How to plant radishes in early spring? Which varieties to choose?

How to plant radishes in early spring? Which varieties to choose?

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In early spring, gardeners are already striving to get the first harvests of vitamin vegetables. A striking example of early ripening root crops is radish.

Three weeks of painstaking work is enough to collect high-quality crispy crops, but do not forget about competent cultivation techniques.

Further in the article, we will provide illustrative photos of different varieties of radish and tell you how to care for this crop.

What does early sowing mean?

Early sowing is the planting of vegetable crops with the onset of thaw in the beds, taking into account the excellent growth of radishes under conditions of short daylight hours, cold resistance of crops, early maturity of varieties, and the use of covering materials, if necessary.

What time should you plant radishes?

The best time to plant radishes outdoors is late March or early April. Sudden frosts (up to -5 degrees) are not terrible for radishes... For optimal sowing times, the average air temperature is taken into account:

  1. Radish shoots appear on the 4th day with an average temperature range from +18 to +23 degrees.
  2. In 7 days, seeds will sprout at average temperatures from +10 to about +17 degrees.
  3. The longest time to wait for seedlings is at temperatures up to +10 degrees.

The optimum temperature for planting is +20 degrees.

How to sow a vegetable with seeds in open ground in March?

Which variety to choose and why?

Early ripe radishes are used for spring plantings.... Vegetables ripen in three weeks. Popular early planting varieties include:

French breakfast

The harvest of delicious cylindrical root crops is obtained already on the 23rd day. Raspberry-red vegetables have a white tip. The taste is weak.


A variety that ripens from 18 to 20 days... Radish grows round, red-raspberry, with tender, juicy, tangy pulp.


Rounded vegetables, ripen 20 days after sowing. The color is red, the taste is slightly spicy.

18 days

Ultra-ripe radish with elongated cylindrical shape, pinkish color and white tails. The white flesh has a dense structure, and the taste is mild.


Early maturing Dutch species. Red radish ripens 20-25 days after sowing... The main advantage of the variety is the absence of shooting, even with a long sunny day. It is characterized by high yield, transportability, disease resistance.

The advantages of early maturing radish varieties are resistance to fungi, viruses, and worm damage.

Where and for how much can you buy seed material in Moscow and St. Petersburg?

It is recommended to purchase seeds of early maturing radish in special packages and only from trusted manufacturers. In Moscow, a wide range of planting material for root crops for planting in March is offered, for example, by stores:

  1. Internet hypermarket "Gardener's Empire"... There is an assortment of English seeds "18 days" at a price of 39 rubles. per packing. Available varieties: "Heat", "Carmen", "French breakfast" for 10 rubles. per packing.
  2. "Harvest bed" (General Belov st., 51, building 1A). The seeds of the Sedek agricultural firm are offered (on average, 17 rubles per package).
  3. "Moscow lawns" (Lev Tolstoy st., 5, building 1). For example, we offer an assortment of radish "18 days", a package weighing 3 g at a price of 16 rubles.

There is also a large retail network in St. Petersburg. There are offers from such stores:

  1. Internet hypermarket "Gardener's Empire"... You can buy seeds "French breakfast" (Gavrish) at the price of 104 rubles. for 50 g.
  2. "Garden and Seeds" (st.Podolskaya, 26). A wide range of varieties: "Heat", "Yield early", "Early red" (for 2 g - 20 rubles). You can buy a French breakfast radish (for 5 g - 25 rubles). The grade "18 days" is delivered under the order.
  3. Internet store "Agroholding" offers a large assortment of early varieties. For example, radish "Carmen" (a pack weighing 3 g costs 16 rubles).

On average, bulk purchases in stores - from 30 packages of seeds. Delivery within 200 rubles. by region.

Grain preparation

  1. The planting material is soaked in a saline solution (50 g of substance per 1 liter of water), the floating grains are discarded.
  2. The remaining wet seeds are disinfected in potassium permanganate (1% solution) for about 14 minutes, then washed in water and dried. You can soak the seeds in the growth stimulants "Zircon", "Epin".
  3. Before early planting at the end of March, it is recommended to harden the grains. Wrapped in a damp cloth, the seeds are left for a day in a warm place, and then transferred to the refrigerator for 4 hours, taken out, put back in warmth. This alternation is carried out with temperatures until the grains germinate.

We wrote more about how to prepare seeds before planting in a separate article.

How to plant correctly?

  1. Before sowing, it is necessary to make furrows on the beds that are well moistened. The soil should be loose.
  2. The distance between rows is recommended to be 18–20 cm, between plants - 2 cm.
  3. Seeds are planted in the soil by 2–2.5 cm. If the soil structure is very light, then it is possible to sow up to 3 cm. The planting depth is reduced on heavy soils.
  4. Radish is laid individually, sprinkled gently. Sowing under a special marker will eliminate the need for further thinning of the plants.
  5. The beds are watered, covered with foil until the first shoots appear. Only then the shelter is removed (read about growing radishes under the film here).

You can find all the details about planting radishes here.

We suggest watching a video on how to plant radishes in early spring:

Young plant care

Weeding begins a week after the sprouts appear., which is repeated at intervals. Regular sprinkling (or watering) of seedlings is carried out. The water is used for irrigation warm. In the dry season, crops are irrigated daily.

The procedure is carried out in the sutra or in the evening. Top dressing is done with organic and mineral substances. Only rotted manure is brought in, from fresh - the plants will go to the arrow (read more about why the radish goes to the arrow here). After fertilization, the plantings are mulched with peat so that the soil is more airy. We talked about the soil that needs to be prepared for planting radishes in this article.

Possible growing problems

Difficulties in cultivating early vegetables can arise with the wrong choice of a site for planting. For sowing radish, a place has been dug up since autumn... If this is not done, the soil will be too heavy, this will make it difficult for seeds to germinate.

You can not choose for planting beds where cruciferous crops were harvested, radishes can be susceptible to diseases:

  • powdery mildew (prevents fungicide treatment);
  • keel (struggle - removal of affected crops, adding lime, a break in planting at this place for 4 years);
  • bacteriosis (excluded by spraying with Bordeaux liquid).

The problem of planting thickening is typical when the wrong distance (less than 2 cm) was chosen when sowing seeds. The reason for the shooting is incorrectly chosen planting dates, when daylight hours and air temperature increase.

Important! Lack of moisture is the reason for the absence of ovary, shooting, fiber, bitterness, and hardness of radish. Moisture can be retained in the beds, mulching planting. Excess watering can lead to rotting vegetables.

All pests and diseases of radish are described in detail in another article.

March planting is the key to getting early radish in garden beds. It is important to choose early-ripening varieties, a good plot treated in the fall, and organize technically correct planting and seedling care. Applying agricultural techniques competently, they grow juicy, crispy, tasty root crops.

Watch the video: How to Grow Full Size Radishes and Not Just Leaves: 4 Tips, Planting, Harvest u0026 Proof (June 2022).


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