Learn how to plant cucumbers for seedlings on the balcony? Two growing methods, suitable varieties, rules for caring for young shoots

Learn how to plant cucumbers for seedlings on the balcony? Two growing methods, suitable varieties, rules for caring for young shoots

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The spacious balcony is a suitable place for growing flowers, herbs and even vegetables.

The most popular crop for a mini-garden is cucumbers.

For planting, it is worth choosing small-fruited high-yielding varieties and hybrids that do not require insect pollination.

Balcony cucumbers: what to plant?

For balconies and loggias you need to choose not too branchy varieties with medium-sized fruits... Hybrids are desirable: resistant to diseases, unpretentious, tolerating the vagaries of the weather, not requiring pollination by insects.

Options designed for breeding in greenhouses or film shelters, as well as special types created for balconies and loggias, are suitable.

Experienced gardeners recommend paying attention to Mirage, Gribovsky, Courage, Dubrovsky, Parus.

Cucumbers Balcony Miracle: growing at home. One of the most popular cucumber hybrids is Balcony Miracle.

This is an early ripening hybrid with very tasty strong fruits suitable for fresh consumption and salting. The first fruits appear after 45 days.

Cucumbers can be planted in boxes, pots or flowerpots, they feel great on open or glazed balconies. Fruiting is extended throughout the season, which allows you to feast on fresh cucumbers before frost.

Choice of location, container and soil

Cucumbers perfectly combine with other cultures: flowers, herbs, vegetables. It is better to spread them next to the railing or against the wall that protects the plants from gusts of wind. Cucumbers photophilousit is preferable to grow them on sunny south, south-east or south-west balconies.

The ideal option is glazed balconies with the possibility of airing.

The most suitable container - plastic container with drainage holes and pallet... The box may not be too large, convenient dimensions - 80 cm long and 25 cm wide. Preferred containers of light shades, not heated in the sun. It is possible to use deep flowerpots or volumetric pots. Read more about growing seedlings in peat containers.

Plants prefer very light soil with neutral acidity... The purchased mixture is not nutritious enough, it is better to add garden soil or rotted compost to it. For greater ease, perlite or vermicult is added to the substrate.

For greater safety, it is recommended to sift and bake the garden soil in the oven. This procedure kills pest larvae. To restore useful microflora, the soil can be shed with special compounds sold in gardening stores.

Planting cucumbers: small subtleties

How to plant cucumbers for seedlings on the balcony? Balcony cucumbers can be grown in seedlings or non-seedlings... In the first case, the seeds are sown in paper or plastic cups filled with substrate.

When to plant cucumbers for seedlings on the balcony? Sowing begins in February, March or April. The seeds are pretreated with a solution of potassium permanganate, washed with clean water and dried.

If it is indicated on the bag that the seed has undergone additional pre-planting preparation, the treatment with potassium permanganate is canceled. It is preferable to plant dry seeds, since the germinated ones are easily injured.

Sowing is carried out with a depth of 1.5-2 cm... Plantings are sprayed with warm water and placed in heat. After germination, the containers are exposed to bright light. On cloudy days, additional lighting with fluorescent lamps is necessary.

For successful development seedlings require warmth and abundant watering... Cucumbers are very moisture-loving, they do not tolerate drafts and sudden changes in temperature. 2 weeks after germination, the seedlings are fed with an aqueous solution of urea.

In the seedless method, seeds are sown directly into a container filled with soil. At a distance of 40 cm from each other, shallow holes are made, 2 seeds are sown in each... The plantings are sprayed with warm water and covered with foil.

For rapid germination, a temperature of at least 25 degrees is needed. After emergence, the film is removed. The container fits on a windowsill or under a lamp. For successful development, seedlings need a long daylight hours..

After the emergence of seedlings, they are checked, the weakest, sprouted from one hole, cut off with a sharp knife... It is convenient to water the seedlings from a spray bottle, irrigating the soil as it dries. To keep the plants from stretching, it is important to maintain the temperature between 20 and 22 degrees.

Gentle shoots are taken out to the balcony after the formation of 4-5 true leaves. Before this, the plants are hardened by opening the windows for several hours.

Care features

Grown cucumbers are moved to their permanent residence. The boxes are installed in a place protected from the wind. Above them are attached clotheslines, the length of each is at least 2.5 m.

The lower end is folded into a loop and thrown over the seedling, the vine is neatly wrapped around the rope. It is possible to use coarse plastic nets or wooden trellises mounted on the balcony wall.

If the cucumbers are grown in seedlings, the boxes are filled with the same soil that was used for planting. Plants are placed in the holes along with a clod of earth. It is recommended to spill the soil with hot water before planting..

Cucumbers very thermophilicbut direct sunlight can cause leaf burns. In the summer heat, plants need to be shaded using roller blinds or special screens.

It is advisable to increase the humidity of the air by placing containers with water next to the containers. The soil is mulched with peat or moss, this technique will help maintain normal moisture levels and avoid weeding.

Water the plantings often and abundantly.... With a lack of moisture, the plants stop growing, the fruits turn out to be ugly, begin to taste bitter. Water the plantings daily or once every 2 days, in the morning or at sunset.

On particularly hot dry days, watering twice a day is possible. Only warm, settled water is used, cold can cause shock and even death of plants. The soil in containers must be moist, drying out is unacceptable.

Actively growing vines do not need aggressive formation. If desired, you can limit their growth by pinching the plants after 10-12 leaves have developed. The lateral processes are pinched to a length of about 30-35 cm. The antennae are periodically removed from the plants..

You need to harvest as the cucumbers grow. Small fruits are much tastier, so you should not delay the process. The fruits are neatly plucked or cut so as not to injure the whips.

In August, when night temperatures begin to drop, it is recommended to cover plant roots with burlap or film, removing it during the day.

After 90 days, when fruiting is over, the vines can be cut off, the roots can be dug out. The soil from the boxes is worth saving, it will come in handy for the next year.

Seedlings of cucumbers on the balcony are an excellent decoration and an essential vitamin supplement to the diet. Grown fruits are no different from greenhouse ones.

With the right choice of variety and skillful care, the yield will be high, and the fruiting period will be as long as possible. You can study additional tips for growing in an apartment.

Personal experience of growing cucumbers on the balcony:

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