What are the effective methods of dealing with the Colorado potato beetle?

What are the effective methods of dealing with the Colorado potato beetle?

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  • Tanya Dvorenkova

  • Nina

    Today, there are many different drugs to combat the Colorado potato beetle. Personally, I prefer to use means and methods of struggle that are less harmful to humans. Repeatedly mattiola saved me in this regard. I sow it every five rows of potatoes.
    The drug "Prestige", with which I process potato tubers before planting, also helps well to overcome the Colorado potato beetle. You can read about other methods of fighting the Colorado potato beetle here

  • Marina

    I have a small garden, but there are a lot of plants on it and the Colorado potato beetle too. I grow tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. This is how the beetle eats all these vegetables. But since my site is not too large in area, I regularly go around it and collect the beetle with my hands. It is imperative to look UNDER the sheet, on its reverse side. Very often there are already eggs or hatched beetle larvae. I collect all this. As a biological weapon with a beetle, I sometimes use ladybirds. I look for them in other places, I bring them to my own plot. The cows do an excellent job with the eggs and larvae of the Colorado potato beetle. The main thing is that there are more cows.

    • Lera

      Regarding the collection of beetles with her hands, my grandmother did this: she easily slapped the leaves with a broom and the beetles themselves fell into the bucket, which she substituted under the bush. And then she covered the potato bushes with rotten onion husks (for this she did not throw away the husks during cooking, but collected it over time) and sprinkled it with ash on top. Colorado beetles do not like wood ash. Well, the constant spraying of the tops with all sorts of herbs: you can brew and let the celandine or wormwood brew well, it is even better to take it not from the pharmacy, but plucked in the field. And my grandmother always had calendula planted in strips along the garden, for a long time I thought that for beauty, well, or drink it as a decoction, but it turns out that calendula scares away many harmful insects from garden plantings.
      But observing all these methods from year to year, I can say that they are, of course, effective, but very time consuming and bring results for a short time. So, if you are not against special drugs for pests, then it is probably better to buy and use these special drugs - you will save time and effort.

  • assadovod

    First, it is necessary to fight the Colorado potato beetle by joint efforts. That is, if you sprinkle with chemicals, then you need to do it in one day by a large number of people. If it is, for example, a street, then you need to go out the whole street. This will restrict the beetle from moving to other areas. If you do not welcome chemicals, then treat the potatoes before planting with Prestige.

  • Anna Vladimirovna

  • Watch the video: Colorado Potato Beetle Research (June 2022).


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