reliability of this method of storing a vegetable, or your carrot crop is too large to completely freeze it, you can use other ways to preserve it for the winter. Our articles "How to make dried carrots at home" and "How to dry carrots for the winter at home" will help you with this? Methods and Recipes ".

So how to freeze carrots in the refrigerator for the winter?

Opportunity assessment

Can I freeze carrots for the winter at home? If you have already prepared enough carrots for storage in the cellar and even left a little crop to winter right in the garden, then use the old and proven method of freezing root crops in the freezer (you can read about storing carrots in the cellar here, and read about storing root crops in the ground here).

Freezing carrots for the winter at home is quite natural and vegetable-safe processas with frozen mixed vegetables and other foods. As a result of freezing at home, you will be sure that the product is environmentally friendly, does not contain any preservatives, and all the necessary processing is done under your sensitive supervision.

To determine if a variety and type of carrot is suitable for freezing, evaluate its size, firmness and flavor.

Too sluggish and flexible, just like hard, dry or old carrots - immediately deleted from the list.

Optimum carrots should be fresh, sweet, medium to large in size. However, too small vegetables also fit.

Can boiled carrots be frozen? Technically, after the boiling stage, the carrots are almost cooked, but not enough to completely soften and fall apart. If we are talking about vegetables that have been kept in boiling water for more than 20 minutes, then from such better to refuse.

Can grated carrots be frozen? Of course, there will be no harm to carrots in this form, and after defrosting, they can immediately be used in a variety of culinary recipes. Properly processed grated carrots to taste will not give way to fresh.

Can whole carrots be frozen for the winter? If carrots small or very thin, then nothing bad will happen - so the frost will quickly "grab", evenly freezing all the vegetables. They will defrost, respectively, and will also be quickly and approximately the same - both inside and outside.

Can carrots be frozen in the freezer or refrigerator? Yes, provided that reliable technique and does not give frequent failures.

The best option would be a cold store. with deep freeze mode (up to -35 ° С inclusive). Thus, there will be no hesitation in the fact that the products will last in safety without any serious loss of quality and taste.

In the refrigerator itself, along with other food products, carrots will not lie for a long time. Shift vegetables in the refrigerator compartments only if you need to gradually defrost them for consumption.

How to freeze chopped in a blender carrots, you will learn from the video:

Read about other possible ways to store carrots at home on our website.

About the benefits

What are the benefits of frozen carrots? First of all, frozen vegetables save your wallet and time. Frozen in the warm season, fresh carrots after freezing lose minimum amount of nutrientsincluding vitamins.

Even so, she will be much more useful the one that is imported from completely different regions and countries.

This is due to the fact that during the import, carrots and other products may not be in the best environment, be subjected to special spraying and other treatments, which are aimed at imparting artificial gloss and enhancing the aroma.

Further, at any time you are able to defrost the portion required by the amount of carrots and use it for cooking borscht or other dish. So will you make up missing supply of vitamins in the season of colds without additional difficulties.

Naturally, completely replacing fresh food with frozen food in your diet is not worth it if the conditions allow you to eat freshly collected from the garden. Read our articles on how and when it is better to harvest carrots from the garden and how to properly prepare them for long-term storage.

Basic Rules

How to freeze carrots in the freezer? Choose only fresh vegetables for freezing, not too old and not eaten by pests or disease... Overripe or rotten roots never not good for food as frozen food.

As you know, after defrosting, most types of food slightly change their taste, and bitter or tasteless carrots even threaten to become unbearable.

Before proceeding with direct processing, wash thoroughly carrots in running water to remove dirt and dust. If required, clean her.

To do this, use a simple kitchen knife or a special razor knife for peeling vegetables. There is also a special vegetable brush that will make this task much easier.

The tips and the upper, thinnest layer of the peel are advised to carefully cut, and the carrots themselves cut in a way convenient for you - in thick circles or into strips (using a knife or a coarse grater).

How to freeze carrots in the freezer for the winter?

Vegetable preparation

How to prepare carrots for freezing?

It will take a kind of sterilization, which is necessary to protect food from the development of diseases, mold, decay, changes in taste, color and other negative consequences.

Most of vitamins and minerals will be saved, and you can enjoy the benefits of carrots in the cold season. Also, vegetables after this stage will not fall under the harmful influence of some natural enzymes, and the smell, color and rich color will not disappear anywhere.

How to conduct blanching? To do this, you will need a sufficient amount of freshly boiled and cold water, including a good supply of ice cubes (about a dozen). Cold water will come in handy for quickly cooling each serving.

