Review of popular cockroach traps: sticky, electro-traps, poisonous, how to do it yourself

Review of popular cockroach traps: sticky, electro-traps, poisonous, how to do it yourself

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Cockroach traps are relatively recent and quickly gained in popularity. They are presented on the market in the form of different designs.

Their mechanism of work is similar. Although the exterior design is vastly different. They are with a glue base, with poison bait, powered by a network.

You can make the simplest remedy for parasites according to the principle of those that are on sale at home.

How glue traps work

These include the so-called house traps or sticky traps... They are cardboard boxes, the bottom of which is covered with an adhesive. There are several slots in the box. Through them, parasites get inside, stick with their paws and can no longer get out. The structure is gradually filled with insects, after which it is thrown away and a new one is placed.

Install glue traps for cockroaches in places of their greatest congestion or active movement:

  • In the corners under the furniture... Especially in the kitchen. You can put it in the room in case of a "lost" stasik.
  • Behind the refrigerator... Insects love warmth, and you can often stumble upon crumbs and other food debris near the refrigerator. They need very little to feast for several weeks.
  • Next to the bathrooms... If cockroaches can live for a very long time without food, then without moisture they die. Therefore, they will look for it near the main source of water in the house.

IMPORTANT! In order for the effect of glue traps to be as effective as possible, it is recommended to clean them of cockroaches as often as possible.

House traps are cost effective over other insecticides. They are relatively inexpensive and have already established themselves as an effective remedy for parasites. But they have no effect on eggs laid in secluded places. Therefore, if you use sticky traps in the fight against insects, you will have to change them for a rather long time.

This cockroach control method is not for the squeamish. You cannot call it humane either, since the insects that come across die from exhaustion. But this method completely safe for people and pets... You also don't need to leave the house to poison the parasites.

Popular glue trap of the Pregrada brand.


Outwardly, they are neat and small metal boxes. They often come with a brush. Cockroaches get inside through narrow cracks at the smell of bait. Here they are die from the effects of an electric discharge high voltage.

When the electric cockroach trap is full, the remains are swept into the trash with a brush.

IMPORTANT! There are electronic devices called ultrasonic traps. Although their principle of operation rather contradicts the name. Such devices repel insects. Practice shows that cockroaches quickly get used to the action of devices. Moreover, they successfully settle in them.

A metal device has its drawbacks. Since it is powered by the mains, it is better to install it in places inaccessible to children.

Where it is wet, placing electric traps is also prohibited. An electric trap is more expensive than a glue trap.

You can buy it online or in specialized stores.

Poisonous or insecticidal baits

Already from the name it is clear that a chemical is used to control cockroaches, which gradually kills the insect. The device is quite simple, round or square in shape. These are the most effective cockroach traps.

The design is also thought over. It was created taking into account the structure of the parasite. The flattened body of the cockroach allows it to penetrate the narrowest cracks. Nocturnal insects love such secluded places. Especially if there is food in there.

Usually, several devices are installed at once. Each has a Velcro strap on the back. it allows you to mount a small structure in the most inaccessible places - on the bottom of furniture, under shelves, on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

All manufacturers of modern insecticides for cockroaches produce their own version of traps. They compete for the buyer not only with the help of prices, but also due to the design of the structure. Manufacturers offer aesthetic traps to match the color of the laminate or furniture.

But you should not expect an instant result after installing tools with baits. The bait acts gradually and according to the principle of a chain reaction... The cockroach attracts with its sweetish aroma. The agent acts on the principle of a virus that is transmitted to other insects.

The greatest effect will become noticeable after 1-2 weeks.... If you can't wait, then it is better to use effective means for the immediate defeat of parasites - aerosols or sprays: Executioner, Regent, Karbofos, FAS, Get, Cucaracha.

Unlike electric devices, traps can be glued even next to sinks.

They are not afraid of moisture. Insecticides also benefit from the price.

Popular cockroach traps include Raptor, Raid, Combat, Clean House, Dohloks, Mashenka, Forsyth.

How to make a cockroach trap with your own hands?

If it is not possible to buy a ready-made structure for fighting cockroaches, you can make a glue trap yourself.

  • We take a box of pencils... It will fit perfectly. You can also use a regular piece of cardboard. The main thing is to leave the edges, which you can then grab onto and throw out the trap filled with cockroaches.
  • Carefully disassemble our pencil box.
  • To the largest square apply non-drying glue or attach double-sided tape.
  • On top of the adhesive surface you can put something edible to attract insects. Can sprinkle some sugar.

Video instructions on how to make the simplest remedy for cockroaches in 5 minutes - a trap:

IMPORTANT! There is a special glue for cockroaches on sale. It can be used to make a trap. Just put the glue on the cardboard and the trap is ready. The main thing is not to stick yourself while working with the product. Washing off the glue is not easy.

Another easy way to deal with cockroaches can be made from a regular glass jar with bait. Something edible is placed on the bottomto attract the smell. To make it easier for cockroaches to get inside, wrap the container with paper. And so that insects cannot get out grease the edges of the jar with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Cockroach traps are a relatively safe way to control cockroaches. It can be called the most economical.

It acts gradually and is not very suitable for dealing with a large number of cockroaches. Glue traps, electrical traps, or insecticide traps are good for prevention.

It is easy to make a glue trap yourself from scotch tape and a cardboard box.

If you still cannot decide on the choice of a method of struggle, then articles about effective ways to get rid of and folk remedies for cockroaches should help you.

An overview of a very effective trap in the video below:

Watch the video: How To Make A Sticky Roach Trap (June 2022).


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