Pacific, Sunstorm, Cora Cascade, Peach Blanche and other varieties and species of catharanthus

Pacific, Sunstorm, Cora Cascade, Peach Blanche and other varieties and species of catharanthus

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An exquisite and unpretentious catharanthus came to our region from distant tropical forests. The people are better known under the names "Lonera", "Old Maid" and "Periwinkle".

It does not tolerate cold weather, therefore it takes root for a long time only in the southern regions of Russia and exclusively at home.

It can be grown in the garden as an annual. This article examines the types of this amazing and exquisite plant.


Catharanthus Pusillus (Murray) G. Don

Homeland - Sri Lanka, Western Himalayas, India. Erect annual with a thin stem and small white flowers... It grows well in poorly nourished soils, and in fertile soil it can barely grow and does not differ in externality.

Coriaceus markgr

Grows throughout Madagascar. Large, blooms with a lush "cap" all summer. It takes root well in greenhouses and gardens. Withstands heat, but requires abundant watering.

Lanceus (Bojer ex A.DC) Pichon

Homeland - Madagascar. A short, dense bush with small flowers of light shades. Flowering is poor. At home, it takes root badly: it often gets sick, grows poorly and almost never blooms.


Homeland - Madagascar. Grows in forest meadows and along the banks of swamps, at low altitudes (up to 2000 meters). This species has thick, denser stems, sparse dark green leaves, and large lavender flowers with yellow centers.

Ovalis (Markgr)

Grows in Madagascar. It was first discovered in 1970 by a botanist from Germany. It reaches a height of 40 cm. The locals use the plant as a medicine.


Catharanthus pink Grows successfully in South and Central America, India, Australia, Italy and Asia. On the basis of this species, more than a dozen cultivators were developed, which are successfully used all over the world. The species has all the typical features: lanceolate leaves with a large white vein, pink flowers with a crimson or yellow eye. In hot climates it blooms all year round, in colder climates all spring and summer.

Scitulus pichon

Grows in Madagascar. Perennial with pink flowers, long light leaves and a developed root system. It is not picky about the soil and watering, it can withstand direct rays of the sun, rarely gets sick.

Trichophyllus (Baker)

It grows in a humid and dry climate in the north of Madagascar. Herbaceous perennial with purple, red, pink and purple flowers. Produces an unpleasant odor.

People have learned to benefit from the catharanthus. And this applies not only to drawing up beautiful flower arrangements, decorating borders and various flower beds.

As medical studies have shown, the sap of the plant helps to cope with polyps, both benign and malignant tumors, eczema and dermatitis of various origins, psoriasis.

However, for all its usefulness, periwinkle is very poisonous. You need to work with him, observing the precautions:

  • protect mucous membranes and hands with gloves;
  • do not eat or smoke during pruning and transplanting.

And, of course, keep pets and small children away from the plant.



The most capricious variety. It is difficult to protect it from decay and various diseases, therefore, despite the external beauty, flower growers rarely choose it. Shrub - sprawling, evergreen, medium size... The flowers are pale lilac, with wavy petals and white spots.

Sunstorm (Deep Pink, Red, Apricot, White with an eye)

Instances of this series - varieties Deep Pink, Red, Apricot, White with an eye - are identical in appearance: a compact bush 25 cm high and 30 cm wide, with oval succulent leaves and straight brown stems, resistant to temperature extremes. It can be grown both in flower beds and at home - in small pots and hanging pots.

The differences are only in the shade of the buds:

  • Deep Pink has pink flowers;
  • Red - bright scarlet;
  • Apricot - shades of ripe apricot;
  • White with eye - the petals are milky, and the "eye" is pale pink.

James & Jellis


Blackberry reaches a height of 40-45 cm, flower diameter - 4-5 cm. Compact, abundantly flowering variety, suitable for breeding in hot and arid climates. Leaves are light green, with bright venation, grow down, elongated. The flowers are lilac with a white center.


Blueberry grows in the form of a spherical bush 40 cm high and 25-30 cm in diameter... A hybrid variety that takes root well both outdoors and at home. It can be easily combined with other decorative cultures. The first flowering can be observed 70-80 days after sowing, and the process itself lasts from May to early October.



The shelf is characterized by compact size, early flowering and high resistance to heat and drought. The height of the plant is 25-30 cm, the diameter of the bush is 15-20 cm. The leaves are green, dull, the flowers are not more than 5 cm in diameter, the petals are light cherry color, the middle is painted milky white. It blooms luxuriantly and until frost.

Deep Orchid

Deep Orchid is also small and has the same resistance to drought, but differs in color - the petals are pale pink.

