"Grow big, not small", growth stimulants for pepper seedlings

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Until recently, all the media very often slipped messages about some miracle - pills that regulate plant growth.

They promised more rapid development of seedlings, faster plant growth, and an unprecedented increase in yield. Whether such stimulants actually exist needs to be understood in more detail.

Let's take a look at this process using the example of pepper seeds.

Plant growth regulators

To be precise, the "growth promoter" for pepper seedlings is not entirely accurate. It would be more correct to name this group "Development regulators"... This means that these drugs can not only to develop the overall growth of the plant, but also to stimulate an increase in yield and accelerate the phases of its development.

The process begins with seed germination, seedling growth, the appearance of true leaves, increase in root mass... Under the influence of any drugs, you can increase the growth rate, accelerate the appearance of leaves.

All the sequence of development must be continuous... The development of one part of the seedling should not be in isolation from others.

Otherwise, leaves may develop on a stem that will not support their weight. Or the growth of a powerful stem, with atrophied leaves. Similarly, you can speed up the fruit set or increase their total number.

There are a number of drugs on the market that serve to regulate the development of the pepper. The most famous of them are "Epin - extra", "Kornevin", succinic acid.

This is undoubtedly a plus. Development regulators exist. Therefore, you need to know exactly what and at what time to apply, for uniform development. After all, an excess of the introduced drug can give the opposite effect, even the death of the plant is quite possible. Let's try to find out more precisely about the properties of regulators, methods of application, precautions when working with these drugs.


"Kornevin" for pepper seedlings corresponds to foreign similar preparations. Produced in a form of powder convenient for gardeners, which has a high degree of adhesion

This feature simplifies the procedure for use, while the drug is highly effective. Powder is applied in a mixture with activated carbon for processing the roots of planted plants. Mixes in equal portions.

It can be used as an aqueous solution. Used for watering transplanted seedlings. The solution is prepared based on one gram of the drug per liter of water.

Experienced gardeners recommend watering the seedlings with a solution immediately after transplanting. Watering can be repeated after 2-3 weeks..

Attention: the drug "Kornevin" is not a fertilizer, therefore, it cannot compensate for the lack of any trace elements.

To pre-soak pepper seeds, the solution is prepared in the following proportion:

  1. A teaspoon of powder dissolves in a liter of water.
  2. The seeds are placed in the solution for 18 to 24 hours.

Soaking ensures germination of almost all of the pepper seeds.

Read more about preparing seeds before planting peppers for seedlings.


Gardeners who used the drug "Epin", speak of him with admiration. Increases germination of seeds of peppers, tomatoes, potato tubers.

Indispensable in stressful situations (prolonged rains, viral infections, soil depletion) for plants. Domestic version of the biological regulator made in Japan, quite high efficiency.

Since 2003, production in Russia has been discontinued. Launched the release of a domestic development tool "Epin - extra". Treatment enhances seed germination, stimulates root growth when picking.

Release form - ampoules with a volume of one milliliter."Epin extra" for seedlings and seeds of pepper is an alcoholic solution of epibrassinolide.

The concentration of the solution in ampoules in comparison with "Epin" is reduced tenfold. According to the manufacturer, it does not affect the effectiveness of the application.

A feature of the drug is its disintegration in the light. Therefore it is required storage of ampoules in dark, dark places.

Succinic acid

As a plant growth stimulant succinic acid has been known for a long time. Most of all in natural amber. But it is not cheap to process amber into fertilizers. For the treatment of seeds and plants, succinic acid is used, obtained by synthesis at enterprises producing chemical fertilizers.

The list of industrial chemicals approved for use in Russia contains only one preparation based on succinic acid for pepper seedlings. Its name "Universal".

Available in the form of water-soluble crystals. The solution is used to accelerate the ripening of peppers, to increase their yield. Treatment with a solution is recommended when plants are in bloom. Spraying consumption rate - one liter of ready-made solution for an area of ​​20-25 square meters.

A drug spurs the speed of the metabolic process processed plants.

Advantages of using drugs


  • Treatment with the drug accelerates the germination of pepper seeds;
  • Accelerates root growth when picking.

Epin - extra:

  • Accelerates the germination of soaked seeds;
  • Increases productivity;
  • Stimulates the formation of ovaries;
  • Protects the plant during small cold snaps.

Succinic acid:

  • Treatment of pepper seeds with succinic acid solution increases germination up to 98%;
  • The overall yield of pepper increases;
  • Ripening time accelerates.

Read more about the rules for feeding pepper.

Protective measures during work


  1. When working with the drug, do not smoke, drink water, eat;
  2. It is recommended to work with gloves on the skin.;
  3. If the solution comes into contact with the skin, wash it with soap and water;
  4. Store in a tightly closed container.

Epin - extra:

  • It is necessary to use protective equipment (gloves, gown; mask - respirator);
  • Store the drug in a dark, cool place..
  • Succinic acid:

    Preparations based on succinic acid not dangerous to the environment... Yet gardeners recommend to carry out work in gloves and a cotton-gauze bandage.

    To help pepper seedlings, especially during the growing season, you can recommend gardeners fertilization with a complex of trace elements "Citovit"... Treatment with this drug, with strict adherence to the instructions, will increase the resistance of peppers to various fungal diseases, and will increase the overall resistance to the effects of the external environment. The maximum protective effect for seeds and seedlings of peppers is achieved with simultaneous treatment with drugs "Epin-extra" and "Citovit".

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