To process carrots are better in separate batches: small-sized vegetables are cooked separately from large ones. Once the water has boiled, pour the carrots into the pot without reducing the heat. It will take 4-6 minutes to cook whole and large vegetables, while 2 minutes is enough for smaller and cut pieces.

As a rule, water evaporates quickly, and without topping up water the pan is indispensable. At the end of the set time, all carrots are sent to a container with ice water. It will take exactly the same amount of time to keep it there as it was cooked.

Ice water is needed so as not to cook the crop so much that it becomes unusable for storage in the freezer.

In the last step of this stage, the vegetables are removed from the water and laid out in a colander, and then on towels to dry completely... After that, the carrots can be grated, cut or immediately sent to freeze.

After blanching, carrots are sometimes given another preparation, thanks to which individual roots and slices are most likely will not freeze to each other... To do this, you need a wooden board, on which the pieces are laid out in one layer, so that they do not touch each other.

A wire rack or baking sheet will do the same job perfectly. Later two to three hours pull out and scrape the product off the surface if necessary.

Read about preparing carrots for storage here.

Required container

What can you freeze carrots in?

Experts advise avoiding thin plastic bags and glassware.

The first ones break easily, and the dishes from sudden temperature changes runs the risk of cracking.

The most profitable solution will be plastic containersin which food will be kept completely sealed. It is better to leave a couple of centimeters under the lid unfilled with carrots - otherwise, slightly swelling and expanding, your workpiece will stick together or open the container.

If there is no such packaging, you can do without tight vacuum bags... All the air will need to be squeezed out of them. You can take a deep container with water and lower the bag into it (which will immediately stick together under pressure), already filling the food there. Filled bags are secured with special clips, clothespins, paper clips or duct tape.

A good reminder would be package labeling - indicate with a marker or tag how many carrots, in what form and when they were frozen. This will help you determine the exact bag you need and the expiration date.

A place

Where to freeze? Freezer - the most common and convenient method and place for freezing. How to freeze carrots in the freezer and refrigerator?

Do not store frozen carrots in the freshness compartments inside the refrigerator. The temperature there is not sufficiently low (approximately 0 or + 6 ° С). It is best to store blanks for the winter. directly in the freezer... If you do not want to set deep freeze, then be prepared for the fact that frozen carrots are allowed to be stored at -8 ° C no more than three months.


At what temperature can carrots be frozen for the winter? Vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries with mushrooms are frozen at a temperature from -18 ° С to -23 ° С.

Moreover, the lower the temperature, the higher the likelihood that foods, including carrots, will correctly and qualitatively frozen.

The desired mark is minus 30 ° С ... 35 ° С.

It is then that the food will not be threatened by bacteria, pests and natural aging.

The ways

What is the best way to freeze slices, whole or in another way? There is no fundamental difference in form. You have the right to make blanks of different options, depending on whether why do you need carrots - for soup, vegetable salads, pilaf, borscht, stew or other dishes.

For about a year, you can defrost whatever is useful to you at that particular moment.

The size of the carrots is key. Too large or medium will have to be cut - into slices, strips or cubes, as you like. At all small it is more efficient to leave copies as they are, rather than cut them up.

Tips from an experienced housewife to freeze carrots in two ways in this video:


How long is the shelf life of frozen carrots in the freezer? In the freezer without any packaging carrots can be stored for an average of 8-10 months... After blanching and compactly packed in a bag or other vacuum packaging, carrots will serve you a little over a year.

Of course, use the product better before graduation expiration date.


How to freeze carrots and onions, carrots with peppers or beets? A very comfortable method of harvesting vegetables for the winter is the creation of the so-called vegetable mixes... Foods like beets, carrots, onions, peas and corn are cut into small pieces in different combinations. cubes or straws, after which they are frozen in common containers. Read our articles on freezing bell peppers and freezing chives, onions, and leeks.

Such mixtures are easy and convenient to defrost for preparation. frying or full meals, and the combination of different vitamins and minerals playfully cope with their lack in the body. You can also find out more about how to freeze beets in the freezer on our website.

In the absence of other alternatives, freezing carrots at home is perfect solution problems with a lack of fresh food.

All that is required is to pick up only fresh and preferably vegetables from your garden, carry out a complete and correct processing in accordance with all standards, and then freeze in the freezer at the lowest possible temperatures. This will be required in case of very long storage of carrots - usually up to a year.

Watch the video: How to freeze vegetables. pantrydemic recipes kitchen hack (August 2022).