Pink ice

Pink ice is an annual, low (30 cm) and withstands heat and lack of moisture well. The plant does not need formation... For the winter, it is necessary to bring the plant indoors.

Cora Cascade


Chery is a very thermophilic variety that can only be grown in an open, sunny place. The soil is required fertile and light. The bush is compact, reaches a height of 25-30 cm. Flowers are 5 cm in diameter, the petals are colored in shades of red.


Lilac is a bright variety with large buds. Looks great in large hanging baskets and wide street containers. Patient to the flaws of care, it blooms for a long time and abundantly, withstands direct sunlight and drought.


Magenta - ampelous variety... It is resistant to late blight, withstands heat and direct sun, so it can be grown not only indoors, but also on an open balcony. The height of the bush is 30-40 cm.

Polka Dot

Polka Dot outwardly resembles a large curly pink cloud due to large, graceful flowers with a diameter of 4-5 cm, and numerous narrow leaves growing opposite to each other. The height of the bush is 30-40 cm.


One of the most beautiful varieties: a contrasting "eye" sparkles in the middle of a large (up to 5 cm in diameter) flower. The petals can be either snow-white or red, and the "eye" is burgundy or purple. Annual.

Stems are erect, even, stretching up to 30 cm in length. Buds are large, stay on the bush from July to late autumn. This the crop is easy to grow from seed in the open field: they rise amicably and quickly.

Deep Leelak

Differs in excellent basal branching and resistance to late blight. The root system is strong, the leaves are bright, dense, the flowers are large, lilac. The variety feels great, both in flowerpots and in open areas of soil. It tolerates drought and sunshine very well.


Grows in the form of a bush, small in size. The leaves are shiny, emerald green, the flowers are large, bright red. The root system grows rapidly. It tolerates heat, lack of moisture and direct sunlight.

Peach Blanche

Ampel grade. Initially, it grows vertically upwards, but gradually the shoots begin to fall. The height of the plant is 25-30 cm, the length of the shoots is up to 30 cm. Blooms profusely all season... The flowers are large, peach-colored, the foliage is lush, dark green. Grows well in sunny areas, tolerates dry, hot conditions, resistant to late blight. Seeds are planted in late February and early March.

Vinca cora burgundy

The earliest variety. He has large flowers of all possible shades and colors. The width of the bush is 15-20 cm, the height is 25-35 cm. In summer, the flower can be grown outdoors, but in the winter it must be brought indoors.


A compact houseplant with bright flowers and wide dark green leaves. Branches strongly. It should be grown in a sunny, warm place, protected from winds and precipitation. Seeds are planted in spring, and the first flowering can be observed already 4-6 months after the emergence of sprouts.


Annual cultivar for ampelous cultivation. Height - 10-15 cm, flower size - 3-5 cm. Shoots are dense, long (50-70 cm). It tolerates dry weather well, grows quickly. The plant looks great in a hanging basket.


This variety stands out with long lashes (up to 75 cm), the leaves are bright green, oval. The flowers are medium-sized, scarlet. Ampel catharanthus grows well in hanging pots.

First Kiss

The variety with the romantic name "first kiss" is one of the most popular among flower growers. It grows in the form of bushes with a lush crown (height - 30-40 cm). Leaves are glossy, lowered, dark green in color. The buds are 5 cm in diameter, the color varies from light pink to deep burgundy. It is not picky about soil moisture, therefore it is excellent for growing in hanging baskets.

At home First Kiss can be grown as a perennial, outdoors in the northern region - only as an annual.


Even at a young age, this series of hybrid varieties stands out from the rest with lush branching and fast growth. In height it can reach 30-35 cm, in width - 30-40. The petals are of a rich shade, the buds themselves are of average size 5-6 cm in diameter. It can grow in conditions of high humidity, heat and lack of light.


This perennial grows well in indoor conditions. It stretches in height up to 60 cm.The stems are straight, in the upper part of the bush they branch strongly, the leaves are rich green, glossy, 6-7 cm long.

The buds outwardly resemble phlox flowers: they have 5 petals, but they do not gather in inflorescences, but grow alone. The color of the buds is light pink with a yellow center. The flowering period is from May to October. Emits a pleasant, delicate aroma. He is not picky and forgives small flaws in leaving the owner.

A quarantus can be planted in a flowerpot or tub, a pot of any color, you can use it to form a pretty border in the garden, and even grow ampelous - sea options. The main thing is to remember the basic rules for the care and cultivation of this exotic, which, by the way, are not so difficult. A compact, fast-growing and brightly blooming bush will decorate both your home and the plot, and will delight you with its delicate appearance all year round.

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