Ficus macrophylla

Ficus macrophylla

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Question: Ficus macrophylla

Hi, I was given a ficus macrophylla of about 2 meters with a 15cm section trunk ... it's a wonderful plant that I know to become colossal in size ... I don't have too much space so I wondered if 20 meters away from the house was enough ... thanks in advance for the answer ...

Answer: Ficus macrophylla

Dear Michele,
the plant that they gave you can reach considerable dimensions over the years, and in fact it is usually found in botanical gardens or urban gardens in Italy, as in addition to growing very high, it also becomes large in width, and produces a decidedly important root system; so I would say, if possible, to place it as far as possible from the house and 20 meters seem really few, even if the plant develops over many decades.