Defeat the barbel! Get a high performance cockroach remedy

Defeat the barbel! Get a high performance cockroach remedy

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Neighbors such as cockroaches cannot please the legal inhabitants of the apartment in any way.

Harmful insects spoil food by eating and getting dirty.

In addition, they pollute the premises with the remains of chitinous shells, spread infectious diseases.

How to get rid of such unpleasant roommates? One of the most effective remedies for cockroaches is recognized Get.

What is this remedy?

Get - This is a drug that replaced the outdated insecticide Get. The new tool has an improved form, acting more effectively and lastingly.

The main active ingredient is chlorpyrifos, enclosed in microcapsules. They are located in a lipid-water suspension. The combination of a polymer microcapsule with a lipid medium provides a long period of insecticide activity and increases its resistance in the environment.

Chlorpyrifos - an active organophosphate compound, equally intensely affecting many domestic pests. It destroys not only cockroaches, but also bugs, ants, flies and their larvae, ticks, fleas, kozheedov and mosquitoes.

Once inside the body of a domestic parasite, chlorpyrifos blocks the activity of certain enzymes, disrupting the functioning of the nervous system. It stops giving impulses, which first causes convulsions and convulsions, and then paralysis and death of the pest.

The penetration of the insecticide into the body occurs by contact and intestinal routes. In addition, the drug works as a fumigant and systemic drug.

Release form

The insecticide is a white or yellowish liquid packaged in 100 ml plastic bottles.

Pros and cons of the drug


  • insecticide has high efficiency and a very wide range of effects on domestic pests;
  • into the insect's body can fall in different ways;
  • characterized by a very long protective periodworking within 5-6 months after application;
  • has barrier propertiespreventing new cockroaches from entering the treated premises;
  • the drug there is no unpleasant and pungent smell, there is only a faint orange scent;
  • microencapsulation of the basic substance reduces the toxicity of the product for humans and pets;
  • a drug allowed to use even in children's, medical institutions;
  • usually a single treatment is enough for complete extermination the entire population of cockroaches;
  • one bottle is enough for spraying 100 square meters of area;
  • means does not leave greasy stains and dirt, does not stain the treated surfaces.


  • pretty high price bottle;
  • before use, the insecticide must be diluted in water;
  • difficult to find in free sale.

Average price in Russia for one bottle of Get is from 700 to 900 rubles depending on the region.

Instructions for use

Get Is a concentrated liquid that must be diluted with water before use.

For preparation of working solution regular tap water requiredthat should be cool.

To destroy cockroaches, they add product in a ratio of 1:10... For a liter of water, 10 ml of suspension will be needed, for 10 liters - 100 ml.

Working solution it is necessary to mix well and pour into a container with a spray bottle... The tool is now ready for use.

ATTENTION! To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, it is preliminarily recommended to carry out a general cleaning of the treated premises.

With the help of a spray bottle, all infected premises are sprayed, paying increased attention to the habitats of cockroaches, hard-to-reach and secluded areas. Here you can not wash off the drug for a long time so that it works for the maximum possible period.

To destroy a pest colony, you do not need to carry out a massive cultivation of the entire house. It is enough to apply the insecticide in those places where cockroaches are most common. Be sure to spray:

  • back walls of furniture;
  • windowsills;
  • wallpaper joints;
  • floors under linoleum;
  • areas under the sink and toilet;
  • food storage areas;
  • cracks in the floor and skirting boards.

How safe is Get for people and animals?

Chlorpyrifos itself is a very dangerous substance., as an organophosphorus compound, it belongs to hazard class 1.

The microencapsulated form of the chemical is toxic only to insects.... People and pets can only be poisoned if the product gets inside the body. Contamination of the skin does not cause any reaction, except for an allergic one in some people who are especially sensitive to chlorpyrifos.

To avoid undesirable consequences when working with an insecticide, it is recommended to take some safety measures:

  • use protective equipment: gloves and a respirator;
  • remove all household members from the house before processing the apartment;
  • during spraying, do not smoke, take food and medicine, drink;
  • after completing the operation, leave the apartment for at least 3 hours, leaving the tool to work;
  • after returning, thoroughly ventilate all rooms;
  • thoroughly clean the treated surfaces using a solution of soap and soda to neutralize the product.

Get microencapsulated pest control effectively and quickly destroys entire populations of cockroaches, completely eliminating them from the house. You can use it yourself without resorting to the help of special services.

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