An excellent hybrid tomato variety "Polbig" will delight both gardeners and farmers

An excellent hybrid tomato variety

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Due to its early maturity, this hybrid of the work of Dutch breeders with early maturity will be of interest to both gardeners and farmers.

Gardeners will be able to harvest Polbig F1 tomatoes before the late blight epidemic takes hold, and farmers will also be able to start early deliveries of tomatoes to the market.

And in our article we will tell you about what this variety is. Here you will find its full description, get acquainted with the main characteristics and features of cultivation.

Tomato "Polbig F1": variety description

Fruit shapeFlat round, medium ribbed
Average fruit weight100-130g, tomatoes weighing 195-210 grams are marked in greenhouses
ColorUnripe light green, ripe, pronounced red
Marketable conditionGood presentation, excellent safety during transportation, do not crack
ApplicationMaking mashed potatoes, lecho, salads, juice and canning with whole fruits
Average yieldWhen planting 5-6 bushes per square meter, the yield is 3.8-4.0 kilograms per bush

The shrub is of a determinant type and reaches a height of 65-80 centimeters. Read about tomatoes of indeterminate, semi-determinant and superdeterminant types here.

The variety is recommended for growing in open ground, as well as in greenhouses and film-type shelters. The average number of leaves, rather large, green, typical for a tomato shape.

The "Polbig" variety shows the best yield indicators when forming a bush with 2-3 stems. From the emergence of seedlings to the collection of the first ripe fruits, 92-98 days pass. The hybrid stands out for its good preservation during transportation, a high ability to form fruits even under conditions of low temperatures.

You can compare the yield of Polbig tomatoes with others below:

Variety nameYield
Polbig3.8-4 kg per bush
Gulliver7 kg per bush
Pink Lady25 kg per square meter
Fat jack5-6 kg per bush
Doll8-9 kg per square meter
Lazy15 kg per square meter
Black bunch6 kg per bush
Rocket6.5 kg per square meter
Brown sugar6-7 kg per square meter
King of Kings5 kg per bush


Advantages of the variety:

  • early ripening;
  • the ability to form fruits when the temperature drops;
  • disease resistance;
  • tomatoes do not crack;
  • uniformity of fruit size.

According to the reviews of gardeners who grew this hybrid, one conditional drawback was noted: the need to tie the stem and lateral fruiting shoots to prevent them from breaking off under the weight of the brushes.

The weight of the fruits of Polbig tomatoes with other varieties can be compared in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Polbig100-130 grams
Bobcat180-240 grams
Russian size650-200 grams
Podsinsky miracle150-300 grams
Altaic50-300 grams
Yusupovsky500-600 grams
De Barao70-90 grams
Grapefruit600 gram
Premier120-180 grams
Stolypin90-120 grams
Buyan100-180 grams
The president250-300 grams
Lazy300-400 grams

A photo

You can see the hybrid tomato variety "Polbig" in the photo:

Growing features

Growing a tomato of the "Polbig F1" variety is no different from growing any tomatoes by seedlings. Seeds are planted at the end of March in pots, containers or mini-greenhouses. Stimulants can be used to accelerate growth.

The pick is carried out during the appearance of 2-3 true leaves. Planting on the beds is done 60 days after sowing the seeds. When planting, fertilize with complex mineral fertilizer or superphosphate in each well.

You can also use as a top dressing for tomatoes:

  1. Organic fertilizers.
  2. Yeast.
  3. Iodine.
  4. Ammonia.
  5. Boric acid.
  6. Hydrogen peroxide.

The bush should be formed using pinching. In the future, periodic loosening of the soil is required, watering with warm water, avoiding waterlogging of the soil, which can cause rotting of the roots, mulching is also recommended.

Every year, breeders develop new varieties and hybrids, trying to make it easier for gardeners to care for plants and improve their quality. Choosing a hybrid Polbig F for planting, you will save time and effort necessary to care for tomatoes on your site and get excellent results.

Advice: Treatment with Kemira or Solution will help to speed up the formation of fruits, following the instructions on the package.

Diseases and pests

The variety has good resistance to diseases such as verticillium and fusarium.

Our site contains a lot of useful material about diseases of the nightshade:

  1. Alternaria.
  2. Late blight and protection measures against it.
  3. Fusarium.
  4. Verticillosis.

And about pests that can damage your plantings:

  • Colorado beetle.
  • Slugs.
  • Medvedki.
  • Aphids.
  • Spider mites.

The cultivation of tomatoes in a greenhouse, including the "Polbig" variety, can be found in the following video:

In the table below you will find links to tomato varieties with different ripening periods:

Mid lateEarly ripeLate ripening
gold fishYamalPremier
Raspberry miracleRose of WindGrapefruit
Market miracleDivaBull heart
De Barao OrangeBuyanBobcat
De Barao RedIrinaKing of Kings
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Krasnobay F1Red GuardSnowfall F1

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