Habitats where bedbugs live in an apartment: signs of their presence, how to find and destroy nests

Habitats where bedbugs live in an apartment: signs of their presence, how to find and destroy nests

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The first sign that bugs have appeared in the house is blisters on the skin - marks from their bites. Moreover, the thought about these insects comes to the human head in the very last place.

The fact is that one insect bites several times per night, so in the morning a person wakes up with a mass of bites on his body and can assume that he has developed an allergic reaction (urticaria). But bites in children can really cause severe allergies.

Today we will talk about where bed bugs live and how to get them out, can bed bugs live in pillows, blankets, on a person, for example, in hair? How to spot bed bugs in your bed or couch?

Important: if you notice redness on the skin in the morning, after waking up, you should carefully examine the house for the presence of parasites.

Where do bedbugs live in an apartment and how to get rid of them?

House bugs are nocturnal, and during the day they hide in secluded dark places, closer to the source of food, namely, to the human body. That is, there is no point in looking for their nests in the kitchen or in the corridor, they live in the same place where they eat, respectively, first of all, you need to examine the sleeping place and the room itself.

How to find out if there are bugs in the apartment? Intended habitats:

  • in mattress and pillow seams, in the grooves of furniture, in the upholstery of the sofa, under the mattress;
  • in the closet, under it and in the cracks between the closet and the wall;
  • under skirting boards, near outlets;
  • in the computer keyboard, in the system unit, vacuum cleaner, monitor;
  • on the backs of wall paintings, clocks, photo frames.

Although they parasitize on humans, they do not live on his body or in his hair, due to their developed instinct for self-preservation. These insects lead a typical predatory lifestyle, they determine when the prey is sleeping, and only then attack it. And the rest of the time they hide from humans in dark and hard-to-reach places.

Thus, nests and insect larvae can be found in the most inaccessible corners of the bedroom.

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Bed bugs: how to detect?

Where do they live? First of all, on the subject of finding bedbugs the bed or sofa should be examinedcarefully inspect the bedding. There may be small-diameter brown spots on the sheets - these are traces of crushed insects.

Then, examine the mattress, sofa cushions, you can see traces of excrement in their seams - these are small black dots that resemble mold. Bloodsuckers can be recognized by them.

Bed bugs never live alone. Even if you brought one female into the house, they will soon multiply. Nests can be found under the mattress, or on the back of a sofa or bed. In the nest, you can see live individuals, in appearance resembling an apple seed and their larvae: white-transparent grains.

What do bedbug nests look like? Photo below:

Insects in the mattress - photo:

What excrement looks like:

When traces of parasites are found in a sleeping place be sure to explore all the nooks and crannies of the roomto identify as many nests of these insects as possible, for their further treatment with insecticides. Secluded corners are most often the habitat of individuals at the initial stage of development.

If the bugs have settled only in a bed or sofa, then it will be more expedient to change the furniture. However, if you find several nests in different places, then it will be more effective to resort to the services of a pest control than to try to deal with them yourself.

So, we figured out how to find bedbugs in an apartment (bed, sofa), identified the main places where bedbugs hide in the apartment, how to determine their presence in the house at all?

We bring to your attention a video on the topic of our today's article:

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