How to deal with snails?

How to deal with snails?

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  • Galina

    I believe that when fighting snails, you are fighting slugs at the same time. I read somewhere that snails eventually turn into slugs or vice versa. In my garden there is one and the other "joy". I think the most effective method is to simply pick them up by hand, preferably in the late afternoon, when these animals actively go out into the garden. I also place saucers with water, it is better to bury such traps in the ground, snails love moisture, it’s easier to lure them out and collect them this way. Most often, for some reason, snails appear in my place where eggplants grow. I water it regularly, take care of it, but the place is humid there, I think that's why the snails climb. I read here that deep loosening is needed, perhaps then the humidity will decrease: grunt-baklazhanov.html
    Then, when you have collected all the snails, you can simply sprinkle them with salt or soak them in soapy water. Containers filled with stale compote or beer also work well. Snails crawl on the smell, climb inside, but cannot get out. It is also very easy to collect them all at once.

  • Victoria

    Snails mostly crawl out at night, and during the day they hide under boards or rubber tracks, if any. You can make traps. spread damp rags in the evening along the edges of the beds. and in the morning to destroy with all the accumulation of pests accumulated on them. Also, the beds can be treated with copper sulfate mixed with lime. Or, along the edges of the beds, make a sand embankment, along which it is difficult for snails to move. I saved my cucumbers by this method.

  • Marina

    We had such a problem right after buying the plot, it was too damp. I will not say that the whole harvest, but cabbage, greens, mint, grapes were heavily eaten. I fought, planting garlic along the edges of the beds, sprinkled with infusion of red pepper, bought chemicals. Then they brought in chickens, let them into the garden, they collected snails well. Which method was the most effective, I will not say, but with drainage and all complex measures, we almost got rid of them (you rarely find a slug on the grass).

  • Olga

    An unpleasant thing, of course, is a thing - snails and slugs ... since your area is low, try to raise the beds, and so it will be useful. Then, around the ridges, make plastic gutters, which you fill with water, so the snails, when trying to climb into the garden, will drown. You can set up traps, pour beer into unnecessary saws, or another tasty-smelling liquid, dig in almost level with the ground, they will creep in there, and you will collect them.

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