Secrets of drying hawthorn in an electric dryer and microwave: choosing the optimal temperature

Secrets of drying hawthorn in an electric dryer and microwave: choosing the optimal temperature

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Hawthorn is a great stress reliever. Having brewed a few berries in a mug with your favorite tea, you will feel complete relaxation and a simultaneous surge of energy.

You also need to remember that hawthorn is a natural antiseptic. For gastrointestinal upset, this is your best helper.

It's great if hawthorn is present in your diet at least occasionally. This means that you are always getting plenty of vitamins and nutrients.

Hawthorn can be eaten with any food - it is added to cereals, eaten with ice cream, and also eaten with other fruits and berries. The flowering and ripening season of the hawthorn is very short., so do not forget to stock up on this healthy berry in the period from August to September.

Remember that hawthorn is a source of natural vitamin C as well as omega 3... These vitamins are called beauty vitamins. In addition to its invaluable contribution to the cardiovascular system and intestinal tract, hawthorn will not harm your beauty. Even in ancient Russia, hawthorn served as a tasty and healthy alternative to all kinds of other berries, because the content of vitamins in hawthorn is many times higher than other berries and fruits.

In this article, we want to figure out how to preserve hawthorn and enjoy it for as long as possible. Among all possible methods of freezing and preservation storage there is an opinion that drying berries is very harmful for nutrients... Whether it is true or not, we will figure it out in this article and find the truth, as well as teach you how to properly dry hawthorn in an electric dryer, microwave and generally at home.

Where can you dry?

The question is certainly correct, but if you answer it in the sun, then you will be infinitely wrong. In fact, hawthorn is a berry that should never be exposed to ultraviolet rays. Man himself also avoids the sun. Remember, going to the beach, we are smeared with various creams with protection from the sun's rays. So why should we trust the sunrays of the hawthorn. Actually, the hawthorn should not come into contact with the rays, being separated from the tree.

The fact is that ultraviolet light completely kills all nutrients even with an hour of exposure to the berry... Imagine what would happen if a hawthorn lay in direct sunlight for more than one day.

Of course, all this is very sad, but after all, man invented many devices that allow you to dry berries at home without exposing them to the sun's rays. Of course, drying methods differ significantly from each other, so our task is to consider each and draw our own conclusions.

Step-by-step instruction

Before you start drying hawthorn in an electric dryer, microwave, read the instructions carefully to avoid mistakes.


The hawthorn must first of all be properly prepared, only then the entire drying process will go right. Hawthorn is carefully sorted out... You must exclude all kinds of twigs, leaves, and also in our process there is no place for rotten berries and unripe fruits.

Also, do not forget that the hawthorn must be rinsed well. This can be done in two ways. You either rinse the hawthorn under running water or simply leave it in warm water for a while.

During this time, all the dirt and dust left on the berry will begin to leave its surface and remain on the water. You only then take out the berry and rinse it under running water.

Next, you should pay attention to drying the berries. Before it gets into one of the listed devices, it must dry out. You need to put the berry in a dry place and wait a couple of hours until it dries completely. Only after that you can start preparing for real drying berries for the winter.

What to dry with?

  1. Electric dryer.
    If you asked the question: "How to dry hawthorn in an electric dryer?", Then you should be ready for a complex and time-consuming, several hours process. The advantage of this procedure is that you can see the drying process with your own eyes and, if necessary, adjust the heat supply to the device.

    The downside is that the cooking time is incredibly extended and can take a very long time. Not everyone has the determination to wait that long.

    The tray should be positioned directly centered from the heating element to distribute the heat evenly inside. Do not place the tray too high or too low. You run the risk of overdrying the berry or, on the contrary, not drying it out.

  2. Convection oven.
    Drying in the airfryer takes several hours longer, and the portions of berries that fit into the airfryer are much smaller.
  3. Microwave
    As for the microwave, here you need to be able to handle it correctly. The disadvantage of this method is the high consumption of electricity, the advantage is that you can check the readiness at any time.

What time is it?

Drying in an electric dryer lasts at least five hours, and no more than eight, otherwise you risk burning or completely drying out the berry. There are no modes in the electric dryer, so all you need to do is set the temperature correctly.

While drying in the airfryer involves drying within eight or ten hours due to the fact that the density of heating is not the same as in the oven. As for the airfryer, only the temperature and airflow speed are also important here. Therefore, the set temperature in the airfryer and oven will differ.

Drying berries in the microwave oven stretches for several days due to the fact that the whole berry cannot fit inside. Hawthorns are sent to the microwave in small portions, but this is great if you have few harvests.

As for the microwave oven, here it is necessary to set the mode equal to 300 watts or even 600 watts at the mark of the oven handle. If you do not have such marks, then set the next mode after defrosting, sometimes temporarily setting the temperature a little more, switching to the next mode of 600 watts. When the berry is almost ready, return to the 300 watts mark.

Temperature regime

So the next important question that comes up during the drying process: "At what temperature?", We hasten to warn you that the answer may be different depending on the available equipment. For example, you need to put hawthorn in the dryer and only then start heating it... First, the temperature should be equal to 60 ° C, then, after a couple of hours, switch to fifty or forty, and two hours before the readiness, return the temperature to sixty again.

Concerning airfryer, then you need to be careful with it... It heats up in the same way as an electric dryer, but due to the fan with hot air, the heating itself is carried out many times more. Plus, due to the small capacity of the airfryer, the space heats up faster, and the berry can burn. This should not be allowed. Set the temperature to sixty and, as the airfryer warms up, reduce it to a lower value, and so on for several hours. Then you can return to the highest and again decrease in descending order.

As you remember, no degrees in the microwave, but there are modes, the situation with which we have already clarified.

Determine readiness

Readiness is determined in the same way in each case. For example, readiness is determined by the expiration of the time specified in this article. The berry should taste dry, but the pulp should still be compressed in it. The juice should not be released, as it has corrected and will leave nutrients in the berry.

Also, the berry can be identified for readiness by color. For example, if the berry has a slightly transparent red or copper hue, then it is ready. It is also very difficult to break it with your fingers. There is no juice in the berry. The berry is slightly wrinkled. Here are the basic principles of readiness testing. You cannot eat such berries right away. They need to be allowed to cool.


You can dry hawthorn with the addition of various spices... For example, cinnamon, bergamot or almonds. Also, sometimes ginger is added to hawthorn. This will come with a piquant scent. This berry is good for tea and mulled wine.

Hawthorn is also dried for flavor with apples and pears. The smell of the compote brewed from these ingredients is simply divine. Citrus peels are added to your taste.


Hawthorn is very useful, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of keeping it for the winter. It's a great pleasure to add it to drinks and food, and you will never spoil any dish with this berry. Therefore, we hope that after reading the article, you understand how to dry hawthorn in the microwave and not only, and you will start drying the berry today.

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