Everything You Wanted to Know About Turnips - Health Benefits, Health Harms, and How to Eat

Everything You Wanted to Know About Turnips - Health Benefits, Health Harms, and How to Eat

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Since ancient times, turnip has been considered the queen of the table in Russia. Porridge was prepared from it, it was baked and eaten raw, and the benefits for the body from it are simply invaluable.

Unfortunately, for a long time, the turnip did not enjoy the proper popularity, since its place was taken by potatoes. However, today the root crop is returning its positions and is gradually gaining its rightful place on the tables of Russians. Today we will figure out what the benefits and harms of turnips are for men, women and children, and also talk about its types.

Healing properties and contraindications

For women

Is turnip good for women:

  1. Root vegetable contains substances that prevent the development of breast and uterine cancer.
  2. Raw turnip... High content of folic acid (vitamin PP), which is involved in the formation of the fetal neural tube. Raw turnips are indicated for consumption during pregnancy.
  3. Steamed turnip has a milder taste and does not whet the appetite, so it is very healthy to eat salads based on steamed turnip for dinner, they contribute to weight loss. Also, the processed vegetable does not lose vitamins and trace elements, and therefore is also useful for hair, nails and skin.
  4. Turnip in any form treats cystitis and other inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

    The ability of this vegetable to establish the menstrual cycle is noted.

For men

The value of turnip for the male body, how is it useful and what are its unique properties?

  • Fresh vegetable prevents prostate disease.
  • Steamed turnip... Regular consumption of steamed turnips increases sexual function in men.
  • Eating turnips in any form promotes the growth of testosterone levels in the blood.
  • Turnip juice has an irritating property, so it is useful to rub it into the scalp in case of baldness.
  • Any root vegetable helps to cleanse blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis, which men are more susceptible to than women.

For children

The benefits of turnip for children:

  1. Raw vegetable has a mild expectorant properties. Turnip juice mixed with other vegetable juices is useful for children to treat and prevent influenza. Also, the juice of a raw root vegetable contains an increased amount of ascorbic acid.
  2. Fresh turnip useful for schoolchildren - B vitamins and magnesium improve brain function, strengthen memory and visual acuity.
  3. Steamed turnip has sedative properties. A vegetable processed in this way is recommended for use for easily excitable and hyperactive children before bedtime.
  4. Unprocessed vegetable promotes active cleansing of the skin from acne and acne, which is important for adolescents during puberty.

Pediatricians advise against introducing turnips into a child's diet until the age of 4 years.

Turnip contains not only beneficial properties for the human body, but also has contraindications, for both men and women:

  • The vegetable contains mustard and other aromatic oils that irritate the walls of the stomach and intestines. In the presence of the slightest problems with the digestive organs, raw turnip cannot be consumed.
  • The root vegetable gives a bitter taste to breast milk, so its use should be discarded during breastfeeding.
  • Turnip has a negative effect on the body in the presence of diseases: hepatitis, cholecystitis, thyroid disorders.
  • Due to the presence of mustard oil, raw turnips whet the appetite. It is not recommended to use raw root vegetables on their own, as well as in salads in the evening and before bedtime. This rule applies to those who are obese and struggling with extra pounds.
  • You can eat a raw vegetable for diabetes only in small quantities and only with the permission of your doctor.
  • In case of nervous disorders, steamed turnip is prohibited for use.
  • Fried turnips, like steamed ones, have a high glycemic index. This means that the product provokes a strong spike in blood sugar. In type 1 and type 2 diabetes, fried and steamed turnips are contraindicated.
  • Fried turnips are losing the title of "dietary product". After frying, the calorie content of the vegetable increases several times and reaches 100-150 kcal / 100 grams.

Even in the absence of contraindications, it is necessary to carefully introduce a raw turnip into the diet. Unusually high amounts of turnips can cause bloating or diarrhea.

Why are roots of various colors valuable?

There are many varieties of turnip, but only a few are popular. What are the benefits of different turnips - black, green, white and yellow - for the human body?


This type of turnip is considered the most useful. Black root vegetable has the richest trace element and vitamin composition and its useful properties can hardly be overestimated. Black turnip is used for weight loss, vitamin deficiency, indigestion, weak immunity. However, such a turnip has one feature - a very pungent bitter taste.

To get all the benefits of such a vegetable, it must first be cooked.


The earliest type of turnip and most suitable for consumption raw. but green root vegetable contains a lot of essential oils, therefore, stimulates the appetite. It is not recommended to consume green turnips for those who are losing weight.

The beneficial properties of green turnip are the ability to improve visual acuity, strengthen bones and immunity.


White turnip has a softer fiber structure and tastes like a radish... Contains an increased amount of fiber, so it copes better with other types of constipation.

It is believed that it is the white turnip that is most useful and safe for children.


Turnip yellow has a tough structure, therefore, it is dangerous to the health of people suffering from gastritis and ulcers.

The abundance of hard indigestible fibers contributes to the development of active intestinal microflora, therefore, yellow turnip is extremely useful for healthy people.

This root vegetable contains an increased amount of vitamin A, which makes the vegetable an immunity protector and a source of beauty for nails and hair.

What is healthier - turnips or potatoes?

Differences between the nutritional value of turnip and potato:

  • Calorie content... Turnip contains only 30 kcal / 100 grams, potatoes contain 80 kcal / 100 grams.
  • Carbohydrates... Potatoes have more carbohydrates than turnips, so turnips are more valuable in terms of diet and weight loss.
  • Starch - a substance that turns into sugar in the human body, potatoes contain 50 times more than turnips.
  • Cellulose... Turnip contains 5 times more fiber than potatoes, which makes it more beneficial for digestion.
  • Vitamins. Potatoes have a more extensive vitamin and macro-and micronutrient composition.

Each vegetable is valuable in its own way: potatoes are better suited for energy and saturation with vitamins and microelements, turnip is most useful for losing weight and improving digestion.

How to use?

To cleanse the body and lose weight, turnips should be eaten raw or steamed. 3-2 times a week for 100-150 grams. Nutritionists advise replacing potatoes in the diet with turnips. This method can easily help to reduce the daily intake of carbohydrates and easier to cope with excess weight.

For medicinal purposes, turnip is used together with honey. Check out the best traditional medicine recipes here.

What is used as an alternative?

To diversify your diet, you can eat radishes, rutabagas, radishes and turnips instead of turnips. These vegetables belong to the same family as turnips, therefore they have similar beneficial properties and taste, which makes it impossible to say that, for example, radish is healthier than turnips.

The heroine of Russian folklore, turnip, is gaining popularity again. This vegetable helps with many diseases., also helps out women during a diet. However, turnip can cause a serious allergic reaction, therefore, it should be introduced into the diet with extreme caution.

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