Freezing garlic for the winter is a way you shouldn't forget

Freezing garlic for the winter is a way you shouldn't forget

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Modern housewives have come up with a million ways storage of vegetables for the winter.

Garlic, for example, is stored in jars, crates, and braids, but frozen garlic has the longest shelf life.

He well kept in the usual freezer compartment of the refrigerator and does not take up much space there.

Can garlic be frozen in the freezer for the winter?

Find out from our articles about how to store garlic in a cellar, how to preserve garlic at home, including the peculiarities of storing winter garlic in an apartment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Freezing garlic is often used by housewives to store it. This method has both pros and cons. Namely:


  • garlic retains antibacterial properties;
  • retains useful trace elements;
  • stored longer than in any other way;
  • ready to use immediately.


  • loses a little aroma;
  • the taste is not as pronounced as that of fresh;
  • after defrosting it loses its appearance, “creeps away”.

The pros and cons overlap each other, with the result that each hostess herself will appreciate expediency freezing garlic. An alternative can be such a method of preserving garlic for the winter, such as drying it for seasoning using household appliances or fresh air.

The ways

Garlic is frozen:

Completely unrefined

Can I freeze whole garlic in the freezer? This method is used enough seldom.

You can completely freeze the garlic, but with subsequent defrosting it will lose its shape and will be very not easy to clean it up... For this reason, this method of freezing is not recommended.

If, nevertheless, it is decided to resort to freezing whole heads of garlic, they just need to be folded into plastic bags... Place these bags in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

Peeled slices

This method is preferable to the previous one. The garlic is frozen peeled, after removing it from the freezer, it is already ready to use in the preparation of a dish, sauce, etc.

Garlic mass

A good option for freezing garlic. Garlic is twisted in a meat grinder and frozen in containers. If necessary, remove the container from the freezer, cut off the garlic mass with a knife as much as necessary. The container with the remaining mass is placed back into the freezer.

Did you know that for freezing garlic there are even special devices? About one of them in this video:


Garlic for storage must first be prepared:

  • after harvest process headsby cutting off the stems, the root system;
  • sort... For freezing, you can use those heads of garlic that are not suitable for fresh storage. If the damage is not critical, you can separate the unusable lobules and discard. This is possible, since garlic is rarely frozen whole, it is still taken apart;
  • clear slices of husk;
  • grindif storage is planned in the form of a frozen mass.

Where is the best place to freeze garlic? It makes no difference whether the garlic is frozen in the freezer section of the refrigerator or in a separate chest freezer. Garlic is not as brittle as bell peppers, for example. Nothing will happen to him even if you put the bags tightly with it in the container of the freezer.

How to freeze garlic at home? Freezing garlic is better:

  • in plastic bags;
  • in plastic containers (especially if it is a garlic mass).

Almost any small plastic capacity. You can freeze garlic on substrates by wrapping them cling film.

How to freeze garlic mass in ice cube trays in this video:


How to freeze garlic for the winter? At what temperature to freeze?

The temperature is ideal for freezing any vegetables stored this way. -18 degrees.

It is supported in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and in any freezers. At this temperature, garlic will last a long time, will not lose useful properties and will be ready to eat immediately after defrosting.

There are a number of steps to follow before freezing garlic in the freezer:

  1. Process the garlic: remove unsuitable wedges, pick out undamaged ones.
  2. Clear garlic cloves from the husk.
  3. Fold them into plastic bagsif you plan to freeze whole slices.
  4. Grind in a meat grinder and put the mass in plastic containers if you decide to freeze the garlic in the form of a mass.
  5. Place bags or containers in the freezer.

Better to take small containers for freezing the garlic mass and small plastic bags for freezing cloves. This is extremely practical. Freezing the garlic small portions, it is more convenient to use.

Shelf life

Main advantage freezing garlic before other methods - shelf life. It increases significantly and amounts to 12 months.

If, when choosing other storage methods, always there is a riskthat the garlic "will not survive" the due date, then when frozen, it will definitely lie for the entire recommended storage period.

Thus, garlic is suitable for freezing for the winter. This method makes it possible to preserve garlic longerthan any other. Disadvantages method is the loss of shape and shape of garlic after defrosting.

However, when freezing the garlic mass, this disadvantage is generally not relevant. Freezing garlic will preserve even those varieties that not suitable for long-term storage fresh.

About the method of freezing ground garlic and unpeeled teeth, as well as about the various ways to store garlic at home in this video:

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