What fertilizer is better for potatoes and how to feed it when planting in a hole and after that?

What fertilizer is better for potatoes and how to feed it when planting in a hole and after that?

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It is impossible to grow a good harvest of potatoes without proper care and timely feeding. From year to year, cultivating his summer cottage, the land is depleted and the gardener has to maintain yields by applying fertilizers.

Top dressing plays a huge role in the cultivation of any crop. An individual complex is selected for each plant.

What fertilizers, and in what proportions, need to be applied to the ground when growing potatoes, we will consider in detail in this article.

Organic feed

The introduction of organic dressings when growing potatoes was the preference of our ancestors. There are undeniable advantages in using organic matter:

  1. They are excellent for all types of soil, and have a beneficial effect on microorganisms that enrich the soil with humus.
  2. Organic matter releases nutrients gradually, so that it is almost impossible to oversaturate the soil with nutrients.
  3. Potatoes receive a balanced diet, since the spectrum of trace elements in organic dressings is very large.
  4. Organics are safe and healthy for all crops.
  5. This species quickly heals the soil and then it is enough only to maintain its condition with small efforts.
  6. This type of feeding does not lead to excessive, uncontrolled plant growth.
  7. When using organic fertilizers, plants receive additional substances that strengthen the crop's immune system, which helps to resist diseases.


  1. In the cold period of time, organic matter ceases to give nutrients to the soil.
  2. It only works if there are microorganisms in the soil that are capable of breaking down organic matter into useful elements.
  3. There are some regions where it is very difficult to get organic fertilizers and for this reason they are more expensive than mineral fertilizers.


The most demanded organic feedings are:

  • Manure Is the excrement of agricultural animals. Use cow and horse manure, or chicken droppings. It contains potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium. It is one of the best potato fertilizers.
  • Compost - by its useful properties it is not inferior to the first one. You can make it yourself from plant debris. If peat is added to the compost heap, then the beneficial properties of this top dressing will increase significantly.
  • Ash - contains such useful elements as phosphorus, calcium, potassium and other trace elements. In addition, this top dressing can significantly reduce the acidity of the soil, and this is especially true for potatoes, since acidic soils are not suitable for it.

Organomineral (WMD): advantages and disadvantages

Currently, there are three types of organomineral fertilizers:

  • humic;
  • liquid;
  • complex.

The advantages of such dressings:

  1. Thanks to these substances, the supply of trace elements useful for plants increases in the soil.
  2. The productivity of plants increases several times.
  3. Mineral additives compensate for the deficiency of components present in organic matter.
  4. This type of fertilizer is obtained by combining two types of fertilizers and is produced as tablets, granules, liquid and bulk substances.

Organomineral fertilizers can be used on any soil and for various crops. There is only one drawback of these dressings - the complexes are expensive, and if potatoes are grown on an industrial scale, then the costs of cultivating the crop may exceed income.

Titles and descriptions

The name of this type of dressing can be anything. The main thing is that (WMD) is indicated on the packaging.

  1. Thus, the Potato WMD is the most demanded and widespread among gardeners who cultivate potatoes.
  2. Polydon bio pro is an organic, liquid, multicomponent fertilizer to stimulate plant growth, as it activates the soil. The composition contains the following substances:
    • Fulvic and humic acids.
    • Amino acids.
    • Microelements.
    • Polysaccharides.
    • Growth substances.
  3. Solucat Plus is a special fertilizer with amino acids and fulvic acids. The active ingredient is sufractan 0.5%. Stimulates plant growth, enriching the soil with the necessary useful components.


If we consider mineral fertilizers in detail, then they are divided into:

  • Potash.
  • Nitrogen.
  • Phosphoric.

These are the main useful components necessary for any crops, including potatoes.

Benefits of mineral dressings:

  1. balanced, but at the same time rather high concentration of useful components in the compositions;
  2. a small amount of the mixture is needed for application to the soil;
  3. using these fertilizers, it is possible to regulate plant growth and fruit formation;
  4. suitable for all types of soil.


  1. high cost of complex formulations;
  2. the positive effect is achieved with constant use;
  3. overdose of fertilizers leads to the death of plants.

The most popular fertilizers in this type are:

  • Ammophos - this fertilizer is free of chlorine and sodium, which is its advantage. Due to its balanced composition, it is well suited for growing potatoes.
  • Diammophos - affects the growth rate, promotes abundant flowering, fruiting, rapid ripening of fruits.
  • Nitrofos - phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium, which are part of the fertilizer, can improve not only plant growth, but also the quality of the resulting product.

Mineral dressings for growing potatoes are selected based on the type of soil and the plant's need for useful components.

We wrote about what fertilizers potatoes need and how to apply them correctly in a separate article.

Top dressing for potatoes when they are planted in a hole

What mineral dressing is best for potatoes when planting in a hole? The main and most important element for good potato growth is nitrogen, which is found in wood ash and manure. But nonetheless the best feeding when planting a crop will be organic complex fertilizer, combined with mineral compositions.

When planting, it should be understood that early-ripening potato varieties require more nutrients than mid-season or late varieties.

The growing season for early varieties is short, and during this time the culture does not have time to absorb all the nutrients from organic fertilizers. Mineral dressings work faster and provide potatoes with the necessary trace elements in full.

The complex can be as follows:

  • potassium sulfate - two kilos per hundred square meters;
  • ammonium nitrate - 1 kg;
  • half a bucket of ash per one hundred square meters;
  • nitrophoska - 5 kg.

These mixtures are applied directly to the well, without exceeding certain norms. Many gardeners prefer to use only organic fertilizers when planting potatoes, the application rate will be as follows:

  • humus - 700 g per well;
  • wood ash - one handful per well.

Do not exceed the dose of mineral fertilizers in pursuit of a good harvest, the oversaturation of the soil with these compounds kills the plants.

Read more about fertilizing potatoes when planting in a hole here.

Leaving after the vegetable is planted

Young plants need loosening, hilling and feeding. Potatoes must be enriched with micronutrients before the harvest is ripe. The last time the crop is fed in mid-July.

The appearance of the potato tops can tell you what kind of top dressing you need to apply at the moment. If the tops are pale green and thin, then you need to add 1 teaspoon of carbamide and 1.5 cups of humus per running meter.

As soon as the potatoes begin to bloom, a second feeding is carried out, and the best feeding after planting is a complex: a teaspoon of potassium sulfate and 3 tablespoons of ash per running meter.

The last feeding is carried out at the stage of tuberization. You need to add 2 tbsp per meter of soil. tablespoons of superphosphate. If the growth of the bushes has stopped, then you can stimulate the plant by spilling the soil with an infusion of liquid mullein in the aisles, trying not to hurt the tops.

How and when it is necessary to feed potatoes is written in this material.

We offer you to watch a video on what fertilizers you need to use for potatoes and how to do it correctly:


Any garden crops need additional feeding, potatoes are no exception. To get a good harvest, you need to properly approach the care of the crop, weed on time, huddle and apply the fertilizers the plant needs.

Watch the video: mix flowers is growing (June 2022).


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