A simple way to propagate a fat woman by cuttings

A simple way to propagate a fat woman by cuttings

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The plant with the unusual name "bastard" or "money tree" has become popular recently.

Seeing him, you wonder how you can grow a plant at home? There are several ways to propagate a fat woman, the most popular and fastest is cuttings.

Which stalk is suitable for breeding

The material for cuttings can be shoots cut in the spring during the formation of the crown. You can take shoots throughout the year, but the cuttings will be able to take root quickly only in summer and spring.

For cuttings, only well-developed, powerful shoots from an adult plant, at least 3 years old, are chosen. Weak and elongated stems are not used for grafting. The selected cuttings must be undamaged, absolutely healthy.

The best option would be vertically growing shoots, so that in the future the plant has a beautiful shape. The offshoot should be 5-10 cm long and have at least three nodes and three pairs of leaves... For safety net, it is better to prepare 2-3 cuttings.

A very sharp tool must be used for cutting. The cut should be slanted as close to the knot as possible. Leaves from the lower parts of the cutting are removed.

The process of reproduction of a fat woman by a handle

There are two ways to root the stalk: in soil and in water.

When rooting in the ground, it is necessary:

  • treat the prepared shoot with charcoal and leave to dry for a day;
  • choose a pot with a diameter of up to 8 cm, place a drainage layer on the bottom, which occupies a third of the height of the pot;
  • put the soil mixture on top and saturate with moisture;
  • place the handle in the center of the pot so that its lower edge plunges into the ground by 3-4 cm;
  • do not compact the soil;
  • it is better to moisten the soil using a spray bottle. The stem of the plant must be dry;
  • remove the container with the planted cuttings in a warm, lit place without direct sunlight for 14 days.

Rooting in water looks like this:

  • take a clean glass or other vessel;
  • pour water boiled in advance and cooled to room temperature into it;
  • add 2 tablets of activated carbon or diluted root to the water;
  • the lower part of the cutting without leaves is placed in water 3-4 cm;
  • send the container to a warm place, protected from direct sunlight;
  • after about 7-14 days, roots will appear;
  • when the roots reach a length of 2 cm, you can plant the shoot in a pot with pre-prepared soil.

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Sprout follow-up care

Care consists in observing the following rules:

  1. choosing the right place for the pot. The best option would be to place a western or eastern window on the windowsill. Direct sunlight is contraindicated for the plant;
  2. it is not recommended to move the pot during the first 12 months;
  3. to form a beautiful, even crown, the plant must be evenly turned towards the sun;
  4. not to allow overdrying and over-wetting of the soil. Watering is carried out with settled water and only when the soil is completely dry by 3-4 cm. Excess moisture must be drained from the pallet;
  5. the first 7-8 months, you do not need to fertilize the plant; later, feed no more than 1 time in 30 days;

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