Air lay bonsai

Air lay bonsai

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Application: layering bonsai

with the layering system can I make all types of bonsai?

Layered Bonsai: Answer: layering bonsai

Dear Aldo,
in theory layering is a propagation practice that works with any plant, in practice what changes, and also very sensitively, is the time it takes a layering to root; the layers of wisteria, azalea, maple, for example, take a few weeks to root; on the other hand, the layers of coniferous trees can take several months, even years. Therefore, it is mainly a matter of patience and of wanting to cure a layering for months and months, hoping that it will take root, even when for months and months no root is visible.
In theory, then, layering is easy to prepare, in reality it is not so simple to prepare them with care, and often one encounters discouraging failures; just go on holiday in August, to return and find the earthen bread around the completely dry layering, with obvious loss of time, sometimes even conspicuous. In addition to this, while with sowing and cutting is possible to prepare an excess of seeds and cuttings, hoping that at least some seedlings will develop at their best; with the layering this is not possible, because each leveling requires to be kept damp and fresh, and it must be followed for a long time: if we prepared 10 different layering, every day we should dedicate our time to them, which is not always possible.
It is therefore a practice for true enthusiasts, because while many cuttings take a few weeks to take root, the most rapid and easy to execute cutting requires at least a couple of months of attention.
Clearly, satisfaction, and the results that can be obtained with a well-chosen and successful layering, are priceless, and motivate without problems months and months of treatment.
This method of propagation is practiced especially when it is intended to obtain a prebonsai already very well formed, removing from a shrub a particular branch, with branches also at the bottom, for example, or which presents particular distinctive characters, such as a twist of the main stem, a showy split, a particular bearing.
In practice, through the layering it may be possible to obtain a prebonsai that does not require incredible training pruning, because it already has many features worthy of a bonsai already finished.
Therefore, a layering makes sense if we are going to root a branch that is already quite developed, well-decked or with interesting peculiar characteristics; if instead we want to remove the apex of an "any" branch of the pine of the neighbors or of a maple in the municipal park ... Well, then it makes more sense to take a turn for nurseries, or devote themselves to sowing or cutting.