What remedy for ants in the apartment to choose?

What remedy for ants in the apartment to choose?

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House ants, unfortunately, are not uncommon in houses and apartments.

Even the cleanest owners are not immune from their attack. But getting rid of unpleasant neighbors is rather difficult.

A variety of means of destruction are used.

There are many types of ants, and each of them is described in our articles:

Ants in the apartment:

  1. The uterus of domestic ants.
  2. Red ants in the apartment.
  3. Black ant.
  4. Pharaoh ant.
  5. Yellow and brown ants.

What are the remedies for ants?

All ant remedies in the apartment can be placed in groups according to their mode of action, effectiveness and other criteria. You can also read other articles on getting rid of ants:

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  • Folk remedies for ants.

Aerosols and sprays

Aerosols and sprays are the most effective and quickest remedies for ants. However, insecticides act superficially, without affecting hidden nests, so only worker ants are attacked. The queens remain intact and quickly restore the colony. You can completely destroy the nest only by knowing its location.

The duration of exposure is short, there is practically no protective residual period. But the toxicity for humans is very high.

Pencils and crayons

These preparations are suitable for the release of lightly contaminated premises. Crayons are low-toxic, can be used in homes where there are children and pets.

Ant pencils work only in a contact way, so they must be applied on ant paths and places where pests accumulate. Ants step on insecticide and stain their feet, transferring the poison to the nests.

Pencils and crayons are classified as auxiliary insecticides, therefore they are used in combination with other means.


How to poison ants? Gels from cockroaches and ants are currently considered the best insecticides, combining excellent effectiveness with a long exposure time. Modern gels contain concentrated poison and pest-luring substances. Tasty smells make the ants eat the poison, and the sticky composition sticks to the paws and gets into the nests, where it poisons the uterus.

Gel is the only remedy for ants in the apartment, capable of completely exterminating the entire colony. In addition, they differ in a completely democratic price. In homes where there are children or animals, gels can only be applied where they cannot reach and taste on the tongue.

Ultrasonic Ant Repeller

The latest development of scientists. The device recreates and transmits ultrasonic waves, which are captured by the nervous system of insects. She begins to get excited, forcing the ants to leave their habitats in search of more comfortable conditions.

The main disadvantage of scarers is that the waves that affect the ants are unsafe for humans. Therefore, you can turn on the devices only in the absence of household members.


Ant traps are of two types. The first type lures ants, forcing them to smear themselves in the poison and bring it to the nest in order to exterminate its inhabitants. The second type is glue traps, which kill only worker ants without affecting the queen and other inhabitants of the colony.

Review of the best scarers


A device of domestic manufacturers, which looks rather harsh, resembling a radio receiver. It works from the network, scaring off not only ants, but also mosquitoes. The price is about a thousand rubles.

Typhoon shows excellent results, effectively repelling pests. Not recommended for use with children and during sleep.


An expensive imported device, which costs about 1.4-1.6 thousand rubles. A universal remedy that repels not only ants, but also any rodents, cockroaches and bedbugs.

Suitable for any premises - both residential and office, used in summer cottages and in production workshops.

One device protects about 120-180 sq. m. area... It is completely safe for people and their pets.


The device generates pulses of magnetic resonance, scaring away domestic insects. Acts on ants, cockroaches, spiders and fleas. Protects up to 90 sq. m.

To completely expel the colony, it must work without interruption for at least 35-45 days.

TOP 3 ant baits


Raptor traps are recognized as the most effective in killing ants. They are filled with gel that attracts insects and contains a toxic substance. The poison on the paws is transferred to the ants' dwelling and poisons all inhabitants. It is the orientation towards the transfer of poison to the anthill that makes the remedy so effective.

Traps last for several months, guaranteed to get rid of existing pests.


The ant combat battalion is a more expensive analogue of the Raptor. Completely destroys the ant colony in 32-45 days. It is completely safe to use even in homes with small children and pets - the poisonous gel is out of their reach. But he lures ants with aromas attractive to insects.


Ant trap in place, only works for murder individual individuals. Also works on cockroaches. The main plus is safety for others.

The best aerosols

What are house ants afraid of?


Designed for the extermination of crawling pests in homes. Despite the low cost, it acts almost instantly and highly efficiently. One bottle is enough for spraying 27-29 sq. area. And the presence of a long thin nozzle will help to process any corners and holes.


The aerosol does not kill ants, but irritates their sense of smell, forcing them to leave their old nests and move to other places. In just a few sprays, you can completely drive out the entire pest colony.


The aerosol has a pleasant mint smell, strong efficacy against crawling pests and democratic price. It is easy to use, just close the doors and windows and spray the infected area.

TOP 5 gels against ants

Triple hit

The most innovative product, consisting of three active ingredients at once. A highly effective gel, the composition of which completely eliminates the development of addiction in insects.

The ants die on the very first day after contact with the insecticide, having time to transfer it to the nest. Destroys the entire colony in a matter of days.


Ant raptor gel contains the substance lambda-cyhalothrin, which penetrates into the body contact and intestinal routes. Due to this, several individuals are poisoned at once when a worker ant introduces poison into the nest. In a few weeks, you can get rid of the entire insect colony.

A great warrior

Gel the great warrior from ants is a domestic combined insecticide, which in a short time destroys the entire colony of both garden and house ants. When applied correctly, it can wipe out an entire anthill in less than a week.


Russian insecticide containing chlorpyrifos. This substance acts against many crawling pests, guaranteed to destroy not only ants, but also cockroaches. The product is packaged in a convenient syringe with a narrow nozzle, thanks to which it is easy to apply, dispensing in drops.


Inexpensive German drug, one tube of which enough for processing 55-58 sq. area. Ants under the influence of Global Gel first slow down and lose coordination, and then stop feeding. Mass deaths begin in the second week after application.

The most powerful pencils and crayons


Chalk Mashenka from ants - undoubted leader among the crayons. Contains fenvalerate, which enters the body by contact and intestinal routes, is carried on the paws into the anthill, poisoning several individuals at once.

Clean house

A drug at a very low cost that gets rid of many household pests, including cockroaches, fleas, ants, bedbugs. Recommended to be combined with other insecticides for best action.


Quite an effective remedy against a large number of creeping pests. It costs a little more than the previous drugs, but is not inferior to them in the rest. It is considered to be of low toxicity to humans.


Chinese insecticide at a democratic cost. Contains high concentrations of poison, in a short time, destroying all ants in contact with the drug.

Super killer

Another Chinese development that effectively combats house ants. Practically safe for people means, in a matter of hours, poisons a pest that accidentally stepped into the poison from ants in the apartment.

In modern society, there is a huge variety of insecticides. Among them, it is quite possible to find a really effective ant exterminator, even at the lowest cost.

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