Tips for growers for growing marigolds from seeds. When and how to plant?

Tips for growers for growing marigolds from seeds. When and how to plant?

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It is very rare to meet an unpretentious and undemanding flower. Marigolds (aka tagetes, lights, hats, black shaves) are just an excellent solution for those who want to decorate their summer cottage or balcony with non-capricious plants, and also suitable for those who have no idea about growing flowers.

A large variety of varieties and species have been bred for every kind, taste and color. They can be both small and large inflorescences, dwarf or tall. Let's talk about how to grow these colored lights.

Can these flowers be propagated by seed?

Yes, you can. Chernobrivtsi propagates exclusively by seed method.... They are available for sale in the store, or you can collect them yourself from dried flowers.

What do seeds look like, when to pick them and how to store them properly?

In appearance, the seeds of tagetes are elongated and thin sticks of black color, and at the tip they have a light fluff. Their unique appearance prevents confusion with other plant seeds.

To collect seeds, at least 40 days must pass from the moment of their flowering. Seeds of lights are collected from completely dried inflorescenceswhen their stems turn brown. This is done very easily, you just need to cut off the dried flower heads, open them and carefully remove the insides - these are the desired seeds of future marigolds.

It is advisable to cut wilted flowers on a clear day to prevent them from rotting in wet weather. Plants are collected in a bunch and hung upside down in a dry and windless place, and a newspaper is spread under them.

When self-collecting seed, they can give slightly different types of flowers, this is due to cross-pollination. In this way, extraordinary hybrids can be obtained.

The collected material must be sorted out and the remains of the box must be removed. Next, you need to additionally dry the seeds. To do this, we spread the newspaper in a windless and dry place, we spread the seed material on the newspaper. Store tagetes in a dry and dark place, in a cloth bag or paper bag.

How to grow blackhair seedlings?

At home

Growing seedlings of black-shaved ones is appropriate for obtaining quick shoots, and it is also the best planting option in areas with long frosts. Usually, such an operation is performed in the second decade of March and until mid-April. Young plants often die from blacklegs.

  1. To protect the seedlings from such a misfortune, it is necessary to pre-treat the seedling container with a fungicide or a dark solution of potassium permanganate.
  2. Drainage (expanded clay or fine crushed stone) is laid on the bottom of the treated container in a thin layer.
  3. Top covered with harvested soil, leveled, slightly moisten the soil and make grooves in which the seeds are placed.
  4. The top is covered with an even layer of about 1 cm.Watered so that the earth does not erode, and the seeds do not end up on the surface of the earth.

When planting different varieties, it is better to plant them separately from each other in order to prevent their over-pollination, unless of course you want to get new types of plants.

Any seed has its own natural ether shell, which prevents them from emerging. To facilitate germination, before planting, the soil in the container must be doused with boiling water, and without allowing the earth to cool, sow seeds.

Seeds for sowing can be pre-soaked in water, but this is not necessary.... Soaked in water at room temperature, as well as already slightly germinated seeds, give a higher percentage of germination and density of seedlings. This option will be relevant if you managed to get some very rare varieties, and even in small quantities. Then, in order to increase their germination, you can pre-soak them not just in water, but in water with growth stimulants.

When growing, keep the temperature from +15 to + 20 ° С. To do this, cover the seedlings with a lid or a clean plastic bag. Such a greenhouse must be ventilated every day. The first shoots appear already on the 7-8th day, and then the shelter must be removed completely. Watering is necessary as the soil dries up, and care should be taken to ensure that no water remains in the pan. It is advisable to feed the seedlings with fertilizers for seedlings once every two weeks.

You should not water the seedlings in the evenings, as this can lead to the appearance of diseases.

We talked about what diseases and pests can threaten marigolds here.

In the open field

Seeds are planted directly into the soil after the cold weather leaves... The preferred time is mid or late May. In the middle lane, the marigold planting period falls on the first ten days of June. For the best flowering, Tagetes should be planted in a sunny place. The soil should be loose and air- and water-permeable, it should be dug up to the length of a shovel, and mineral or organic fertilizers should be applied.

Sprinkle seeds and cover them with earth. Water so that the marigolds do not float to the surface. With this type of planting, the plants are slightly delayed in their development. From the moment of sowing the seeds to the appearance of buds, it takes about 2 months.

Do not plant marigolds too densely, since in this case they can be affected by a fungus, which can subsequently be transmitted through collecting seeds to future generations of flowers.

When to plant marigolds and how to do it correctly, we describe in detail in this article.

Preparing to plant at home


  • 2 parts of peat.
  • 1 part compost (or humus)
  • 0.5 parts of clean river sand.

For the purpose of disinfection, the soil can be spread in a thin layer on a baking sheet, and then heated in the oven at a temperature of 120-125 ° C for 45 minutes.

What kind of soil is suitable for growing marigolds, we told here.

Planting material

There are no special requirements for preparation for growing black shaves at home. Soak the seeds before planting in a solution of growth stimulants, only those that are bought in the store. If personally collected material is used, then it is not necessary to process it, it already has good germination.

You can treat the seeds with a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate. For quick germination, seeds can be pre-germinated by spreading them out on a damp cloth or gauze, placed in a plastic bag, and left alone for three days.

Seeds of black-haired beetles do not lose their germination up to 2 years.

Capacity selection

The container for planting marigold seeds does not require fundamentally important preferences. But it must necessarily have holes at the bottom so that water does not stagnate at the roots.

How to plant, pick and groom?

Planting marigolds in a permanent place of growth is carried out at intervals:

  • 10-15 cm - undersized variety;
  • 20 cm - medium-sized plants;
  • about 35 cm - tall options.

You can get acquainted with the various options for marigolds and see them in the photo here.

Seedlings are picked when a pair of leaves appears on the plants.... To do this, you need to pinch the spine of the sprout and deepen it by 1-2 cm. You can plant seedlings not only in open ground, but also in hanging pots, baskets and containers on the balcony, since marigolds grow well in small dishes.

After picking, it is necessary to keep the plant for several days away from direct sunlight.

If you need to plant seedlings in open ground, then before performing this action, you need to take out containers with plants outside in about 10 days. Every day, it is necessary to increase the time for seedlings in the fresh air, which contributes to getting used to new living conditions.

Moderate watering is required. Plants can be fed with mineral or organic fertilizers... This procedure is carried out every 8-12 days, in the early morning or in the evening, and then watered with clean water to wash off plant nutrition substances from the leaves.

We will tell you more about the rules of planting and caring for various marigolds in a separate article.

The process of collecting and planting seeds of black-haired beetles is not a complicated and very interesting process. The quality of the self-collected material is not inferior to that purchased in the store. You need to water the marigolds until the first flowers appear. Waterlogging of the soil leads to a prolonged period of seed ripening.

With a love of experimentation, you can easily collect seeds, and next year plant different species close to each other, and thus breed your new types of marigolds. Caring for black-haired beetles is elementary and brings tremendous pleasure, and flowers give long and lush bloom.

Watch the video: How to Start Marigolds From Seeds: The Chefs Garden (June 2022).


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