Tired of parasites? Tetrix remedy for bedbugs of a wide profile

Tired of parasites? Tetrix remedy for bedbugs of a wide profile

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No one is protected from the appearance of bedbugs in the house. They can be found both in old apartments and in new buildings with European-quality repair. The most important thing is not to waste time, because these parasites multiply very quickly... And here, numerous remedies against bedbugs come to the fore.

Aerosols are most popular with buyers - they are easy to use, but sometimes they are ineffective. An alternative to them is sprays, which must first be diluted in water in the right proportion. And among them the Dutch remedy stands out "Tetrix".

Tetrix - remedy for bedbugs

"Tetrix" - foreign vehicle light yellow, which is available in liquid form. It belongs to the fourth class of funds that are of little danger to people... It can be used against parasites both in residential premises and on an industrial scale - in farms, enterprises, factories, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other drug against bedbugs, "Tetrix" there are both positive and negative properties.

To the pluses funds include:

  • Guaranteed destruction of insects - one high-quality treatment is enough so that bugs, fleas and others disappear from the room. No other tool guarantees this reliability.
  • No reprocessing required - due to its power, "Tetrix" destroys adults, larvae and eggs from the first time. Additional processing is no longer required.
  • Low consumption of funds - a small capacity of 250 ml is enough for high-quality processing of a large room.

At the same time, in comparison with other means, he there are disadvantages:

  • Very high cost - Teriks remedy for bedbugs at the price of 1500 rubles for the smallest bottle.
  • A large number of fakes - due to its popularity, this remedy is very often counterfeited, selling mixtures that are completely harmless against bedbugs at a high price. It is necessary to purchase "Tetrix" only in trusted stores, and in no case should it be taken "for bottling".
  • High toxicity - when processing, you need to have a full range of protective equipment, including rubberized overalls, protective mask, respirator or gas mask.
  • The need for preliminary preparation - before use, you need to make the right spray solution.

Forms of issue

Tetrix for bedbugs is issued exclusively as a light yellow liquid... However, it can be packaged in containers of various capacities.

250 ml glass clear vials for home use... As a rule, this amount is enough to process an entire apartment.

Opaque metal or plastic canisters volume of 1, 5 or 20 liters. In this form, the remedy acquire professional firms for processing large areas.

It should also be borne in mind that a product packaged in different containers may have a different shelf life.

ATTENTION! The larger the canister, the cheaper each 100 ml of Tetrix is. Therefore, if several neighboring apartments are to be processed at once, then it is best to negotiate with the neighbors and by joint efforts to immediately buy a large capacity.

The effect of the agent on bedbugs

The main active ingredient as part of the "Tetrx" is cypermethrin... It attacks the bugs' digestive system, which is why they subsequently cannot suck blood in a normal way and slowly die. In addition, the component has a delayed effect, and therefore entails not only the destruction of adult insects, but also the larvae that have just hatched from the eggs.

The second component is metaphos, also takes part in the destruction of bedbugs. It is thanks to this combination that Tetrix shows high efficiency in the fight against parasites.

One more a feature of the interaction of cypermethrin and metaphos is that the drug is not universal for any type of insect, but acts only on blood-sucking - bugs, ticks, fleas.

IMPORTANT! Metaphos is a strong phosphorus-organic poison, which in action can be compared with hydrocyanic acid or strychnine.

It is very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream when it enters the body. Therefore, they can easily be poisoned by simply inhaling the vapors during processing.

Instructions for use

Insofar as "Tetrix" contains a very strong poison, before working with it, you must put on overalls: dickey, respirator, glasses, protective gloves.

A vial or canister contains a concentrated product. To use it, you need to prepare a solution:

  • With the usual degree of infection a bottle of 250 ml "Tetrix" is dissolved in 8 liters of water.
  • If the room is heavily contaminated bedbugs and there are several large nests, then the concentration of the agent must be increased. For this, a 250 ml bottle is diluted in 3 liters of water.
  • For preventive purposes prepare a weak solution - 10 ml per 10 liters of water. This is enough to scare off bedbugs when trying to move from neighbors.

For the best effect, you need to move furniture away from the walls., remove the curtains, bedspreads, linens, remove personal hygiene items and food... All people and pets must be removed from the premises. The aquarium must be sealed and the compressor turned off.

Spraying is done from a garden spray bottle... Particular attention should be paid to the places where bedbugs can hide - folds in upholstered furniture, reverse part of items, crevices under skirting boards and in the floor... After that, the room must be left for 4 hours. After the lapse of time, it is well ventilated, all objects - window sills, windows and doors, furniture, are washed with soapy water.

IMPORTANT! After work, it is necessary to remove all protection and rinse it with plenty of water, wash your hands thoroughly, rinse your mouth.

"Tetrix" modern means of Dutch production. When used correctly, it is guaranteed to kill all bed bugs in the room, without the need for re-treatment. However, the product is very toxic and contains a strong poison - you need to spray it only in a protective suit with goggles and a mask.

Due to its popularity and high price tag, there are often fakes or imitations on sale... Therefore, ordering "Tetrix" should only be from trusted suppliers who can provide all the necessary documents.

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