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Among the high-yielding early potato varieties, Red Lady holds a special place. Small but very tasty tubers are highly resistant to diseases, they are well stored and are actively used in cooking.

In the article we will provide detailed information about the Red Lady potato variety, a description of the variety, photos that will help you study the external component of the root crop from all sides.

Root description

First, let's figure out what this variety is. This is an early ripening table variety. Suitable for personal backyards and farms.

Large, beautiful potatoes are ideal for sale, they are stored for a long time without losing their consumer properties.

The root crop has the following features:

Variety nameRed Lady
general characteristicsGerman table variety, drought tolerant
Ripening period80-90 days
Starch content12-17%
Mass of marketable tubers110-140 gr
The number of tubers in the bush6-10 pieces
Yield170-300 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgreat taste, suitable for all dishes
Keeping quality92%
Peel colorpink
Pulp colorlight yellow
Preferred growing regionsCentral Black Earth, North Caucasian, Middle Volga, Far Eastern
Disease resistanceresistant to potato cancer, golden cyst nematode, rot, scab, black leg
Growing featuresgermination is recommended, the variety requires nutritious soil and long daylight hours
OriginatorSolana (Germany)


The variety "Red Lady" is zoned for the Central Black Earth, Caucasian, Middle Volga, Far Eastern regions. The yield depends on the growing conditions, the fertilizers used, the irrigation schedule, ranging from 17 to 30 tons per hectare.

The variety reaches its maximum yield on the 55th day after germination. Each bush gives at least 14 large potatoes, the amount of unmarketable fines is insignificant.

You can compare the yield indicators of Red Lady with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Elizabeth80-140 c / ha
Vega90-120 c / ha
Colombo80-130 c / ha
Lugovskoy80-165 c / ha
Irbit108-185 c / ha
Borovichok200-250 c / ha
Bast400-500 c / ha
Sturdy78-105 c / ha
Crimean rose75-120 c / ha
Agatha70-140 c / ha

Potato bush is strong, of medium height, erect. Leaves are medium-sized, dark green, intermediate type, with a slightly wavy edge. The corolla is simple, flower buds fall off quickly.

The growing season of potatoes is extended. The first tubers are harvested 40-45 days after germination, the final harvest takes place in August-September. Light sandy soils with neutral acidity are suitable for cultivation. Mineral and organic fertilizing is desirable; on poor soils, the yield is significantly reduced. When and how to make fertilizing, as well as how to do it when planting, read in separate articles on our website.

In addition to the use of various kinds of fertilizers, other substances and preparations for spraying are often used when growing potatoes.

Variety "Red Lady" resistant to major diseases: potato crayfish, golden nematode, scab, black leg, viral diseases and fungal infections: alternaria, fusarium, verticillosis. There is an increased sensitivity to late blight (by tops). Tubers are little subject to mechanical stress, which makes harvesting easier.

Potatoes have excellent taste. It is suitable for boiling, baking, stewing, mashed potatoes. When cutting and heat treatment, the tubers do not darken, the color of the finished dishes is pleasant, creamy yellow. The taste is rich, without excessive dryness and wateriness. Tubers contain an increased amount of protein and B vitamins. Keeping quality is 92% and storage is not particularly difficult. However, you can study this issue in more detail and read all about storage in winter, in boxes, cleaned, in the refrigerator, about the timing.


Potato variety "Red Lady" bred by German breeders, entered in the State register of varieties of the Russian Federation in 2008.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Red Lady potatoes. Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • early ripening and extended growing season;
  • suitable for industrial and hobbyist cultivation;
  • excellent taste of ready-made meals;
  • high nutrient content;
  • resistance to viral and fungal diseases;
  • the harvested crop is well stored, transportation is possible.

The disadvantages of the variety include:

  • susceptibility to late blight;
  • high demands on soil nutrition;
  • the need for long daylight hours.

We bring to your attention a table with data on such characteristics as keeping quality in different varieties of potatoes:

Variety nameKeeping quality
Gingerbread man98%
Lord of the open spaces98%

A photo

What would you better imagine this potato - take a look at the photo below:

Features of the variety

Potatoes "Red Lady" are sensitive to the quality and nutritional value of the soil. For successful cultivation, you need a light sand-based soil, as well as an abundance of sunlight. In regions with long daylight hours and warm summers, yields increase significantly.

To obtain the earliest possible harvest, it is recommended to use tubers weighing up to 90 g. The planting material is kept in water for 10-12 hours, and then laid out for germination.

Soaking accelerates germination, potatoes grow faster, the yield increases significantly. Red Lady is sensitive to soil nutrition. For higher yields, two-time dressings are recommended with alternating mineral complexes and organic matter. Diluted mullein or bird droppings, old humus are useful. Mineral complexes should include ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate or superphosphate. Mulching is a good idea to control weeds.

The variety is not too picky about watering, easily tolerates minor drought. To increase the yield, it is recommended to irrigate the site at least 3 times a season. A short-term drop in temperature is possible, but prolonged frosts have a negative effect on yields.

There are many different ways to grow potatoes. We will introduce you to the most interesting of them: Dutch technologies, under straw, in bags, in barrels.

Diseases and pests: what to fear?

The Red Lady variety is resistant to most viral and fungal diseases. Tubers are insensitive to potato crayfish, nematodes, scab, rust. Young plants are practically not affected by the black leg. Potato tubers rarely suffer from late blight, but this disease can affect the tops. For protection, preventive treatments of plantings with medicinal preparations are recommended (at least 2 times per season).

Potatoes are threatened by Colorado beetles and click beetles (wireworms). Careful harvesting with a selection of all tubers, loosening and fertilizing before new plantings will help to save planting. Preventive treatment of fields with insecticides is useful.

"Red Lady" is a potato that is worth planting on your own plot. Seed material is not prone to degeneration; at harvest, the percentage of rejects is minimal. Potatoes can be offered for sale, they are very popular with consumers.

We hope, thanks to our article, you have learned a lot about the Red Lady potato, the characteristics of the variety and are ready to experiment with its cultivation. Good luck!

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