Promising Dutchman - potato variety "Red Fantasy": characteristics and description of the variety

Promising Dutchman - potato variety

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Red-skinned potato lovers will surely appreciate promising Dutch variety called Red Fantasy.

Large elongated tubers have excellent commercial qualities, the pulp is rich in proteins and vitamins.

Potatoes of this variety popular from buyers, it is perfect for personal consumption or the preparation of semi-finished products in an industrial setting.

In the article you will find not only a detailed description of the variety, but also get acquainted with its characteristics and cultivation features, learn what diseases the potato is prone to and how it resists the attack of pests.

Potato Red Fantasy variety description

Variety nameRed fantasy
general characteristicstable variety with excellent taste, suitable for baby and dietetic food
Ripening period90-110 days
Starch content13-21%
Mass of marketable tubers90-140 gr
The number of tubers in the bush10-12 pcs
Yield260-380 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, slightly boiled
Keeping quality95%
Peel colorpink
Pulp colordark yellow
Preferred growing regionsCentral, Volgo-Vyatsky
Disease resistanceresistant to potato crayfish, golden cyst nematode, scab, blackleg, leaf roll viruses or tobacco mosaic
Growing featuresdrip irrigation system recommended
OriginatorEuroplant (Germany)
  • tubers are large, weighing from 90 to 140 g;
  • oval shape, slightly elongated;
  • the tubers are even, neat;
  • the peel is red, evenly colored, moderately thin;
  • eyes are few in number, shallow, very small;
  • the flesh on the cut is dark yellow;
  • the starch content ranges from 13.5 to 21.5%;
  • high content of protein, amino acids, carotene.

In the table below, you will see indicators such as starch content and tuber weight for different potato varieties:

Variety nameStarch content (%)Average weight of tubers (g)
Red Fantasy13-2190-140


Potatoes of the Red Fantasy variety are medium early, for table purposes. The growing season lasts from 90 to 110 days. The yield is excellent, depending on climatic conditions and the amount of fertilizing, it ranges from 260 to 380 centners per hectare. The harvested tubers are well stored, long-distance transportation is possible.

Productivity is one of the main indicators of the prospects of growing a variety. In the table below you will see what this characteristic is for different varieties:

Variety nameYield
Red Fantasy260-380 c / ha
Lorch250-350 c / ha
Hostess180-380 c / ha
League210-350 c / ha
Pretty boy170-280 c / ha
Svitanok Kievup to 460 c / ha
Borovichok200-250 c / ha
Bast400-500 c / ha
American250-420 c / ha
Colomba220-420 c / ha

Depending on the type, the bush is tall or medium, erect. The foliage is moderate, the leaves are large, light green, of an intermediate type, with noticeable veins.

Corolla medium or small, collected from bright purple-pink flowers. Few berries. The root system is well developed, 10-12 large potatoes are formed under each bush. There are not many non-commodity items, the roots are aligned in weight and size.

Red fantasy potatoes moderately demanding on watering and soil nutrition... To increase the yield, a system of drip irrigation, feeding with organic matter and mineral complexes, and frequent loosening with the removal of weeds is recommended. Mulching will also help control weeds. Hilling bushes will not hurt either. The first tubers are dug in in the middle of summer, but it is better to move the main harvest to the end of August and the beginning of September.

The variety is resistant to potato crayfish, cyst-forming golden nematode, scab, black leg, various viruses.

Red Fantasy Potatoes has a pleasant recognizable taste: rich, bright, not watery. The moderate starch content makes the tubers versatile. They can be fried, boiled, mashed, stuffed, baked or stewed. Root crops are rich in vitamins, proteins and carotene, which allows them to be recommended for baby and diet food.


The Red Fantasy potato variety was bred by Dutch breeders. Included in the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2011. Zoned for the Volgo-Vyatka and Central regions.

Recommended for industrial cultivation, suitable for farms and personal subsidiary plots. The tubers have excellent commercial qualities, are well stored, and can safely tolerate transportation. A very good option for the sale and industrial production of food.

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A photo

The photo shows the potato variety Red Fantasy

Advantages and disadvantages

To the main the merits of the variety can be attributed:

  • high taste of tubers;
  • good yield;
  • rapid formation of root crops;
  • potatoes are even, beautiful, ideal for sale;
  • tubers are universal, suitable for cooking different dishes;
  • undemanding care;
  • resistance to major diseases.

There are practically no disadvantages of the variety... With proper care, yield will delight even a novice gardener.

Growing features

Agrotechnics are standard. The variety calmly tolerates weather fluctuations, but sensitive to soil temperature... It is necessary to plant tubers when the earth warms up, but retains the right amount of moisture. The distance between the bushes must be at least 30 cm, wide aisles are requiredfacilitating the care of plants. Root crops are sown shallowly, by 10-12 cm.

Seed potatoes Red Fantasy must be prepared for planting. First, the tubers are pickled, humus or wood ash is laid out on the holes. Drip irrigation is recommended, which guarantees optimal soil moisture. Row spacings can be covered with cut grass or straw.

Seed material is harvested in their own fields, he practically not subject to degeneration... Prospective bushes are pre-marked with ribbons or stickers. Seed material should not be collected from sick or pest-affected bushes.

2-3 dressings are carried out per season. It is better to alternate mineral complexes with potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and organic matter (diluted mullein or bird droppings). Nitrogen-containing fertilizers are not recommended, they force the bushes to increase the leaf mass to the detriment of the tubers.

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Also, when growing potatoes, additional spraying and treatments are often used.

On our website you will find detailed materials about the use of fungicides and herbicides.

There are many ways to grow potatoes. We have prepared a series of useful materials about Dutch technology, growing under straw, in boxes, bags and barrels, as well as early varieties.

Diseases and pests

Potato variety Red Fantasy resistant to many dangerous diseases: potato crayfish, golden cyst nematode, common scab, black leg.

It is not susceptible to many viruses, for example, leaf curling or tobacco mosaic. Early maturation makes plants less susceptible to late blight.

For more safety pre-planting treatment of tubers and soil is required... At the peak of late blight, a single spraying with medicinal preparations can be carried out.

The Fantasy potato variety will not leave indifferent any farmer or gardener. The unusual combination of bright yellow pulp and red rind makes the tubers unusual and beautiful, and the yield makes the cultivation of root crops a very profitable enterprise.

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